CRH380A Chinese Electric High Speed Train

China Railway CRH380A is a Chinese electric high speed train as well as CRH380A train is developed by the CSR (Corporation Limited) and CRH380A train is currently manufactured by CSR Qingdao Sifang Locomotive & Rolling Stock Co., Ltd and also the service of CRH380A train is in 2010 to present.

Train length of the CRH380A train is 203 m (approximately 666 ft) as well as width of the CRH380A train is 3,380 mm (approximately 11 ft 1 in) and also height of the CRH380A train is 3,700 mm (approximately 12 ft 2 in) and also the height of the platform is 1,250 mm (approximately 4 ft 1 in) or the maximum speed of the CRH380A train is 350 km/h (approximately 217 mph). CRH380A train is entered service on 30 September, 2010 as well as on 26 October, 2010, CRH380A train is entered regular service and travel time of the CRH380A train is between Shanghai and Hangzhou.

CRH380A train is contains their own operating speed which are reduce 300 km/h (approximately 186 mph) after the Wenzhou train collision, in 2011 as well as CRH380A train is use technology from Siemens as well as also CRH380A train is technology from Hitachi and CRH380D with the technology and from Bombardier Transportation.

CRH380A train is a Chinese train and CRH380A is contain original 8-car train-set and also that train recorded a top speed of 416.6 km/h (approximately 258.9 mph) during a trial run as well as the longer 16-car train-set reached 486.1 km/h (approximately 302.0 mph).

Power supply of the CRH380A train is Overhead catenary as well as 25 kV 50 Hz AC is an Electric system of the CRH380A train. Regenerative As well as electronically controlled pneumatic brakes Braking system is used in the CRH380A train and Pantograph is a Current collection method of the CRH380A train.

The development of the China Railway CRH380A started in early 2008 means during the research procedure of CRH2-300 or the CSR conducted more than 1000 technical tests and the test is converting 17 specific areas like pantograph-catenary as well as aerodynamics and also traction performance. CSR discovered the technology and that technology is use to increase the maximum speed of train.

Here we describe some technical features of the CRH380A is like Low-resistance as well as the CRH380A train uses a lightweight aluminum alloy body or Highly pressurized tight body and also Safe and reliable high-speed bogies or Advanced noise control technology is also included and High-performance traction system is one of the feature.

There are four Power Destination in the CRH380A train is like Motor car (M) as well as Trailer car (T) or Driver cabin (C) and Pantograph (P) or also coach type of the CRH380A train is like Business Class Coach (SW), First Class Coach (ZY), Second Class Coach (ZE), Buffet Car(CA), Second Class Coach / Buffet Car (ZEC), First Class Coach / Sightseeing Car(ZYG), Second Class Coach / Sightseeing Car (ZEG), First Class / Premier Coach (ZYT), Second Class / Premier Coach (ZET), First Class / Business Coach (ZYS), Second Class / Business Coach(ZES).

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