Unterwasser Village (Switzerland)

Unterwasser is a village and the Unterwasser village is in the Toggenburg region and Toggenburg region is of the canton of St. Gallen and in switzerland as well as that is situated at confluence of the two streams forming means the upper Thur and also known as a Santisthur or Wildhausthur.

First of all the Unterwasser is a part of the Wildhaus municipality but in 2010 the Unterwasser village is part of Wildhaus-Alt St. Johann and that is done by merger of Wildhaus and Alt St. Johann and that resort is relatively small ski as well as the trails is shared with different nearby Wildhaus.

In 15th century the toponym was is first recorded under the dem Wasser and below the water as well as the population of the Unterwasser village is 685 as of 2010 and the population is down from 751 in 1990 as well as historical population is 81 in science 1827.

First of all the Unterwasser village is owned by counts of Montfort in the earlier Middle Ages and after that owned by the St. Johann Abbey and after 1555 that village is owned by St. Gall Abbey. Ski jumper Simon Ammann is comes from the Unterwasser village and the Simon Ammann is winner of four gold medals in the 2002 and 2010 Winter Olympics as well as Simon Ammann is World Champion 2007.

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