Spiti Valley & Lahaul Tourism Guide & How to Reach

Today we are going to talk about a place called Spiti valley. This place is a cold desert mountain valley located in the north-eastern part of the state of Himachal Pradesh in the north-east of Himachal Pradesh. The name "Spiti" means "middle ground", meaning the land between Tibet and India. So let's collect some more information about Spiti valley.

1. Overview

Spiti Valley & Lahaul Tourism Guide & How to Reach

Today we are going to talk about a place called Spiti valley. This place is a cold desert mountain valley located in the north-eastern part of the state of Himachal Pradesh in the north-east of Himachal Pradesh. The name "Spiti" means "middle ground", meaning the land between Tibet and India. So let's collect some more information about Spiti valley.

- : The population of the Spiti valley follows Vajrayana Buddhism, which is found in nearby Tibet and Ladakh regions. Spiti valley is known as one of the least populated areas of India and the surrounding area and Spiti valley is the gateway to the northern reaches of the country. - : This place is located in the northeastern part of the state of Himachal Pradesh and is a part of the district of Lahaul and Spiti, respectively, along the northern route from Manali, Himachal Pradesh or Kelong. Spiti valley is located approximately 12,500 feet above sea level on the banks of the Spiti River. This place is the best place to visit. - : This place is surrounded by mountain ranges. Spiti valley separates Lahaul and Spiti from the Kullu Valley, at 13,054 feet near Rohtang. This place is a road connecting the two parts but is often cut off due to heavy snow in winter and spring. The valley is likewise cut off from the north by eight months of the year by heavy snowfall and thick snow conditions on the Spiti valley. - : The southern route of the Spiti valley is closed temporarily for winter storms from June to November but is usually restored for travel in Kinnaur district only a few days after the hurricane is over. - : This place is known as a Buddhist research and cultural center. Highlights of the Spiti valley include Key Monastery and Tabo Monastery. Spiti valley was a biographical adventure story about Buddhism's most famous Tibetan saints, sin, highway, and scenery and cinematography in Indian films. - : Tourists from outside India need an internal line permit to enter this place. The border of the Spiti valley begins with Samdo, which is found very close to the Indo-China border.

