Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple (New Jersey)

Baps Akshardham temple is Lord of swaminarayan in Robbinsville, New Jersey. It is a Hindu temple. It was opened to the public on 10 August 2014. Swaminarayan Temple is a visitor's center and it is Indian history and culture swaminarayan sanstha built by mahant pramukh swami maharaj and he is swaminarayan branch of Hinduism.

Murti of swaminarayan with gunatitanand swami his left and together worshipped as akshar Purushottam maharaja. Hindu deities such as Radha Krishna, Shiva parvati, Sita Ram, Hanuman, Fantastic and swaminarayan's spiritual successors. The murtis is performed five times a day and mangala Aarti,shankar Aarti, rajbhog Aarti,sandhya aarti and shayan Aarti. In 1997 as a part of swaminarayan Akshardham by pramukh swami maharaj in North America. Temple structure is 87 feet wide, 133 feet long and 42 feet high. The mandap called the mayurDwar, carving depicting peacocks, elephants. The first marble pillar of the temple place on 4 September 2017. Swaminarayan Temple timing 9:00am and 7:30pm.

Akshardham female campus sprawls over 160 acres. Temple made in chiseled Italian marble, this new jersey Indian temple is a wonder in itself. The swaminarayan temple is beautiful both outside and inside. The beautiful of the temple a rich mix of the architectural styles of south and North Indian temples. In the temple is 400 small spires. 13499 individual carved stone pieces. In temple 44 ganesh murtis portrayed offering devotion to Bhagwan and 91 elephants with various musical instruments and flowers. Ceilings depict stories of the Ramayana, The Mahabharata and ancient scriptures. The cost would up to 150 million. The main temple building is swaminarayan mandir is a 4-floor structure. It is a permanent exhibition dedicated to the heritage, history and culture of India.

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