Molokini Crater Snorkeling and Scuba Diving Guide in (Maui Hawaii)

Molokini Crater

Today We are going to talk about Molokini Crater. Molokini Crater is one of the most beneficial locations within the world for underwater exploration. This partly submerged, crescent-fashioned volcanic crater is a secure haven for over 250 precise and colourful marine species, a lot of which are endemic to Hawaii! If you’re a snorkeling, scuba, or snuba enthusiast, you possibly already realize approximately Molokini Crater’s crystal clean waters, lush reef, and colourful aquatic life. So let's get more information about Molokini Crater.

What is Molokini?

The volcanic crater, created over 200,000 years ago, is located in Maui County, Hawaii, among the state's 8 important islands Kahoolawe and Maui. It is positioned about 2.five miles off Makena State Park’s west and Maalaea Bay’s south. Molokini is a vital location for marine lifestyles and a famous snorkeling and scuba diving vacation spot due to its calm and clean water. It additionally serves as Hawaii State Seabird Sanctuary. The islet covers about 9.three hectares and has a diameter of 0. four miles and a top of 161 feet.

Snorkeling At Molokini

Sure, there are greater humans inside the water at some stage in the morning hours, however it’s for a proper reason: the AM is whilst the situations are fine! Although a few businesses provide afternoon snorkel journeys as a manner to keep away from the crowds, we can’t propose them in good conscience. Afternoon Tour Gimmicks Since the afternoon situations at Molokini have a tendency to be windier and murkier, those excursions often take you to an exchange snorkeling destination. If you actually need to discover Molokini Crater, it’s fine to simply stay with a morning tour.

Scuba Diving

The three hundred ft. outer wall of Molokini Crater is likewise world-well-known amongst experienced scuba divers, who “float dive” with the assist of the channel currents.  Some of the smaller snorkel boats additionally take visitors to discover the outer wall withinside the mornings, while situations are the calmest. So whether you need to get your PADI certification, a licensed diver with loads of dives below your belt, or a regular snorkeler just like the relaxation of us, a journey to Molokini Crater is positive to supply the goods! Who must go to Molokini? Molokini is a safe, low-priced snorkeling vacation spot that’s suitable for adults and youngsters alike. All snorkeling tours to Molokini are guided, so you’ll be capable of ask questions on the crater and obtain fundamental guidance out of your informed guide. Ocean depths on the internal shore of the crater vary from 1 foot to greater than 50 feet, so you’ll be capable of locating your best intensity irrespective of your competencies or hobby level.


The Molokini Crater is a sunken volcanic crater whose one aspect is submerged in water. The crater changed to start with the idea to have been fashioned approximately 50,000 years ago. However, latest research imply that it changed into fashioned thru a volcanic eruption approximately 230,000 years ago. The eruption changed into because of the motion of the Maui landmass over warm spots in the tectonic plates. According to evidence, Molokini can also additionally have erupted simultaneously with the eruptions alongside the Haleakala rift zone. Molokini is a loop-sided crater missing the northern wall, with the crescent-fashioned southern wall frequently blocking off maximum of the wave actions.


The crater includes over 250 marine fish species, consisting of Moorish idol, black triggerfish, parrotfish, yellow tang, Bluefin trevally, and raccoon butterflyfish. Moray eels and Whitetip reef sharks from time to time go to the area. Besides the fish species, Molokini Crater is likewise domestic to approximately 38 coral species and over a hundred algae species. The land close by is distinctive as a kingdom hen sanctuary, web website hosting species including wedge-tailed shearwaters, brilliant frigatebirds, and Bulwer’s petrels.

Old story

According to local Hawaiians, Pele, the hearthplace goddess, and Molokini each fell in love with a prince. However, the prince fell in love with any other female believed to be Molokini. Pele, who changed into unpleasant with the aid of using the prince and the opposite female, determined to take revenge. According to maximum assets, Pele reduced the female into portions and threw them into the ocean. The female's head has become the Pu’u Olai (Makena Beach’s cinder mound), and her frame is the Molokini Crater. Other assets imply that it changed into really the prince who changed into reduce into.

Regulation on get entry to and activities

Molokini islet is federally owned and is a national seabird sanctuary. Thus, unauthorized touchdown is prohibited. Permission to land has to be acquired each from the U.S. Coast Guard and the Hawaii Division of Forestry and Wildlife. Tour boat operators had been allotted constant mooring factors instead. Snorkeling and scuba diving are by the way the most famous sports on the crater. Since the crater is made completely of rock, the water stays pretty undisturbed via means of sand and sediment. Visibility at Molokini frequently exceeds one hundred fifty feet (forty five meters), and the inner of the crater is usually sheltered from robust winds and waves. The lower back wall of the island has been named one of the pinnacle a hundred diving locations within the global via means of scubadiving.com. This go with the flow dive gives steep drop-offs 360 feet (one hundred ten meters) to the sea floor's reef and underwater life.


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The Molokini Crater appears higher than ever. Its turnaround has made it a famous visitor vacation spot for boat rides, snorkeling and scuba diving. Most of its ocean lifestyles have been restored, because the crater is home to loads of species of fish and coral. Good success seeing the identical fish twice! It even hosts a few endangered fish, along with the Black Triggerfish and Parrotfish, to call a few. Its maximum factor is set 161 toes approximately sea stage and the water shines a diamond blue, close to ideal visibility.

Molokini Crater Marine & Land Species

Molokini Crater is thought for its first rate visibility, frequently exceeding one hundred eighty toes and 200+ toes at the lesser visited wall. Crystal clean waters and safety from wind and waves in the crater make for extraordinary snorkeling and scuba diving, now no longer to say the large underwater lifestyles you’re able to see. Molokini Snorkel Dropoff Popular marine species at Molokini encompass Bluefin Trevally (‘Omilu), Tang, Moorish Idol (Kihikihi), Black Triggerfish,, Larger site visitors which include Manta Rays (Hahalua), Spotted Eagle Rays (Hihimanu), Reef Sharks and Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins (Nai’a) also are every now and then visible at the interior and again wall of the crater. Fishing, feeding or harming any of the marine lifestyles inside the place is forbidden.

Molokini marine species During Maui’s whale season, which lasts from December 15 to April 15, you can additionally see humpback whales for your journey to and from Molokini Crater. Keep an eye fixed out for the mist growing from their blowholes! Under the Sanctuary classification, human beings are now no longer allowed at the crater itself until invited as a part of a particular study.