Oresund Bridge Copenhagen

Here we describe about the Oresund Bridge so, The Oresund Bridge is a combination of railway and Motorway Bridge as well as the Oresund Bridge connects Swedish and Denmark. The Oresund Bridge is the Swedish coast approx 8km (approximately 5 miles) and that bridge is over at the artificial island Peberholm in the middle of the strait and also The crossing is also completed by 4 km, so the Peberholm Drogden Tunnel to the Danish island of Amager.

Oresund Bridge

Oresund Bridge Copenhagen

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The Oresund Bridge is Design by the Cable-stayed Bridge as well as the Oresund Bridge carries four lanes of European route E20 Double-track Oresund Line and also crosses of the Oresund Bridge is Oresund strait. Here some official name of the Oresund Bridge is there like Oresundsbron (mostly used by company), Oresundsbron as well as also known as a Oresundsbron.

Here we describe some characteristics about the Oresund Bridge like the Oresund Bridge is design is Cable-stayed bridge as well as Length of the Oresund Bridge is 7,845 meters (approximately 25,738 ft) as well as height is 204 meters (669 ft) and width is 23.5 meters (77.1 ft). Designer of the Oresund Bridge is Jorgen Nissen, Klaus Georg Rotne, Niels Gimsing and Falbe Hansen and also the Oresund Bridge is design by Ove Arup & Partners, ISC as well as Setec.

The Oresund Bridge is constructed by the Hochtief, Skanska, Højgaard & Schultz and Monberg & Thorsen as well as the construction is started at 1995 and ended in 1999. Coast of the Oresund Bridge construction is approx 19.6 billion DKK, 25.8 billion SEK and 2.6 billion Euro. The Oresund Bridge is opened at 1 July 2000.

Rail Transport
Swedish Transport Administration and Danish railways is jointly operate the rail link as well as Skanetrafiken and the Danish transport agency handles and commissioned the Passenger train service. At the Oresund Bridge trains are operated at every 20 minutes and also once an hour during the night in the both directions and also on thing are that one more couple is operated at rush hour and crossing is also used by the Freight trains.

Costs And Benefits
The cost of the Oresund Bridge construction (included the motorway and railway construction) is DKK 30.1 billion according to the 2000 year price index as well as cost of the bridge in 2003 to be recouped by 2037 and also the connection of the bridge is entirely user financed. Danish state half and Swedish state half owned the Owner Company and that Owner Company is take loan from governments to finance the connection.

The Oresund Bridge is also used as a symbol and that symbol represents the connection between the Sweden and the rest of Europe as well as the Oresund Bridge underwater part is covered by the marine organisms and the marine organisms act as an artificial reef. The Oresund Bridge give its name to the Nordic noir means Nordic noir is a one kind of the television series and the series was set in that region that are around the Oresund Bridge.

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