Den Gamle By Aarhus

Den Gamle By is located at the Viborgvej 2 Aarhus, Denmark as well as the Den Gamle By is an open-air museum and that museum is in the Aarhus Botanical Gardens and the Former name of the Den Gamle By is The Old Mayor's House. The Old Mayor's House is established at 23 July, 1919 as well as Founder of the Old Mayor's House (Den Gamle By) is Peter Holm and director of the Den Gamle By is Thomas Bloch Ravn.

Den Gamle By is world’s first open-air museum which are opened at 1914 as well as that museum contains concentrating on town culture rather than village culture and also the important thing is that visitors of the Den Gamle By is 4,00,000 per year. Den Gamle By museum contains various historical things for example the museum contains 75 historical buildings which are collected from 20 townships in all parts of the country.

Den Gamle By museum is contains various buildings but the museum itself the main attraction of visitors as well as the most of buildings are open for visitors or in the rooms there are 5 regular various themes and organized into larger exhibits as well also the rooms are organized or decorated into the historical styles.

History & Buildings


Den Gamle By museum is first of all opened at 1914 as a "The Old Mayor's House" as well as the there was a small garden pavilion and also another large renaissance-styled house. The Den Gamle By museum was slowly expanded as a more buildings collections as well as that also includes collections from several parts of the country were donated or acquired.

The Den Gamle By (The Old Town) is contains the most attracting feature is that buildings means the total of 75 buildings from 20 Danish towns as well as another three are in the storage awaiting later reconstruction and the oldest structure in storage house from Aalborg c. 1550 as well as The Den Gamle By (The Old Town) is also contains large as well as most impressive buildings like the Coin Master's Mansion from Copenhagen, the Aalborg Estate from Aalborg, a merchant's house from Aarhus and so on.

Den Gamle By(The Old Town) contains 5 regular exhibits like The Danish Clock Museum, a pottery exhibit, a silverware exhibit, the Toy Museum and the Textile Museum, as well as in addition to several smaller exhibits. The Toy museum contains 6000 pieces of toys as well as contains boy’s toys, mechanical toys from Lehmann, Danish Tekno toys and also unusual feature - wooden toys are there.

The Den Gamle By (The Old Town) contains 5 gardens in the museum as well as gardens representing various periods in the time from the mid 17th to the early 20th centuries as well as garden is for simple recreational hobby gardens to greeneries for commercial use and the garden is designed in the baroque style. In the garden grows flowers, plants and spices to be sold on the local town market.

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