Baps Shri Swaminarayan Mandir Atlanta Ga Usa

In Atlanta, the BAPS shri swaminarayan mandir. It is a traditional Hindu mandir. The shri swaminarayan mandir built on 26 August 2007. The swaminarayan sanstha is a denomination of the swaminarayan branch of Hinduism headed by mahant swami maharaj. It is located in the lilburn suburb of Atlanta. It was constructed in Hindu architectural scriptures. BAPS shri swaminarayan mandir is the largest Mandir of the kind outside of India. It is made of 34,450 pieces of hand-carved Italian marble, Turkish limestone and Indian pink sandstone.

The mandir situated on landscaped grounds spread over 30 acres. It is complex including a large assembly hall, family activity center, classroom. It is daily open and visitors of any faith. The murti of swaminarayan with gunatitanand swami left, together worshipped as akshar Purushottam maharaj. The murtis of other Hindu deities as Radhe Krishna, Shiva parvati, sita ram, hanuman, ganapati and the lineage of BAPS gurus. The congregation purchased a skating rink in Clarkston In 1988. In February 2000 in lilburn, Georgia of the twenty-nine acre plot of the current mandir purchased. On July 1 2017 its tenth anniversary celebrated.

The blessing of pramukh swami maharaj and a 29-acre plot of land was purchased in the Atlanta suburb of lilburn, In February 2000. The shilanyas vidhi is to purify the land and bless those working on temple construction, And a yajman pujan performed and discourses on the tailrey a Upanishad held. mandir constipation in September 2005 and the foundation was poured in January 2006. And mandir completed in two years, the inauguration done by pramukh swami maharaj in August 2007. BAPS establishment as a formal organization was celebrated on 25 August 2007. 1 July 2017 the tenth anniversary of the mandir celebrated of Mahant swami maharaj and lilburn mayor Johnny crist. The singing of devotional hymns and spiritual discourses on Hindu scriptures and their teachings.

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