The Complete Guide To Theodore Roosevelt Lake In Arizona

Today we are going to talk about Theodore Roosevelt Lake. This type of lake is often called Lake Roosevelt. Theodore Roosevelt Lake is considered to be the largest reservoir created by Theodore Roosevelt Dam on the Salt River in Arizona as part of the Season River Project. Theodore Roosevelt Lake is known as the largest lake or reservoir located entirely in the state of Arizona. So let's gather a little more information about Theodore Roosevelt Lake.

Theodore Roosevelt Lake is located in the Sonnet River Valley, about 130 kilometers northeast of Phoenix. This type of lake is named after U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt, who dedicated himself to the dam in March 1911. Theodore Roosevelt Lake is known as a place of recreation in the Tonto National Forest. The facilities located on Theodore Roosevelt Lake are operated by that authority.

Theodore Roosevelt Lake is considered to be the oldest of the six reservoirs constructed and operated by the Salt River Project. Theodore Roosevelt Lake has a storage capacity of 1,653,043 acre feet. Theodore Roosevelt Lake can store 2,910,200 acre feet of water when the dam is in flood-control mode.


In the early 20th century, a group of Phoenix residents and their respective citizens formed the "Salt River Valley Water Users Association". And demanded the establishment of a large-scale this type of Lake Project to control the irregular flow of the Salt River and collect its water for irrigation.

Construction of the Roosevelt Dam began in 1906. This type of lake was built in 1911 after the construction of the Roosevelt Dam. During that time Theodore Roosevelt Lake was considered one of the largest human lakes in the world. And in addition the Theodore Roosevelt Lake helps irrigate the surrounding desert land which could then be used as farmland.

Recreation and Wildlife

Fishing on this type of lake is considered to be a common recreational activity. This type of Lake is home to a variety of game fish, including carp, crappie, flathead and channel catfish, sunfish and smallmouth bass and largemouth bass. Theodore Roosevelt Lake also served as a habitat for endangered southwest willow flycatchers until recent years.

The population dynamics of the site and other significant Arizona populations are unclear as the Theodore Roosevelt Lake rose following heavy rains in the winter of 2005. There are many Arizona trailheads near this type of lake. Theodore Roosevelt Lake is an 800-mile hiking trail from the Arizona-Mexico border to Utah crossing the Salt River on State Route 188 Bridge, which crosses Theodore Roosevelt Lake northeast of Roosevelt Dam.

In addition Theodore Roosevelt Lake offers many recreational activities for the tourist such as fishing, boating, lakeshore camping, water sports etc. Theodore Roosevelt Lake is known as the home of the Grapevine airstrip and is a small general aviation recreation airstrip located a quarter of a mile from the shores of Lake This. In addition, Theodore Roosevelt Lake hosts several fly-ins over the runway year.


This type of lake has an area of ​​21,493 acres and due to which Theodore Roosevelt Lake is considered to be the largest lake. Theodore Roosevelt Lake is located entirely on the border of the US state of Arizona. Theodore Roosevelt Lake is also considered to be the largest of the four lakes created as part of the Salt River Project. In addition, Theodore Roosevelt Lake is 35.8km long and Theodore Roosevelt Lake has a maximum width of 3.2km.

In addition, Theodore Roosevelt Lake is located at an altitude of 638 m and reaches a maximum depth of 106 m. Theodore Roosevelt Lake receives its main water flow from the Salt River and Tonto Creek. This type of lake covers an area of ​​about 16 km from the source of the Salt River. Theodore Roosevelt Lake extends up to 13 kilometers above Tonto Creek and is the main river of its tributaries along the Mogollon Rim.

Theodore Roosevelt Lake also covers much of the southern part of the Tonto Basin and is a low-lying area located between the Sierra Mountains, the Superstition Mountains and the Mazatzal Mountains. This Lake is located about 6 km from Theodore Roosevelt Dam and is also home to the Tonto National Monument for tourists to visit and part of this type of monument provides most of the views of Lake.

This type of lake has the highest storage capacity of all the lakes in the Salt River project. Theodore Roosevelt Lake has the capacity to store about 2.039km3 of water until the conservation limit of Roosevelt Dam is reached. This type of lake can store about 3.590km3 of water during Roosevelt Dam's flood-control mode. However, more water than the dam's conservation limit is released by The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers from Theodore Roosevelt Lake within 20 days.


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