Interesting Facts About Antarctica

Antarctica is coldest, driest and windiest continent. It is the highest average elevation of all the continents. In Antarctica population is 1106. In 1912 as a coal hulk at Cape Town she is towed to south Georgia. South Georgia was a sealers Base in the 19th century. In Antarctica including many types of algae, bacteria, fungi and plants. So Antarctica interesting facts in this.

1. In the world Antarctica is the fifth largest continent.
2. Antarctica is the world's largest single ice mass.
3. Antarctica is ninety nine percent of covered by ice.
4. Antarctica is 70 percent of the planet fresh water and 90 percent fresh water ice.
5. Antarctica ice is a pristine fresh water lake buried beneath 2.5 miles of solid ice.

6. Antarctica ice is average thickness is 1 mile.
7. It is the highest point on the vinson massif at 16362 feet.
8. In 1820 Antarctica was completely unknown until the continent was first spotted.
9. Antarctica is treaty signed on 1 December 1959 than after a year of secret negotiations by 12 continents.
10. According to 2009 figures from the National Antarctic Management Board programmes.

11. Antarctica peaking at more than 4000 in the prime summer research season and falling to around 1000 in the winter season.
12. Emile macro palmar became the first child born on the southernmost continent at in January 1979.
13. Antarctica in an effort to claim a portion of the continent is palma's pregnant mother.
14. 59 days between late 2011 and early 2012 she traveled 184 miles.
15. 20000 tourist to the international association of Antarctica tour operators in 2011.

16. The earth tilt during the austral winter the sun disappears below the horizon for the duration of winter.
17. Antarctica in summer months it is a have not of sunlight.
18. Antarctica circle is at about 66 degrees south latitude.
19. The most of penguin in Antarctica and live in colonies with populations that would rival some cities by British Antarctic survey.
20. Male penguin is the only warm blooded animal that remains on the Antarctica continent through the winter.

21. In Antarctica are no trees or shrubs and only 2 species of flowering plants.
22. No native species are allowed to be taken to Antarctica as of 1994.
23. Antarctica peninsula is just out into warmer north of Antarctica has warned 2.5 degree Celsius in 1950.
24. Antarctica in 87% peninsula’s glaciers are in retreat.
25. The largest iceberg ever measured broke away from the ross ice shelf in March 2000.

26. West Antarctica pine island glaciers have been speeding up over the last few decades and it contribute 25% of Antarctica ice loss.
27. It is largest and dune is 230 feet high and more than 650 feet wide.
28. And it is located in the mcmurdo dry valleys.
29. Antarctica high interior towards the ocean and can reach speed that qualify as hurricane strength up to 200 mph.
30. It is instrumental in moving heat salt nutrients and marine life among the world’s main ocean basins.

31. The spot where the earth rotation axis would intersects the surface.
32. That is some wobble in earth orbit so the location is not always a precise one.
33. Antarctica’s air is so cold that water vapor can condense out of the air and from tiny ice crystal that then fall to the ground.
34. The crystals creating a phenomenon called diamond dust.
35. In Antarctica steam freezes in place in the frigid air forming towers up to 30 feet tall.

36. Antarctica’s deep lake is so salty liquid at temperatures down to minus 4 degrees.
37. The ozone in the layer of the atmosphere called the lower stratosphere above Antarctica in 1970 by British Antarctic survey.
38. Ozone layer in the hole grows and shrinks with the seasons and is largely caused by chemicals called chlorofluorocarbons.
39. In air conditioners aerosol sprays and refrigerators is widely used.
40. Antarctica is the premier hunting ground for meteorites on earth.

41. Because of the dark rocks stand out against the white ice.
42. The meteorites are large undisturbed by natural processes.
43. The coldest ever recorded was minus 136 degrees.
44. A high ice ridge between dome argue and dome Fuji two summits on the east Antarctic plateau.

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