Information About The Leysin Village Municipality Of Switzerland

  • May 07, 2019

Today we have to talk about the Leysin municipality of Switzerland. Leysin is the sunny alpine resort village in the nearby eastern part of Montreux, Lausanne, and Geneva Lake. This village and Veyges village has been designated as part of the list of Swiss Heritage Sites. So let's get some information about Leysin.

Leysin Village

Information About The Leysin Village Municipality Of Switzerland

By 2009, the area of Leysin village was 18.57 square kilometers. 34.9% of the area is used for agricultural purpose and 37.2% is for forest purposes. The rest of the area is 17.7% settled and 0.2% of rivers or lakes and 19.8% non-commercial land. The population of Leysin village is 4,032. In this village, 59.3% of the population resident foreign citizens are seen by 2008. Here, due to migration, 39.4% has been changed and 2.6% due to birth and death. The majority of Leysin villages speak French, while English is the second most common language. 18.0% of the population of this municipality is born in Leysin.

The unemployment rate in Leysin village is 4.8%. Approximately 21.9% of the population of Leysin Village has completed non-compulsory high secondary education, completed 12.2% additional higher education. This village is currently home to two secondary education levels international schools.

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