The Best Places to Visit in Machu Picchu

Today we talk about the best places of Machu Picchu. It has information about the atmosphere, rivers, etc. Enjoy the place to visit the famous place of Machu Picchu once.

1. The Temple of the Sun

The Best Places to Visit in Machu Picchu

Today we talk about the best places of Machu Picchu. It has information about the atmosphere, rivers, etc. Enjoy the place to visit the famous place of Machu Picchu once.

Only the priest and the Inca can enter the sun temple. And the ceremony for the ordinary people was done on the public square. This temple is a semi-circular construction built on a sharp roundabout. Which is suitable for the natural environment. There is a tower like a triangular window on the sun's body. Which is built with pure granite. Many mummies are worshiped at this place. The places of this mummy are called royal tombs. Mummy is an integral part of the Sun's creed. It is believed that there is much security in the door. Its doors are composed of many metal rings. It is common people who work to see the rituals devoted to the Sun. In this temple, they put many pieces of pottery to keep the position of the sun stable. The pottery is placed in the video to complete the form. It was a natural cave in the Sun Temple. Which was made to send Machu Picchu to the 16th century. This was created by Hiram Bingham.

2. Huayna picchu

Huayna picchu

The Peruvian Quechua Way Pekuyu of Huaiya is a Peruvian mountain. On which is the river Urubba. It rises on Machu Picchu. This is known as Icons'' Lost City. Icas has made a way to the side of Huay''s pitch. And he built temples and terraces on the road. Hua Pichu''s top sea level is 2693 meters high. At the top of the mountain was the residence of the high priest and the local virgins.

3. Inca trail

Inca Trail is a hiking trail for Machu Picchu. It is completed in Machu Picchu, which includes three overlapping paths. His name is as follows: Molt, classic and one day. One of the longest roads in the highest mountain range, is located. It leads to excessive recession. The government has reduced the number of people to control this leopard. Advance booking is mandatory. A maximum of 500 people are allowed on the road, out of which only 200 are trackers, the rest are guides and ports. As a result, high season is seen very quickly. Eco Trail rates are closed for cleaning in February. The Inca Trail was managed by the first American American Max Plotters and is now officially managed.

4. Intihuatana stone

intihuatana stone

It is considered as a place where the sun is bound when it is bound. Its construction is situated on top of the holy mountain on 70 mountains. This place is a wonder of ancient technology. This is a clock that is used to measure the time of the winter burning celebration. Praying to build on beautiful rock. It is a famous pillar and holy mountain. A beer complex was sold in September 2000. In 2005, many travellers believe that energy is the place where the toy can touch the stone. Mount Hill''s top granite is a mothic structure carved in stone. Its height is 1 to 2 meters in height and 2 meters in diameter. The royal is believed to be one of its chief deities. Pastors are observed in the sun and its importance. This watch was called intihuatana. A stone saddle leads to Hermione''s pyramid.

5. Inti punku

Inti Punku

Inti Punku is an archaeological site in the Cusco region. Inti Punku is a fort. Machu is located in Picchu city. It is the name of the main part of the Ikan Trail between the INTIPunku Sun Great Complex and Machu Picchu City. It is believed that the sanctuary enters and the load It is regulated by people. It is one of the most important precursor constructions in Machu Picchu site. It is believed that Inti Punku was the main entrance gate of Machu Picchu. Icon was secured by the army. Inti Punku supports the religion of the Sun God. The windows and gates of Inti Puccu are arranged. This is the first place where the activities can see the entire sanctuary. The residents can see the sun rising on the mountain by Machu Picchu.

6. Paucarcancha Ruins

Paucarcancha  Ruins

Paucarcancha ruins are one of the paucarancha archeological attraction centers. Which is located in Elementimbo district. The roof of the crop is divided into two parts. The first part is the agricultural sector. And the second part is divided into many different sections. The last 2 rooms show the second backyard. You can admire many ecosystems. There is an elevated heel. There people have a rectangular shape where they lived. The walls with distinctive features are found in building construction. These complicated roads, which lead to Machu Picchu, can take 3 to 4 hours to travel. To get this complexity you will have to enter Verba during the journey. The length of the river is 2 km. The temperature in the atmosphere is 19 degrees centigrade. There the environment is damp.

7. Santuario histórico de Machu Picchu

Santuario histórico de Machu Picchu

The historic sanctuary of Machu Picchu is located in more than 35 thousand hectares. In which the Machu Picchu is located in the Yugas forest on the eastern slope of Peruvian Andes. There is a natural environment. Urubba river flows northwestwards. By this, this area is known as a unique protected area. It is 1700 meters above sea level in the tropical area. This magnificent building also features the height of the Inca Roots.

8. Temple of condor

temple of condor

Machu Picchu Condor''s Temple Inca is a stunning center of stenomniaz. Many years ago natural rock has been shaped. And successfully conned the coneander wings in the Inca flight. Condor has a head shape on the floor of the temple, and feathers in the neck are rock shaped. The structure of this temple completes bird formation. Historians believe that the altar of Condor was used as an altar. There is a small cave inside the temple where mummies are kept. Prison is underground tunnel. According to the historical discussion, Inca prison was registered. It was said that the accused will be kept awake for three days to wait for their fate. Those who commit sins like sloth, lust, and stealing are believed to be dead. Condor Inca is considered a sacred symbol of Sanskrit.

9. Temple of the three windows

Temple of the three windows

The temple of the three worlds is indispensable. This temple is one of the most beautiful places to visit. The reason for the proximity of the main hardware is the more important place. These 3 videos well represent every part of the world. The Earth, heaven, and the present, three windows offer an explanation of this three-part. The window also represents the origin of the sun. It is an important event in the romantic life of the people of the Indika. Temple of Window is located 80 km away from the city. This temple is situated on one side of Urubba river. Many theories are part of the construction of the BJP. Many popular Folklore are also famous about this place. This temple is considered so important and sacred. Other beliefs are that these 3 videos are also considered to be the entertainment of the Tempokoto Mountain. According to the ancient dynasty, it is also believed that 3 Aire brothers came here in search of the empire. This temple was discovered by scientists Vanener Grayne in the years 1940-1942.

10. Winay wayna

winay wayna

Inca is a disaster in Machu Picchu with the Inca Trill of Venice Venue. It is located on the touch of standing near the river Urbala. The upper and lower house complexes are shaped in this place. It is linked with syndication and fountain structure. People made up of agricultural terraces above and below the houses, which are still visible. A camp for hikers with the same name is located in the vicinity of the site. Venice''s rift is increasing over time. There is something true about it. In the mid-15th century, the Khader was built during the days of the powerful Inan Empire. They are stopsamana with Inca Trail. And can be a religious place. These people may have been waiting to relax before reaching the end of the 26-mile journey of Machu Picchu. There is an Inca site on the Vine Way. Which is next to Machu Picchu. Claude Forest comes in the vane van. The smoke from which comes in and out. Despite its beauty, it almost always welcomes the traveler. The Inca segment of the Vine Way segment creates some important places during the business.