Top-Rated Tourist Attractions In Denmark

Denmark, the smallest Scandinavian country in Europe, is a lovely holiday destination that can accommodate a variety of needs.Take a look at Denmark's most famous tourist attractions. You can see the popular LEGO House, Copenhagen Tivoli Gardens and Copenhagen Christiansborg Palace attractions. Take your pick from these must-see attractions and create your own favorites list!

1. Egeskov Castle, Kvarnstrup

Egeskov Castle is located at Denmark and the castle is Europe's best preserved Renaissance water castle as well as the Egeskov Castle is near Kvaerndrup and in the south side of the island of Funen in Denmark.

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2. Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen

Tivoli Gardens the amusement park is first called as a “Tivoli & Vauxhall" so in that "Tivoli” alludes to the Jardin de Tivoli in Paris and "Vauxhall" alluding to the Vauxhall Gardens in London. Founder of the Tivoli Garden is Georg Carstensen or also we should be aware about the one thing that is Tivoli was also used predominantly in the 1961 science fiction film which was "Reptilicus".

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3. Nyhavn, Copenhagen

At 1670 to 1673 the Nyhavn was constructed and the Nyhavn was constructed by the King Christian. In 6th February 1875 open the first bridge across the Nyhavn as well as that bridge is made temporary by the wooden footbridge and in 1912 it was replaced by the current bridge.

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4. National Museum of Denmark , Copenhagen

National Museum of Denmark is established at 1819.Owner of the National Museum of Denmark is State of Denmark as well as Director is Rane Willerslev. Type of the National Museum of Denmark is National Gallery as well as Location of the National Museum of Denmark is Ny Vestergade 10, Copenhagen, Denmark.

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5. Christiansborg Palace, Copenhagen

Christiansborg palace is the Danish prime Minister's office as well as Christiansborg palace is a supreme court of the Denmark. Several parts of the Christiansborg palace are used by the Danish monarch like Royal Reception Rooms as well as palace Chapel or also Royal Stables.

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6. The National Gallery of Denmark (Statens Museum for Kunst), Copenhagen

Approximate 9000 paintings collection and sculptures are available in the National Gallery and also approx 240,000 paper arts are available in the National Gallery.

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7. LEGO House, Billund

We can dive more than 80 year LEGO in history which is the astonishing balancing bricks-shaped building. The more advanced LEGO masterpieces can generate marvel as well as at least 25 million bricks are needed to enjoy the play.

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8. Oresund Bridge, Copenhagen

The Oresund Bridge is Design by the Cable-stayed Bridge as well as the Oresund Bridge carries four lanes of European route E20 Double-track Oresund Line and also crosses of the Oresund Bridge is Oresund strait.

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9. Kronborg Slot, Helsingør

The Story of Kronborg castle is bake to the castle, Krogen, in the 1420s the Kronborg castle is built by the Danish king, Eric of Pomerania as well as the Kronborg castle is built on the Orekrog and that is a sandy tongue of land stretching into the sea from the coast of Zealand towards the coast of Scania and in the Kronborg castle consisted of a square curtain wall with a number of stone buildings inside.

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10. Hans Christian Andersen Museum, Odense

The Hans Christian Andersen Museum is an house of the Hans Christian Andersen as well as that house is opened as an museum which are known as a Hans Christian Andersen Museum and that museum is located in Denmark and building of the Hans Christian Andersen Museum is thought his birthplace and a small yellow house on the corner of Hans Jensens Stræde and Bangs Boder in old town.

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11. Viking Ship Museum

North Europe of prehistoric ships is the largest discovery of the prehistoric ships and includes the longest Viking warship ever found, the Roskilde 6 at 36 meters as well as the main focus of the museum is The original Skuldelev Viking ships.

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12. Den Gamle By, Aarhus

Den Gamle By museum is contains various buildings but the museum itself the main attraction of visitors as well as the most of buildings are open for visitors or in the rooms there are 5 regular various themes and organized into larger exhibits as well also the rooms are organized or decorated into the historical styles.

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13. The Round Tower (Rundetårn), Copenhagen

Architectural style of the Round Tower (Rundetårn) is Dutch Baroque and the construction of the Round Tower (Rundetårn) is started at 1635 and completed in the 1642 as well as Architect of the Round Tower is Hans van Steenwinckel. The Round Tower (Rundetårn) is also known for the equestrian staircase.

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14. Amalienborg Palace, Copenhagen

Amalienborg Palace located in the Copenhagen means the town or city is Copenhagen and the country is Denmark as well as Amalienborg Palace is architectural project of Rococo. Amalienborg Palace is a home of the Danish royal family as well as construction of the Amalienborg Palace is started in 1750 and completed in the 1760.

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15. Faroe Islands,Denmark

Faroe Islands is located at the at 200 miles (approximately 320km) north-northwest of the United Kingdom as well as about halfway between Norway and Iceland are an autonomous country of the Kingdom of Denmark and the total area is near about 1,400 square kilometers (approximately 540 sq mi) as well as the population is near about 50,322 in October 2017.

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