Iraivan Temple Kauai Island In Hawaii State

The Iraivan temple is a chola style is Hindu temple. It is dedicated to the location of Lord Shiva on Kauai Island in Hawaii State, USA. Iraivan means is worshipped. It is the oldest words for God in the tamil language. In 1990 began is the first all stane, white granite temple to be built in the western hemisphere whose construction.

It is located next to the Wailua River and 8 km from Mount waialeale. It is maintained by the saiva siddhanta church is known as Kauai Aadheenam and Kauai's Hindu monastery. Crystal lingam and sphatik lingam is house of construction completes in the kadavul temple. The temple will be 700-pound 39 inch tall, quartz crystal, believed to be the largest six sided single-pointed crystal ever found.

The Iraivan temple importance is going to be to America the temples of chidambaram, Madurai, Rameshwaram and other great Shiva temples in to India. It is designed to last 1000 years. It be carved by hand without the use of any machinery. In 1980 in the temple design was completed by V ganapati sthapati, in the late. In a few years the 3.2 million pound temple is expected to completed.

In 1990 Sri siva ratnapuri mahaswamigal and Sri Balagangadharanatha are assisting with project and provided eleven acres of land outside Bangalore. The temple a Mahakumbh Abhishekam in a few years. It is a living edifice that brings ancient tradition into the 21th century. The carving is a nandi of correct proportion is set in motion in India. In the temple ceremony installing copper, silver and gold writes into copper pipe pilgrims park hillock is enhanced with complete with Hawaiian petroglyphs will future devotees. The temple gives a new start impetus for a wonderful future a gift giving temple a wish fulfilling temple.

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