The National Gallery of Denmark (SMK), Copenhagen

The National Gallery of Denmark is located at the center of the Copenhagen as well as The National Gallery was Established in 1896. Up to the 14th century the Danish and foreign art dating manage registers, maintains as well as also handles researches.

Director of The National Gallery is Mikkel Bogh as well as type of The National Gallery is National Gallery or the visitors of the National Gallery are 424,710 in 2007.

Approximate 9000 paintings collection and sculptures are available in the National Gallery and also approx 240,000 paper arts are available in the National Gallery. The National Gallery also contains more than 2,600 plaster casts of figures from ancient times as well as the middle-ages and the Renaissance are also there. Danish royal collection also contains Most of the older objects.

History & Architecture


The works were almost exclusively by Danish during the 19th and that’s why The National museum contains collection of paintings from Danish Golden Age. Modern Painting of the Johannes Rump's collection is donated to the National Museum in 1928 and after that the purchases of paintings or Sculpture is started in the French tradition.

Vilhelm Dahlerup as well as G.E.W. Moller is a designer of the National museum as well as it made in the Historicist Italian Renaissance revival style. Behind the museum the large modern extension is there as well as it was designed by the Anna Maria Indrio and Mads Moller.

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