Villars-Sur-Ollon Village Switzerland

Villars-sur-Ollon is a village in Switzerland as well as in canton of Vaud, part of the municipality of Ollon and Villars-sur-Ollon is normally known as a Villars. Villars-sur-Ollon village is known for its boarding schools as well as especially for College Alpin International Beau Soleil and Aiglon College and that both school is two of the most expensive schools in the world.

Accommodation in the village Villars-sur-Ollon is consists largely of chalets as well as Villars is served by the Chemin de fer BVB(Bex-Villars-Bretaye) railway and also in the Villars-sur-Ollon village snow park is also there as well as snow park called '1984' as well as that allows freestyle skiing and also snowboarding.

Bretaye is linked to Villars-sur-Ollon by the Bex-Villars-Bretaye( BVB ) railway as well as gondola life is connecting the village to Roc d'Orsay and Villars-sur-Ollon is 200 meters above the Bretaye. The Villars-sur-Ollon town become one indivisible entity in 1889 as well as in 1913 mountain cog-train to Bretaye was built and first ski lift was built at the ‘Combe’ on the Chaux Ronde in 1936. Villars-sur-Ollon was classified as one of prime resorts of Europe as well as many Swiss ski clubs came to train in the resort on the back of its reputation in the 1938.

Villars-sur-Ollon village is enjoy a number of excursions including trips of near lakes and chateaux as well as Villars-sur-Ollon village is previously hosted the Snowbombing electronic dance music as well as snowboarding spring festival and in the Villars-sur-Ollon village Golf Club is also there which was established in 1922. In Villars-sur-Ollon village there are many restaurants are there as well as bars and winter bars are also set up during winter and also serving traditional cheese fondues and raclettes or there are French, Thai, Mexican and Japanese restaurants in town.

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