The World's Most Dangerous Islands To Visit

Most of the peoples see islands as beautiful and also we find islands for the spend vacations but did you know about the some islands on our planet in which when we go then probably we cannot return from that place meaning of that is we cannot return in one piece or not alive. So, here we describe world’s most dangerous islands due to natural causes.

Miyake-Jima island is a small island of the japan and that island is still left behind toxic sulphur vapors as well as when they reach a specific level than the alarm goes off warning the inhabitants to wear the gas masks and now that is tough life to live.

2. Vozrozhdeniya Island : Uzbekistan

Vozrozhdeniya Island

Vozrozhdeniya Island is become a ghost town and ​Vozrozhdeniya Island is split between Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. A top secret soviet laboratory is constructed and the experimenting on the bioweapons whilst testing on variety of agents likes anthrax, tularemia, plague, smallpox and brucellosis.

3. Surtsey Island

surtsey island

surtsey island is located at Vestmannaeyjar archipelago and off the southern coast of Iceland as well as surtsey island is volcanic island or Coordinates of the surtsey island 63.303°N 20.605°W. Surtsey island is a southernmost point of Iceland as well as surface area of the surtsey island is 1.3 km2 (approximately 0.50 sq mi).

4. Saba, Netherlands Antilles

Saba, Netherlands Antilles

Saba is a island and Saba is smallest special municipality and that is of Netherlands as well as Saba is Caribbean island as well as area of the Saba island is 13 km2 (5 sq mi) as well as Currency of the Saba island is United States dollar and that is smallest territory and also sovereign state and that is by permanent population in the Americas.

5. Reunion Island : Indian Ocean

Reunion Island: Indian Ocean

Reunion Island is inhabited since the 17th century and the Reunion Island is a tourist attraction and also that island is amazingly beautiful but the main problem of that island is that water surrounding that island has a huge number of sharks and during 2011 and 2015-17 shark is attacks and reported out of which 7 were fatal because of that on that island something’s is on ban like surfing, swimming but the good news is that we can go and swim but on our own risk.

6. Ramree Island : Burma

Ramree Island: Burma

​Ramree Island is in the Burma and that island is not having any pleasant history. Main population of that island is Salt Water Crocodiles and on that island thousands of Crocodiles is there and the main thing is that the Ramree Island is greatest disaster suffered by humans by animals and that is listed by the Guinness book of World Record.

7. Poveglia Island : Venice, Italy

Poveglia Island: Venice, Italy

Poveglia Island is a small island and Poveglia Island is located between Venice and Lido and that is in Northern Italy and the Poveglia island has pretty dark history as well as Poveglia island is also been featured on paranormal shows means shows like Ghost Adventures and also like Scariest Places on Earth.

8. Ilha da Queimada Grande : Brazil

Ilha da Queimada Grande: Brazil

Ilha da Queimada Grande is a small island and the Ilha da Queimada Grande island is situated off the coast of Brazil as well as Ilha da Queimada Grande island is also known as Snake Island and on this island snakes got trapped or the main thing is that Brazilian navy has banned public from Ilha da Queimada Grande island.

9. Farallon Islands, US

Farallon Islands, US

Farallon Islands is located at Pacific Ocean as well as Farallon Islands, or Farallones are group of the islands and nearest city of the Farallon Islands is California, San Francisco, United States and that island is also refers to by mariners as the Devil's Teeth Islands and area of the Farallon Islands is 41.9 acres (17.0 ha).

10. ​Enewetak Atoll : Marshall Islands

Enewetak Atoll: Marshall Islands

Enewetak Atoll island is a prey of the US Nuclear testing and more than 30 megatons of TNT is exploded during the cold war as well as concrete dome named as Runit Dome and that was built to deposit the radioactive debris and during 1977 to 1980 the concrete dome is built on the Runit Island for deposit radioactive soil or debris or when the testing of the Nuclear is done by us at that time more than 30 megatons of TNT is take place during the cold war.

11. Bikini Atoll : Marshall Islands

Bikini Atoll: Marshall Islands

The Bikini Atoll Island is located in the Pacific Ocean and the Bikini Atoll Island is part of the Marshall Islands. On the Bikini Atoll Island United States had to carry out the nuclear tests over there and the 23 nuclear explosions or also including hydrogen bomb and that is bombarded till 1958 but we need to make sure about that we can never get stranded on this island if ocean couldn’t kill you then the food will.

12. Gruinard Island : Scotland

Gruinard Island: Scotland

Gruinard Island is had only population of 6 as per 1881 but that is inhabited since the 1920s and the Gruinard Island is kept the under secret and that is due to the warfare biological experiments and that is carried out by the government of British as well as the scientists experimented with Anthrax Bacterium and that is killed all the animal species on the Gruinard island and also contaminated the soil.

13. North Sentinel Andaman Island : India

North Sentinel Andaman Island: India

The North Sentinel Andaman Island is in the Andaman sea and outside of the India and the only sentinelese people live on that island and that peoples reject any contact from the outside world and that people is untouched by the modern civilization and prefer that to live alone on that town and the two fishermen of India is killed by the natives when the boat of Indian fishermen is accidentally drifted too near to the island.

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