Top 10 Countries To Visit In The World

Today we have to talk about the top 10 countries in the world. Here we will get information about the living-speaking, the area and the atmosphere of these countries, so that we can visit here in a short time.

1. Australia


Today we have to talk about the top 10 countries in the world. Here we will get information about the living-speaking, the area and the atmosphere of these countries, so that we can visit here in a short time.

This country is known as a continent. Australia is surrounded by country Indian and Pacific Ocean. This country is known for its Sydney Opera House, the Great Barrier Reef, the forest of the vast desert and many animal species such as Kangaroo and Duck-Bill. Australian tourism focuses on its beaches and chooses to roam there. The country's capital is Canberra. Calling Code : +61 Currency : Australian Dollar

2. Austria


This country is one of the German-speaking countries of Central Europe. mountainous villages in Austria have been classified by the rugged Alpine terrain. Other notable areas of this country include the nary Bohemian Forest and eastern hills. This country is international Tourist receipts have been ranked 9th worldwide. The capital of this country is Vienna. Calling Code : +43 Currency : Euro

3. Greece


This country is a country of southeastern Europe. Greece has hundreds of islands in the Ionian Sea. Greece is known for its Santorin Kala Range and beach to Mykonos Party Resorts. This country is known as the Western Cradle It is believed and is the birthplace of democracy. Because of this country''s economy and high quality, its standard of living is high. 8 percent of the area of Greece is found in the mountainous region. Calling Code : +30 Currency : Euro

4. Indonesia


This country is located in Southeast Asia. Where thousands of volcanic islands are formed. Indonesia is home to a number of ethnic groups. This country is known for its beaches, volcanoes and wildlife sanctuaries, elephant and tigers. This country is known for rural music and traditional puppetry. This country has been ranked 20th in the world tourism industry. Calling Code : +62 Currency : Indonesian Rupiah

5. Jordan


This country is known as an Arab nation on the east side of the Jordan River. This country''s capital is Amman. It has become famous from the stones and temples of Jordan''s pink sand. This country''s capital is the most populous city and cultural center. The country''s atmosphere is beautiful .so this place has become a tourist destination. Calling Code : +962 Currency : Jordanian Dinar

6. Philippines


This country is the Southeast of the Southeast of West Pacific. In the Philippines, more than 7000 islands are found. The capital of this country is Manila, which is known for its waterfront plains and sand. Philippine is known as the important place for tourism. This country has become the most popular place because of its beaches, heritage monuments, mountains and rain forests. Calling Code : +63 Currency : Philippine Peso

7. South Africa

South Africa

This country is the largest country in the South countries. It is bounded on the side of the South Atlantic and Indian Ocean. Diversity of cultures, languages ??and religions in South Africa is a multinational society. This country is often referred to as the "rainbow nation." This country is give International travelers offer different options. This country''s capital is Cape Town, Pretoria, and Bloemfontein. Calling Code : +27 Currency : South African rand.

8. Spain


This country is one of Europe''s countries. Spain has 17 autonomous regions with different geographies and cultures. Madrid is the capital of Spain. It is home to the Real Palace and Promoted Museum, which is home building by the European Masters. This country is popular destination for tourists. Spain is the second largest tourist destination in the world. Calling Code : +34 Currency : Euro

9. Turkey


This country is located between Eastern Europe and Western Asia, which has a cultural connection with the Roman and Ottoman Empire of Ancient Greek, Persian, Byzantine. In Turkey, around 42 million foreign tourists are attracted. Turkey is the world''s 6th number most popular tourist destination. There are many beaches and ancient temples here. Calling Code : +90 Currency : Turkish Lira

10. Vietnam


This country is an Asian country on the sea of South China. Vietnam is known for its beaches, rivers and Buddhist temples. This country''s tourism is a component of the economy of modern Vietnam. Vietnam is a new tourist destination due to its culture, nature lovers and beach lovers. This country''s capital is Hanoi. Calling Code : +84 Currency : Vietnamese Dong