Vraj Hindu Temple (Schuylkill Country, USA)

Vraj Hindu temple is location in Schuylkill country. In Eastern Pennsylvania in united states. It is two miles west of to intersection of route 183 and 895.



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- : Vraj Hindu temple is a multimillion-dollar temple or haveli covering 300 acres of the land vraj temple offers annual events and volunteer opportunities for young people.

- : In 1987 was before a yoga recreational center in vraj Hindu temple. In 1998 November during the patotsav celebration when shrinathji graced his presence for the first time at vraj.

- : Temple in darshan is a organized Six times a everyday as different prayers Lord of Krishna shringar is dressed and a flower garland is placed around his neck and Rajbhog is the main meal of the day with different types of sweet: shreenathji uttapam is believed to wake up from the afternoon siesta. And evening in prayer with light garland. Temple timing is 9:00am and 9:00pm. Vraj Hindu temple in average of 1,00,000 Hindu pilgrims per year.

- : The vraj Hindu temple in annakut celebration begin at 10am with a Govardhan pooja by the temple singers and vaishnavas annakut Darshan is managing exceptionally with devotees enjoy the variety in shopping tasty snack items with a cup of hot tea/coffee and the yamuna lake during lunch.

- : The first Annakut was offered to shree Krishna by the resident of Vraj known as Vrajvassi. Annakut celebration is offered within a few days after Diwali.

- : Mangla Darshan time is 7:30am after the shringar 10:30am then afternoon in Rajbhog time is 12:00pm. In the evening utthapan is 4:15pm. Sandhya Aarti is 5:00pm and shayan is 6:30pm. Annual summer camps called vraj youth camp.

- : Vraj youth member mostly in high school, college and working with ages ranging from 16 to 28.

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