Famous Hindu Temples in United States of America

This is a list of famous Hindu temples in the United States. MalibuHindu temple, USA, Vraj Hindu Temple , USA, Akshardham (New Jersey). This article explores some of America's best temples popular for their architecture and art.

1. Malibu Hindu Temple (California)
The traditional South Indian style by followers of Hinduism in South California. Malibu Hindu temple is the largest Hindu temples in the western hemisphere. It is situated and live on the grounds of the temple and in the temple of a full stage for special culture and Hindu programs. The president of the temple was vasan Srinivas. He is Civil engineer living in the Los Angeles area he was instrumental in raising funds from local family and bringing the priests from India. It's death in July 2017 and later Indian American tax consultant nadadur vardhan served as the temple president. Temple complex has two part - the upper part with lord venkateswara and the lower part with Lord Shiva. The temple was used in a small scene in the movie Beverly Hills ninja in 1997 and a song in the tamil film jeans in 1998.
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2. Vraj Hindu Temple (Schuylkill Country, USA)
Vraj Hindu temple is a multimillion-dollar temple or haveli covering 300 acres of the land vraj temple offers annual events and volunteer opportunities for young people. In 1987 was before a yoga recreational center in vraj Hindu temple. In 1998 November during the patotsav celebration when shrinathji graced his presence for the first time at vraj. Temple in darshan is a organized Six times a everyday as different prayers Lord of Krishna shringar is dressed and a flower garland is placed around his neck and Rajbhog is the main meal of the day with different types of sweet: shreenathji uttapam is believed to wake up from the afternoon siesta.
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3. Hindu Temple Of Greater Chicago
Rama Temple, Shree Rama sita and Lakshmana, Lord Ganesh, Shree hanuman lord balaji mahalakshmi, shree Krishna and Radha, Lord Shiva, lord Ganesha, Durga devi, Devi parvati.

It's separate spiritual center named after swami Vivekananda. A hillock in the temple campus, is a 10-feet tall bronze statue of swami Vivekananda. In 1893 in modeled after his appearance at the world's parliament of Religions. In a public place in the United states of America. The Rama temple is the ganesha-shiva-durga Temple.
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4. Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple (New Jersey)
Murti of swaminarayan with gunatitanand swami his left and together worshipped as akshar Purushottam maharaja. Hindu deities such as Radha Krishna, Shiva parvati, Sita Ram, Hanuman, Fantastic and swaminarayan's spiritual successors. The murtis is performed five times a day and mangala Aarti,shankar Aarti, rajbhog Aarti,sandhya aarti and shayan Aarti. In 1997 as a part of swaminarayan Akshardham by pramukh swami maharaj in North America. Temple structure is 87 feet wide, 133 feet long and 42 feet high. The mandap called the mayurDwar, carving depicting peacocks, elephants. The first marble pillar of the temple place on 4 September 2017.
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5. Radha Krishna Temple (Utah,United States)
It is in devoted members of the ISKCON- International society for Krishna consciousness of religion and Indian culture of the world. Additionally to modem advocates for Krishna consciousness like swami prabhupada. The United States in order to avoid the Vietnam War he traveled in Europe India and Singapore.
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6. Sri Siva Vishnu Temple (Washington Dc)
It temple is construction in 1988 and last deity consecration take place in 2002. It is location on cipriano road one mile away from the NASA Goddard Space flight center. North America in the murugan temple is located in the vicinity. The main temple in Shiva as Ramanathaswamy and Vishnu as Ananthapadmanabha.
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7. Iraivan Temple Kauai Island In Hawaii State
It is located next to the Wailua River and 8 km from Mount waialeale. It is maintained by the saiva siddhanta church is known as Kauai Aadheenam and Kauai's Hindu monastery. Crystal lingam and sphatik lingam is house of construction completes in the kadavul temple. The temple will be 700-pound 39 inch tall, quartz crystal, believed to be the largest six sided single-pointed crystal ever found.
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8. New Vrindaban Temple West Virginia (United States)
In New vrindaban the six census blocks that make up a population of 352. The West Virginia status of unincorporated town. The temple is bordered on the north and northwest by Big wheeling creek and on the southwest by the village of limestone.
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9. Murugan Temple ( North America)
Murugan temple is main sannidhi at MTNA is for murugan with Valli devasena , And other four sannidhis for vinayaka, siva, meenakshi, durga and palani andavar. Temple timings is 9:00am to 9:00pm. MTNA celebrates all Hindu and Tamil festivals, holiday and special occasions. The saivite traditions of pujas, agamas and worship at temple.
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