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Today we are going to talk about Jog Falls. This waterfall is located in the western ghats of Sagara taluk of Shimoga district. Jog Falls is known as the second highest sinking waterfall in India. Jog Falls is a split waterfall that depends on rainfall and becomes a plunge waterfall of the season. Jog Falls is one of the main attractions for tourists to visit. And Jog Falls is ranked 13th in the world by the Waterfall Database. So let us gather a little more information about Jog Falls.

This waterfall is known as "Joga". Jog Falls forms a spectacular drop of 830 feet in four separate cascades on the Sharavathi River and is known locally as Raja, Rani, Rocket and Roarer. This waterfall is covered with a wealth of luxurious vegetation. Jog Falls colors the dew with arches. This waterfall is also known as Joga Jalapatha, Jogada Gundi and Gerusoppa Falls in the regional Kannada language. The height of this Falls is 253 meters.


The Mysore government envisioned a hydro-electric project at Jog Falls in mid-1943. It was planned to build 64,000 horsepower here at a cost of ₹ 358 lakh. Subsequent capacity at Jog Falls was increased and currently 6.7 MW of power is generated.


Jog Falls is associated with Linganamakki Dam. Jog Falls is now a small source of electric power for Karnataka. The name of the power station at Jog Falls was Krishna Rajendra Hydro-Electric Project after the King of Mysore at that time. It was later renamed the Mahatma Gandhi Hydro-Electric Project.

What Activities can be Done at Jog Falls?

All the essential tourist facilities are available in this waterfall as a beneficial benefit for the tourist alone. The tourist season will be incomplete without visiting Jog Falls during the monsoon season. The view of the falls amidst the mist for the tourists at Jog Falls is an eye-catching and soothing behavior.

Increase to the bottom of the falls when safe i.e. during October to May tourists can descend 1400 steps to reach the base of Jog Falls and experience the beauty, power and sound of Jog Falls.

Tourists can see an additional waterfall near the two open viewing decks on Jog Falls. The tranquil greenery of nature, loud noises and mist or clouds created by Jog Falls often makes it a memorable experience for a tourist to visit Jog Falls. Tourists come alone to visit Jog Falls as well as with family and friends.

Sharavathi adventure camps in Jog Falls through Jungle Lodges and Resorts for tourists. This type of waterfall offers a very exciting and exciting adventure camp and day visit packages for the tourist. And activities such as coracle rides, food and nature walks, kayaking, fishing, bird watching, boat rides, etc.


1. Winter

The winter season at Jog Falls lasts from November to February. The fox season is characterized by pleasant and cool weather at Jog Falls with temperatures of about 30 degrees Celsius to 15 degrees Celsius. The winter season is the best time for tourists to visit Jog Falls and for picnics and hiking activities.

2. Summer

The summer season at Jog Falls is from March to June. The summer season at Jog Falls is very hot. And the maximum temperature of the summer season at Jog Falls is 40 degrees Celsius and the minimum temperature is around 22 degrees. Summer is not the best season for tourists to visit this waterfall.

3. Monsoon

The monsoon season at Jog Falls lasts from June to September. Due to heavy rainfall in the area of Jog Falls, this is the best season for a tourist to visit The Falls during the monsoon season, because the beauty of Jog Falls is greatly enhanced during the monsoon.

How to Reach

1. By Air

The nearest airport for tourists to reach Jog Falls is Hubli airport at Shivamogga, which is about 130 km from the falls. And tourists can also visit Jog Falls from Mangalore International Airport.

2. By Train

The nearest railway station for tourists to reach Jog Falls is Talaguppa Railway Station which is located at a distance of 13 kilometers from here. Daily trains can be reached from Bengaluru to reach this falls. There are also frequent 3 direct trains from Bengaluru to Shivamogga to reach Jog Falls.

3. By Road

Tourists can get a bus from nearby Sagara Town to reach Jog Falls. The distance from here is about 40 kilometers. And by bus the tourist can go from Shivamogga to Jog Falls which is 105 kilometers away. Tourists are planning to travel by bike or car to reach Jog Falls as it is connected by many roads. Tourists can also opt for state-owned buses such as KSRTC to visit Jog Falls.

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