Viking Ship Museum Denmark

The Viking Ship Museum is in Roskilde and seafaring and boatbuilding in the prehistoric and medieval period as well as Roskilde is Denmark’s national museum for ships. Main focus of the Viking Ship Museum is that permanent exhibition of five original Viking ships excavated nearby in 1962 as well as The Viking Ship Museum also does research on the fields of Maritime history.

The Viking Ship Museum is established in 1969 as well as type of the Viking Ship Museum is Maritime history museum and also archaeological museum. Lars Fredsted is director of the Viking Ship in 2014 as well as location of the Viking ship is Vindeboder 12, 4000 Roskilde, Denmark.

Original Viking Ships
North Europe of prehistoric ships is the largest discovery of the prehistoric ships and includes the longest Viking warship ever found, the Roskilde 6 at 36 meters as well as the main focus of the museum is The original Skuldelev Viking ships.

Boat Collection
The Viking Ship Museum contains the large collection of authentic historic boats as well as also includes the reconstructions from all over Scandinavia and The Viking Ship Museum has a tradition of boat building and also collects boats of interest from all over Scandinavia. The Viking Ship Museum contains more than 40 vessels and the associated ship and the shipyard is located on a small isle as well as it is also known as Museums and the shipyard is connected to the main museum exhibition buildings by the drawbridge.

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