Murugan Temple Maryland

  • April 03, 2019

The Murugan Temple is in North America. It temple is the first temple in the United States that is dedicated to the Hindu deity murugan. It is located in lanham Maryland about 5 miles from Washington D.C. Tamil festivals, holiday and special occasions. The temple conducts bhajans, Tamil and religious classes. The traditional saivite Hindu temple devotees from Maryland, Washington, Virginia and throughout the country.

Murugan Temple

Murugan Temple Maryland

Murugan temple is main sannidhi at MTNA is for murugan with Valli devasena , And other four sannidhis for vinayaka, siva, meenakshi, durga and palani andavar. Temple timings is 9:00am to 9:00pm. MTNA celebrates all Hindu and Tamil festivals, holiday and special occasions. The saivite traditions of pujas, agamas and worship at temple. In the temple in Lord vinayaka, Lord Shiva, goddess meenakshi, palani andavar, Lord kartikeya, goddess durga, Lord nataraja, navagraha and tribute to saiva Saints. Swami kirubananda variyar is one of the Saints of our present generation.

In temple religious event anugna, vastu shanti, miruthan grahanam ankurarpanam, rokaha bandanam, dwajarohanam. Murugan temple in major festivals are celebration is the thaipusam, panguni uthiram, vaikasi visakam, aadi krithigai, nallur kathirkamam kanthan festival , Kanda shasti kavasam, thiruvathirai function for Lord nataraja, maha shivaratri, navratri, vinayagar chathurthi, karthigai deepam.

Murugan And Valli Devasena are takes place during major festivals. In 7 August 2009 Vellottam was conduct for the new ratham. The new ratham for the nallur Kathirkamam kanthan festival at 8 August 2009 at lord murugan.

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