BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir (Houston Texas)

The BAPS shri Swaminarayan Mandir in Houston Texas. It is traditional Hindu temple built by swaminarayan sanstha. It is managed by mahant swami maharaj. Stafford was built in 28 months and consists of 33000 pieces of hand - carved Italian marble and Turkish limestone. It is completed in July 2004. Hindu deities as Radha Krishna, Shiva parvati, sita ram, hanuman, ganapati and swaminarayan. The morning singing called prabhatiya.

The murtis are five times in a day aarti including and named mangala Aarti, shangar Aarti, rajbhog Aarti, sandhya Aarti and Shayna Aarti. There is activities for youths as Hindu heritage classes. Indian music classes and Gujarati language training. Pramukh swami maharaj's first visit to Houston in 1977. The swaminarayan mandir was inaugurated on 25 July 2004 in the presence of pramukh swami. It is 73 feet high, 125 feet long and 95 feet wide. In temple carving of details dancers, musician, elephants, horses, flowers, and geometric design. In 24 July shobhayatra of all murtis a seven - mile route the streets of Houston. Since 2008 in mandir has been hosting an annual women's day conference.

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