Yapese Culture Island

Today we are going to talk about Yapese Island. Yapese Island traditionally refers to an island group located in the Caroline Islands of the western Pacific Ocean. Yapese Island is one of the four federal states of Micronesia. Yapese Island can be entered by boat but Yapese Island is still inside the reef. This island also extends beyond the reef. Yapese Island has many outlying islands and atolls and some of which are accessible by plane. So let's gather a little more information about Yapese Island.


Indigenous cultures and traditions of the people living on this type of Iceland are strong.

1. Navigation

This Iceland was one of the most famous navigators in the Pacific. Sailors living on Yapese Island traveled extraordinary distances in outrigger canoes without the aid of a compass, navigating through the sea and stellar wave patterns using the techniques of Polynesian and Micronesian explorers. From the 19th century onwards, Yapese Island was colonized by Germans, Spaniards and Japanese.

2. Living structures

There are three types of traditional buildings on this island. The "tibnaw" is a family home with a grooved roof. The "faluw" is the "men's house" and such buildings were erected along the coast with easy access to the coast. The largest of the three types of Yapese Island is the building “p'ebay” which is a gathering place for the community for dances, school or meetings.

3. Stone money

This Iceland is very famous for its stone money and is known as Fei or Rai. This stone money is a large donut shaped calcite carved disc, up to 4 m in diameter and its smallest diameter can be up to 3.5 cm. The value of Yapese Island's money depends on both the size of the stone and its history. The value of the stones was kept high due to the difficulties on this island and the dangers associated with obtaining it.

4. Social structure

The society of Yapese Island is based on a very complex "race system" consisting of at least seven levels. Food restrictions may be imposed on lower level villages on Yapese Island, meaning that they may be restricted from eating and eating more desirable fish and animals on Yapese Island.

Within each village on Yapese Island each family has its own location comparable to others. The caste rankings of each village in modern Yapese Island remain the same as when the system was stabilized by the Germans.

5. Other currencies

There are four other types of currency on Yapese Island. The first currency of Iceland is "Mmbul" which is the length of lava. And it is wrapped in a cloth used for linen cloth, three or four feet long and two feet wide, and wrapped in arena. The second currency there is "Gau" or "Gaw" which is 10 feet in length and has a necklace of shells.

The Gau comes from Pohnpei and Euripik from Canet, an island near Ponape. Let me tell you that Gaw is more valuable than Mmbul. 3 The currency "Yar" is a coin made of a huge shell eight inches wide and which is drawn and tied on a coconut. 4 Currency "Reng" is the name of the money made from turmeric and which is mixed with soil and mixed with water and forms a paste.

6. Language and ethnicity

The language of this island is specifically of Austronesian languages. Yapese Island was initially settled by ancient migrants from the Malay Peninsula, New Guinea, the Indonesian Archipelago and the Solomon Islands. There is significant racial inequality among the people of This Island.

The culture and languages of Yapese Island are closely related to the outer islands of Chuuk. English is used as the common language on this island.

7. Geography

This island is believed to be made up of four different islands called Yap Island Gagil-Tamil, Marbaq, Rumung, and Maap. Those 4 islands of Yapese Island are separated by relatively narrow water facilities. All of these islands are surrounded by common coral reefs. The Land of Yapese Island is mostly hilly and densely vegetated.

Yapese Island

Yapese Island

What should tourists do on Yapese Island?

1. Tourists should surf the legendary waves of Yapese Island.

2. Here tourists can dive for Manta Rays and Scuba.

3. On Yapese Island the tourist should visit the traditional navigation society and take a ride in the traditional outrigger canoe.

4. Tourists should snorkel on the reef of this island.

5. Tourists from this island have done activities like private jets, ship rides or boat rides in the traditional canoe for more adventurous reasons.

6. Tourists should take a cultural tour of Yapese Island and in addition, the tourist should get information about the life of the local island of This Island.

Places for tourists to visit on Yapese Island

1. There are relatively few beaches on this type of island. Since all the beaches on Yapese Island are privately owned, it is always necessary for the tourist to seek permission to use the beach. Village View Hotel Beach is a popular picnic spot on this island.

2. Tourists should visit this place as the outer rocks around this type of Iceland are full of aquatic life and they attract diversity from every corner of the world.

3. There are many villages and places for tourists to learn about the unique island life of Iceland. As always a tourist should seek permission before visiting it. There is an exhibition village in Yap Living History Museum and Colonia for tourists to see and where tourists can see traditional buildings and stone money.

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