List of Total Number of Airports in Singapore

Airports in Singapore

Today we are going to talk about airports in singapore. Officially the republic of singapore is an island country of the southern tip of the malay peninsula, 137 kilometers. Singapore is also a city-state. So let's get more information about airports in singapore.

Singapore airports are popular for its infrastructural masterpieces.

This country's airports have stunning bridges to artificial waterfalls, to futuristic skyscrapers to advanced airports. Singapore has built masterpieces of airport.

Singapore Airport There Are 2 Codes

IATA Code and ICAO Code

SIN is Singapore Airport Code. Singapore ICAO Code and IATA Code is WSSS. In Singapore there are 7 air ports. Here we talk about airports in Singapore.

Public Airports (Commercial)

  1. Singapore Changi Airport
  2. Seletar Airport

1. Singapore Changi Airport

Singapore Changi Airport is commonly known as Changi Airport or IATA: SIN, ICAO: WSSS is a major civilian airport. The Runway of Changi Airport is 4,000m longer.

In Asia this airport serves Singapore and is one of the largest transportation hubs. SCA is currently rated the World’s Best Airport. It is Skytrax for the seventh consecutive year since 2013.

SIN is the IATA Code for this International Airport. IATA (International Air Transport Association) Code is a standard three digits code. It is a standard code allocated to all airports.

This airport is also the first Airport in the global world to do so for 7 years consecutively. This is one of the world’s busiest and famous airports. It is busiest with international passenger and cargo traffic.

Changi Singapore Changi Airport is located. At the eastern end of Singapore, 20 kilometers northeast from Marina Bay. This airport is operated by Changi Airport Group.

In the World Airport Awards Changi has received the Best Airport Award for the 10th time in the 20-year history of.

It is the home base of Singapore Airlines in Singapore (SAS), Scoot, Singapore Airlines Cargo (SAC), Silk Air, Jetstar Asia Airways (JAA) and BOC Aviation.

2. Seletar Airport

Seletar Airport is a public airport located at Seletar. This Airport is located in the north-eastern region of Singapore. This Airport is managed by the Changi Airport Group (CAG).

The airport was completed in 1928 as a flying Royal Air Force station (RAF). Seletar Airport was also Singapore’s first international airport.

Seletar Airport is 16 kilometers away from Singapore Changi Airport. And it is also 20 kilometers away from the city-center. XSP is the IATA Code for Singapore Seletar Airport. Seletar Airport is also known as general aviation/reliever.

There had been a proposal to extend its runway to 2,000 meters (6,600 ft). It is able to receive the Boeing 737 used by many budget airlines.

After consideration by the Government of Singapore and the CAAS, they decided to build a Budget Terminal in Singapore Changi Airport instead.

Military Air Bases

  1. Paya Lebar Airport
  2. Changi Air Base (West)
  3. Changi Air Base (East)
  4. Sembawang Air Base (Helicopter Base)
  5. Tengah Air Base

1. Paya Lebar Airport

Paya Lebar Air Base (PLAB) is an army air base airport. At Paya Lebar the Republic of Singapore Air Force is located. The PLAB airbase is run by the motto of “Strength through Readiness” in the central-eastern part of Singapore.

To replace Kallang Airport Paya Lebar Airport was built in 1954 as Singapore International Airport. Control of Paya Lebar airport was transferred to RSAF in 1980 when this airport was renamed as Paya Lebar Air Base (PLAB).

WSAP is a code of ICAO for Paya Lebar Air Base. It is the relocation of the civilian airport to Changi. QPG is an IATA Code for Singapore Paya Lebar Airport. The Runway of Paya Lebar Airport is 3,780m.

2. Changi Air Base (West)

This airport has been renamed Changi Air Base (West). It is also the headquarters of Changi Air Base. The Runway of Changi Air Base (West) is 4,000m.

The flying squadrons now are shown below.

There are 112 Squadron with 4 Boeing KC-135R Stratotankers.

There are also 121 Squadron with 4 Utility Transport Aircraft (UTA).

And there are also 5 Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) versions of the Fokker F50.

3. Changi Air Base (East)

The opening of this airport was (Changi East Complex) on 29 November 2004. The Changi Air base was opened on 29 November 2004.

This Air Base was closed for Airplane runway reconstruction activities in 2018. The flying squadrons previously based below. The Runway of Changi Air Base (East) is 2,748m.

There are 145 Squadron with 20 F-16D Block 52+ (Strike).

4. Sembawang Air Base (Helicopter Base)

This type of Air Base (ICAO: WSAG) is a military airbase of the Republic of Singapore Air Force. It is located at Sembawang, in the northern part of Singapore. Sembawang Air base motto is Dare and Will.

The base was renamed Sembawang Air Base or SBAB in 1971. It was handed over to the Singapore Air Defense Command (SADC). The Runway of Sembawang Air Base is 1,907m.

The airbase became a full-fledged rotary-wing air base when the first resident helicopter squadron – 120 Squadron In the year of 1983.

5. Tengah Air Base

Tengah Air Base (Code: IATA is TGA, ICAO is WSAT) is a military airbase of the Republic of Singapore Air Force. In the western part of Singapore Tengah Air Base is located in the Western Water Catchment. The Runway of Tengah Air Base is 2,743m longer.

The RSAF station is the most important airfield in this Base. The RSAF station houses the majority of the RAF's fixed-wing frontline squadrons staff, and also provides home to all of RSAF's airborne early warning & control (AEWC) assets. In this Base most of the F-16C/D Fighting Falcons and many UAVs.

Always Vigilant is the motto of RSAF airfield. A black knight chess piece symbolizes the aircraft's operational readiness in Tengah.

It was renamed RSAF Tengah in 1971, when it was handed over to the Singapore Air Defense Command (SADC). The Lockheed Martin F-16C/D Fighting Falcons aircraft is also in the air base.

The new Multi-Role Tanker Transport (MRTT) aircraft made its maiden public appearance. The static display was put in to showcase both retired and present aircraft.

Military Airstrips

  1. Pulau Sudong Airport (Island Airport)
  2. Kallang Airport (Closed 1955)

1. Pulau Sudong Airport (Island Airport)

Pulau Sudong is a 209-hectare coral. It is an island off the southern coast of Singapore. It was enlarged through a land reclamation process during the late 1970s.

It was formed for the Singapore Armed Forces southern islands military training area and live-firing zone.

In Singapore all other military installations and their entire live-firing zone is strictly off limits to all civilians at all times of the day and night.

The island's airport and dock are maintained by SAF in Singapore. The Runway of Pulau Sudong Airport is 2,438m.

Most areas are covered by dense vegetation in this Base. The island is a wildlife haven for migratory birds and plants alike. The airstrip is only utilized for emergencies involving military aircraft.

2. Kallang Airport (Closed 1955)

The Kallang Airport is known as the Kallang Aerodrome. In Singapore Kallang Airfield and RAF Kallang was the first purpose-built civil international airport. Kallang Airport is an international Airport.

Kallang Airport was opened officially on 12 June 1937 and ceased operations in 1955.

And also it is Geylang at its greatest extent. It is located wholly within Kallang, the conserved complex including the airport’s terminal building.