Amalienborg Palace In Copenhagen

Amalienborg Palace located in the Copenhagen means the town or city is Copenhagen and the country is Denmark as well as Amalienborg Palace is architectural project of Rococo. Amalienborg Palace is a home of the Danish royal family as well as construction of the Amalienborg Palace is started in 1750 and completed in the 1760.

Amalienborg Palace is architect by the Nicolai Eigtved as well as Architectural style of the Amalienborg Palace is Rococo. Amalienborg Palace is mainly built for the four noble families as well as when the Christiansborg Palace burned on 26 February 1794 then the royal family bought the palaces and moved in.

The first palaces on the site is also known as as well as also called a Sophie Amalienborg and the place was built by the Queen Sophie Amalie as well as consort to Frederick III and other part of the land is used for the Rosenborg Castle as well as a Nyboder and the new Eastern fortified wall around the old city. The first palaces on the site is include a garden or a replacement for the "Queen’s Garden".

Frederiksstaden district that was built by King Frederick V as well as commemorate in 1748 as well as the development is generally thought to has been Danish Ambassador Plenipotentiary in Paris as well as Johann Hartwig Ernst Bernstorff. The palace is empty for long periods throughout the year so the Royal family found itself homeless after the Christiansborg Palace fire of 1794 and the palace was designed by the royal architect Caspar Frederik Harsdorff.

The Four Palaces
The four palaces are surrounding the plaza as well as the plaza was conceived as town mansions for the families of chosen nobility and the buildings of the places are on the western side of the square which are started in 1750 but the Eigtved died in 1754 at that time two western places are completed and work of other places is done by the Eigtveds colleague and rival as well as Lauritz de Thurah according to the Eigtveds plans.

First palaces of The four palaces is Christian VII's Palace the second one is Christian VIII's Palace, the third one is Frederik VIII's Palace and the last fourth is Christian IX's Palace. In these palace the first one palace Christian VII's Palace is also originally known as Moltke's Palace as well as the second palace Christian VIII's Palace is also originally known as Levetzau Palace and third one palace is Frederik VIII's Palace is also known as Brockdorff Palace as well as the last and fourth one palace the Christian IX's Palace is originally known as Schack's Palace and the important thing is that the palaces of Christian VII and Christian VIII are open to the public.

Guarded of the day and night of the Royal Guard is Amalienborg and the uniform of the Royal Guard is similar to the Foot Guards regiments of the British Army means the characteristics of the uniform is a scarlet tunic, blue trousers, and a navy bearskin cap.

Equestrian statue is a statue of the King Frederik V and the statue is made by French sculptor Jacques-Francois-Joseph Saly as well as commissioned by Moltke and as Director for the Danish Asiatic Company. Amaliehaven is a garden which is located at between the waterfront and Amalienborg Slotsplads as well as the garden is established in 1983.

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