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Faroe Islands is located at the at 200 miles (approximately 320km) north-northwest of the United Kingdom as well as about halfway between Norway and Iceland are an autonomous country of the Kingdom of Denmark and the total area is near about 1,400 square kilometers (approximately 540 sq mi) as well as the population is near about 50,322 in October 2017.

Faroe Islands’ Anthem is "Tú alfagra land mítt" as well as the Capital of the Faroe Island is Torshavn and the Official language of the Faroe Island is Faroese as well as Danish and Ethnic groups of the Faroe Island are Faroe Islanders.

The Faroe Islands is a self-governing country in the Kingdom of Denmark since 1948 as well as the Faroe Islands Religion is Church of the Faroe Islands and Legislature is a Løgting of the Faroe Islands. Government of the Faroe Islands is Devolved government means within parliamentary constitutional monarchy as well as the High Commissioner of the Faroe Islands is Lene Moyell Johansen and the Monarch is Margrethe II and also the Prime Minister of the Faroe Islands is Aksel V. Johannesen.

In the 1816 Faroe Islands became a county in the Danish Kingdom as well as Faroe Islands declined to join Denmark in entering the European Economic Community in the 1973 as well as it supports for independence has grown as well as is the objective of the Republican Party.

Faroe Islands covers the area 1,399 square km (approximately 540 sq. mi) as well as the Faroe Islands have small lakes and rivers and the Faroe Islands also contains 1,117 kilometers (approximately 694 mi) of coastline. Distance from the Faroe Islands to Denmark is 990 kilometers (approximately 620 mi). Faroe Islands’ natural vegetation is dominated by the arctic-alpine plants as well as wildflowers and also grasses or moss and lichen.



Politics And Government
Lars Lokke Rasmussen is a Danish Prime Minister of Faroe Islands from since 2015 as well as Margrethe II is a Queen of Denmark since 1972 and the Aksel V. Johannesen is a Faroese Premier of the Faroe Islands since 2015 as well as Tinganes in Tórshavn is a seat of a part of the Faroese government. The Faroe Islands are divided into 30 municipalities as well as there are 120 or so settlements.

Nordic culture is a root culture of the Faroe Islands as well as Faroe Islands is an isolated from the main cultural phases and movements and that swept across parts of Europe as well as they maintained a great part of their traditional culture and the language spoken is Faroese which are North Germanic languages. Faroe Islands contains an active music scene as well as live music being a regular part of the Islands' life. Traditional Faroese food of the Faroe Islands is mainly based on meat as well as seafood and potatoes and also uses few fresh vegetables as well as Faroe Islands clothing is Faroese handicrafts which are mainly based on materials available to local villages.

Public holiday of the Faroe Islands like New Year's Day (1 January) as well as Good Friday and also like Easter Sunday, Easter Monday, Flag day (25 April), Christmas Day (25 December), Boxing Day (26 December) and also New Year's Eve (31 December).

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