List of No 1 International Airport In World

List of No 1 International Airport In World

Airport is aerodrome as expected facilities, In Airport gave facilities to store an maintain craft and a control tower. Generally larger airport in airline flights paved runways of 2000m longer. In Airport international flights has customs and immigration facilities. Airport security baggage check and individual person and rule against any object that used be a weapon. So all information in world's top airport in this.

2. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Amsterdam Airport schiphol

Amsterdam airport schiphol is the international airport is the Netherlands. The airport located 9 km southwest of Amsterdam. It is ground transport in rail, bus and car. Amsterdam airport schiphol is a large rooftop viewing area. It's called the panoramaterras. The location for a KLM cityhopper Fokker 100 viewing exhibit since June 2011. It is air traffic control tower and it's height of 101m. It was tallest in the world constructed in 1991.

3. Centrair Nagoya

Centrair Nagoya

Centrair Nagoya is international Airport in lse Bay in aichi prefecture. And it is 35 km south of Nagoya in central Japan. A first class airport is main international gateway for the central region of Japan. Centrair nagoya airport is 10.2 million people is used. And it is ranking 8th busiest in the nation. Centrair Nagoya opened in 17 February 2005. In Airport ground transportation in train, bus, ferry and can centrair Nagoya airport in the 4th floor sky town shopping center and restaurants.

4. Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport is in western United States, Denver, Colorado. It is spread in 33,531 acres. Denver international Airport is second largest airport in the world. In North America seventh longer in the world. Jeppesen terminal and including a commuter rail train station run by Regional transportation district and in a 519-room hotel and conference center. On April 22, 2016 the a line was constructed and funded as part of the Eagle p3 public - private partnership and opened for service.

5. Doha Hamad

Doha Hamad

Doha Hamad is the international Airport, it is capital city of Qatar. In 2009 Doha Hamad international Airport was originally schedule. 27 May 2014 national Carrier Qatar airways and other carriers formally relocated to the new airport. Airport construction planning in 2003 and began in 2005. Doha international Airport is spread an area of 2.200 hectares. The airport can handle up to 93 million per year and it is the second largest airport in the region after Dubai.

6. Dubai International Airport

Dubai International Airport

Dubai international Airport is the international airport in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is the world's busiest airport and third busiest airport in the world. DXB handled 88 million passengers in 2017. Dubai international Airport is spread an area of 3,100 acres of land. Dubai airport construction of in 1959 by sheikh Rashid bin saeed Al maktoum. In Airport ground transportation in road, metro, bus and taxi. Sterling airways flight 296 crashed in Dubai, killing 112 in 14 March 1972.

7. Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt Airport is international Airport in Germany. It is an area of 2,300 hectares of land and capacity of 65 million passengers per year. Frankfurt Airport in ground transport in rail, bus car and caches. A bomb cloaked in a canvas bag was detonated at 14:42 in the noon in hall B of the main Frankfurt Airport in 19 June 1985. In blast 3 deaths and 32 injuries and 4 considered serious.

8. Hong Kong international Airport

Hong Kong international Airport

Hong Kong international Airport is commercial airport. It is known of chek Lap Kok airport. The Hong Kong international Airport built in 1925. Airport is in a focus city for many airlines Include China airlines and China eastern airlines. In 1 December 1995, The Airport managed and operated by the airport authority Hong Kong established. 2 July 1998 the airport was officially opened in an opening ceremony by president Jiang Zemin at noon Hong Kong time. In ground transport is bus, ferry, rail and taxi.

9. London Heathrow

London Heathrow

London Heathrow international Airport in London, United Kingdom. It is the second busiest airport in the world after Dubai international Airport and it is the seventh busiest airport in the world. London Heathrow airport was opened on 25 March 1946. In Airport has 4 terminals active. London Heathrow airport use to 80 airlines flying to 185 destinations in 84 countries. In the airport is the responsibility of aviation security unit of metropolitan police and the army. Sabena Douglas DC3 00-AWH crashed and 22 passengers on board died.

10. Munich Airport

Munich airport

Munich airport is the international Airport and it is the capital of Bavaria, Germany. In Germany it is the second busiest airport and seventh-busiest airport in Europe and in 2018 the 38th busiest airport in the world. 3 November 1980 in Airport construction started. It is covers 3,892 acres of the land area. In Airport five parking garages and six underground parking areas. Munich international Airport in ground transportation in bus, suburban railway and road. Munich in Marienplatz in front of the old town hall.

11. Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport

Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport

Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport in France. It is the second largest in Europe. The airport is handled to 72,229,723 passengers and 480,945 aircrafts movements in 2018. It is the twelfth busiest in the world. The airport is location are notorious for rabbits and hares. Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport in ground transportation in CDGVAL, RER, TGV, bus and car. 20 baggage handlers were arrested on suspicion of stealing luggages 450000 euros in September 2008.

12. Seoul Incheon

Seoul Incheon

Seoul Incheon Airport is the largest airport in South Korea and it is the one largest and busiest airport in the world. The world's best international transit airport by skytrax. In Airport golf course, spa, a casino, indoor garden and a museum of Korean culture. In Airport ground transport in bus, rail, ferry and car. In Airport's terminal is 111 boarding gates, with 44 in terminal 1, 30 in concourse and 37 in terminal 2. In 16 June 2011 flight was out of range and safe without damage.

13. Tokyo Haneda

Tokyo Haneda

Tokyo Haneda Airport is one of the two primary airports the greater Tokyo Area. It is primary base of Japan. In 1931 Haneda Airfield opened a small piece of bayfront land at the south end of today airport complex. It is handled flights to destinations in Taiwan, Korea and Manchuria. All Nippon Airways flight 60 crashed in Tokyo Bay 10.4km in February 4, 1966. Japan Air transport as the main operating base of tachikawa, after the country's flag Carrier. In August 25, 1931 the first flight from airport a load of Dalian.

14. Tokyo Narita

Tokyo Narita

Tokyo Narita is international Airport in Japan. It is the second busiest passenger airport in Japan and tenth busiest air freight hub in the world. In Airport visitors required to show ID upon entry. In Tokyo Narita international Airport in ground transportation in rail, JR trains, keisei trains, bus, taxi and helicopters. In June 22, 1985 exploded on Air India flight 182 killing all on board. New Tokyo international Airport authority was privatized into narita international Airport corporation in 2004.

15. Zurich International Airport

Zurich International Airport

Zurich International Airport is largest airport in Switzerland. It is located 13 km north of central Zurich. On July 21, 1921 the first flight abroad from Switzerland landed. Zurich airport is own by Flughafen Zurich AG.

It is three runways :

16/34 of 3700m length

14/32 of 3300m length

10/28 of 2500m length.

Zurich airport in flights to 203 destinations in 67 countries around the world. Airport in ground transportation in train, bus and tram and road. Swissair flight 306 an in fight fire and take-off and crashed and 80 people killing on 4 September 1963.

1. Changi Airport Singapore

Changi Airport Singapore

Singapore changi airport is largest transportation hubs in southeast Asia. It is serves more than 100 airlines flying to 400 cities in around 100 countries and territories worldwide in 1 March 2019. In the airport a designed total annual handling capacity of 85 million passengers. Singapore changi Airport is the sixth busiest airport by international passengers traffic in the world and the second busiest in Asia. A fire broke out at the departure hall in terminal 2 on 16 may 2017 and fire caused 40 flight diverted.