10 Delightful Indian Dishes to Try In Delhi

Delightful Indian Dishes to Try In Delhi

Delhi is an amazing city with a rich history and mouth-watering food! In this article, the author details 10 delightful Indian dishes that you must try.

Delhi is a city in India where there are many different cultural dishes to try. One dish that is popular in Delhi is the chaat, which is made with ingredients like fried dough, vegetables and spices. Another dish that is famous in Delhi is the "Biryani". Its rice mixed with spices and vegetables.

10 Dishes you’ll Love To Order in Delhi

If you're visiting Delhi, India, then it's important that you try out the local food. The Indian cuisine is so diverse and flavourful that you'll never want to eat anything else again. Here are 10 dishes you'll love to order in Delhi.

An Introduction to Indian Cuisine

Indian cuisine is one that's most often associated with spicy dishes It is, however, as diverse of a cuisine as any other in the world, and there is much to be learned about it. Indian food can be found anywhere in the world, but Delhi is typically where you will find some of the best local dishes and unique ingredients.


Biryani is a rice dish that is cooked in a special vessel with meat, vegetables, whole spices and herbs. The dish originated during the Mughal era and is still considered to be an iconic Indian dish. It can be served as a course or main dish and is enjoyed with Plain Yogurt, Salad, or Rice.


Nihari is a dish that is cooked slowly over a low heat in the tandoor oven. It is made by mixing meat and spices with clarified butter and water. This mixture is then simmered for hours until it becomes rich and thick. The dish can be eaten either as a piece of meat, or as a gravy, often with poppadoms, roti, and rice.


Paranthas are popular Indian flatbread, traditionally served with a filling of spiced vegetables and sometimes a savory meat. These flatbreads are eaten in most parts of India and are common at breakfast or dinner.

Butter Chicken

Butter chicken is a dish served with tomato and onion gravy, butter and spices. It is the most popular dish in Delhi. It uses the basic ingredients of Indian cuisine to make a complex dish. The butter chicken recipe has been around for decades and has many variations.


Kebabs are popular Indian dishes that can be found on almost any street corner. They are served on skewers, and the most common variety is chicken. There are also many different kebab variations that use beef, mutton, or fish. The main ingredients for a dish of kebabs are meat, spices and vegetables.

Chole Bhature

Delhi is known for its dish, Chole Bhature, which can be found anywhere. It’s spicy, exotic, and heavy. You can also find Lassi with this dish as a meal at any time of the day.


People in India have a habit of eating street food. It is a mix of the best things that the country has to offer, and it is often enjoyed by everyone. Chaat consists of many different dishes like vegetable pakoras, samosas, veggie noodles and aloo tikki. It is also known to be one of the most common dishes in India.


Rolls are a traditional dish that is commonly found in many Indian cuisines. The dish consists of a dough made from flour and water that is rolled into thin sheets and fried on both sides until they turn crisp. This makes the rolls crunchy, flaky, and crisp. There are infinite variations of rolls. Some eat them with raita (a sauce made from yogurt), while others may enjoy them with keema masala (a tomato-based meat gravy).


Momos are cylindrical dumplings that are filled with vegetables, meats, and other flavors. They originated in Tibet, but were introduced to India by Tibetan refugees. Today, momos are common street food in India. The most popular varieties are the chicken momo and the vegetable momo which is made with a mixture of cabbage, potatoes, garlic chives, and ginger.


Delhi is the city with a rich variety of desserts. You can eat a sweet lassi, tasty Rabri Falooda, variety in Kulfi, pure desi ghee Ladoo, and many other cakes and cookies.