Radha Krishna Temple (Utah,United States)

  • March 29, 2019

Radha Krishna Temple in Utah, United States. It is South of Spanish fork. It was built to the Hindu community in Utah. In the temple festivals, wedding and other weekly services for prayer and meditation. Radha Krishna temple is in main festivals is holi and temple Architecture complete in 1998.

Radha Krishna Temple

Radha Krishna Temple

It is in devoted members of the ISKCON- International society for Krishna consciousness of religion and Indian culture of the world. Additionally to modem advocates for Krishna consciousness like swami prabhupada. The United States in order to avoid the Vietnam War he traveled in Europe India and Singapore. In 1975 Brigham Young University in is charu das first visited in Utah and sell books for a trust under ISKCON. IN february 16,1998 in the construction of the temple began and in November 10,1996 breaking ceremonies were held at the temple current location just south of Spanish fork. The Radha Krishna temple it attract thousand of guests for both tours and seasonal festivals.

The Radha Krishna temple is open to the public every day from 6:00am to 7:30pm. In the temple free yoga and meditation classes are also available October the temple usually hold entertainment art and photography, tour guides, cuisine tasting, cultural exhibits on India. In the temple a gala pageant of the epic Ramayana and a 20 foot high effigy of the demon ravana,wedding guided llama tours and firework.

It is many different Visitor as school, troops, summer or senior organization and family reunions. Radha Krishna temple in the biggest celebration in the western hemisphere of the Holi festival here typically teaching a Hindu message to a vast religiou backgrounds different colored gulaal important from India and into the air at specific time throughout the day And live hands perform music. Holika the witch is burned in a bonfire.

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