Lego House (Billund,Denmark)

LEGO House is a new experience house which is located in the Billund, Denmark as well as the invention the Lego brick is done at Billund, Denmark. The Inaugurated of the LEGO House is in 2017 as well as that Building provides several facilities like a cafe, Lego store as well as LEGO House is a attraction of tourist as well as it is also use for the exhibition.

We can dive more than 80 year LEGO in history which is the astonishing balancing bricks-shaped building. The more advanced LEGO masterpieces can generate marvel as well as at least 25 million bricks are needed to enjoy the play.

At 28 September by the Crown Princess Mary the house was opened as well as before operation in 100 days there are 70,000 visitors are there.

The renowned Danish architect and Bjarke Ingels and his company BIG designed the building housing center.

Construction of LEGO House

Construction of LEGO House

A house model will be build entire in Lego bricks that is 1:100 scales. On June 2014 real house building will be started. The building nearly 100 feet high, floor area are nearly 82000 square feet and the ground area cover 26000 square feet.

Lego House Sets
In 2017 opening model 21037 only sold at the Lego store at the Lego House as well as 4000010 models from 2014 is only sold in Billund stores.

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