2. Best Things To See And Do On A Tourist In Spiti Valley

Best Things To See And Do On A Tourist In Spiti Valley

Here we have a lot to know about the best things to see and do in the Spiti Valley tourist. Come to this place and collect information about how the tourist can perform the activities. 1. Visit A Mummy In The Village Of Giu - : Located at 3,200 meters near Spiti valley, Giu village houses a 500 year old mumy housed in a glass chamber. It's a lovely place to visit a home tourist. - : This home is found to be naturally preserved with hair and teeth intact. According to local folklore, mummy is an attentive llama and whose body was buried beneath the glacier during the avalanche. - : It remained there for more than 500 years until the mummy was found by the Indo-Tibetan police force. Many people consider him a living god and mummy care for the population for centuries. There are many explanations for the existence of this statue and this place is worth a visit to the tourist. 2. Visit Ancient Buddhist Monasteries - : This place is known as a religious and cultural center of Buddhists and many Buddhist monasteries are scattered all over the valley. The largest Tibetan monastery in the Spiti valley is located at an elevation of 4,166 meters and overlooking the Spiti River. This monastery is known as Key Gompa. - : Buddhist monasteries were created in the Pasada style of architecture of the monastery. Here is seen the unique and rare Thangkas, equipped with ancient murals and weapons, with images of the inner Gautama Buddha. In addition the scenic background provided by snow-capped peaks and glaciers adds to its charm. - : The tourists should try to visit this monastery in late July. This monastery is 99996 AD and the nine temples of Tara and Maitreye Buddha, meditation caves where tourists can meditate peacefully. The Buddhist monasteries of the tourist should be tracked and there is no diner so fill some food to eat. The best time to visit Buddhist monasteries is from May to October. 3. Wildlife Spotting At Pin Valley National Park - : This place is located in the high reaches of the Spiti valley in the Himalayas. This National Park features endangered flora and fauna, including snow leopards, Siberian ibex, Himalayan snowcocks, Tibetan gazelle, and snow partridges. - : Many extinct and rare medicinal plant species can also be found here at Pin Valley National Park. So the tourist must visit Pin Valley National Park. 4. Enjoy A Yak Safari - : To experience the Spiti valley as a tourist, they should choose a local ride, i.e. a Yak safari. - : Almost all the villages near Spiti valley have at least one yak. If the tourist is not ready for trekking then this is a perfect option for a yacht ride. 5. Camp At Chandra Taal Lake - : This place near the Spiti valley because of its crescent shape, this lake is known as Lunar Lake, which means 'Lake of the Moon'. Chandra Taal Lake is located 4,300 meters in the lap of the Himalayas. - : Chandra Taal Lake has a backdrop of green meadows and snow-capped mountains that make Chandra Taal Lake perfect for hiking with incredible views. One of the main features of Chandra Taal Lake is that it changes its color throughout the day as well as changing the emerald green color. So a tourist should camp and visit on Chandra Taal Lake. - : There are huge meadows on the banks of the Chandra Tal Lake. During springtime, these grasslands are carpeted with hundreds of wild flowers. Chandra Tal Lake is one of the two tallest wetlands in India which has been designated as a Ramsar site. The lake is seeing the impact of tourism on the ancient hidden paradise. Tourists on Chandra Taal Lake should visit from May to September while Chandra Taal Lake remains stable for the rest of the year. 6. White-water Rafting - : Adrenaline tourists should be doing whitewater rafting in search of more than tracking. Spiti valley There are snowy mountains, hill monasteries, whitewashed colonies and wonderful scenery around every turn. - : Whitewater Rafting on the Place is the perfect place for a tourist to enjoy the game. Spiti valley and Pin Rivers provide tourists with whitewater rafting opportunities. 7. Bike And Trek In Nature - : Near the Spiti valley lays a lake of the Sun God with nature on the emerald green sun lake. The lake is 4,883 meters high and is the third largest lake in the country. The area around Lake of the Sun God is perfect for mountain biking and trekking for tourists. The place also makes a pit stop for trekkers and mountain bikers on the famous Manali-Leh trail. - : If a tourist is looking for some peace on this place then a visit to Dhankar Lake, situated above Dhankar Math, would be worthwhile. The track is a bit difficult for them, but tourists who take up the challenge are given vista crystal clear lake water and picturesque villages below the jaws of the mountains. 8. What Makes Spiti Valley An Attractive Tourist Destination? - : The place is some of the oldest monasteries in the country with a traditional Chinese architecture like castle structure and is a spectacular Buddhist temple in the spiti valley. Spiti valley is also part of the lake which is the most famous including Chandratal Lake and Suraj Tal Lake. These lakes are a photographer's paradise for tourists. - : The highways in this place are almost non-existent and therefore there is no street food idea in Spiti valley. There is a delicious bone-numbing relief on the Spiti valley that is constantly in the air. 9. Suggested Itinerary Of Spiti Valley For the much-awaited adventure on the mountains of Spiti valley, this place is the place for all your trekkers and backpackers. Here we have a way to make life easier for tourists. Day 1 The first tourist is to arrive in Solang valley the day before and start at Qaza, the headquarters of Spiti valley, then early in the morning by Rohtang pass, then spend some leisure time on Kunzum Pass and a beautiful drive through Battal, Chatru and Gramfu overnight at Kaza. Tourist should be spent night. Day 2 Then the tourist should drive to the taboos and visit the old monasteries and monk caves. On your way back to Caza you should visit the Dhankar villages and the famous Dhankar monastery. Then visit the Buddha statue and see the great view of the Chow Chow Kang Neldad peak. Day 3 Then the tourist can camp in Chandratal which is non-electricity. To save time and energy, the tourist is advised not to go back to Loser. Extra Days If the tourist has spare days to spare, the tourists can visit the river of this place and get involved in trends such as river rafting. In addition, tourists can visit Pin Valley National Park for a glimpse of the Snow Leopard.

3. Is It Safe For Tourists To Visit This Place?

Is It Safe For Tourists To Visit This Place?

The tourist who wants to visit Spiti valley can cause serious enough risk. But then a lot of it really depends on many other factors. How safe this place is also depends on how and when you are traveling. So let's collect some information about it. 1. How Safe Is This Place After The Chinese Invasion? - : The Chinese invasion took place in some parts of Ladakh but the Spiti valley is nowhere. The only time to get close to the border in this place is when there is no invasion of China in these areas while passing the area around Tourist Khab and Shipki La. - : The remaining time during the tourist journey is at a very safe distance from the tourist border. In fact, there are many places in this place where there have been invasions but it is a long way from popular tourist destinations so the tourist really has nothing to worry about. 2. A Steep Mountain In The Spiti Valley - : Tourist Spiti valley with other elevations even in places like this you will suffer from it. If the tourist travels from Manali to Kaza, then there is a higher probability of illness. If the tourist is very concerned about it then just take the Shimla Kaza route to get to this place and the tour should take some time. - : If the tourist starts to get uncomfortable while traveling from Kaza to Manali then leave the idea of ​​staying the night in Chandratal and can head straight to Manali. 3. Road Safety While Going To This Place - : The roads to this place are bad. Spiti valley is, in fact, notorious for its damaged roads all 12 months. The tension between Manali and kaza is probably one of the worst routes a tourist has ever had. - : Many water crossings and slushy areas on the road to get to this place are another concern so tourists should avoid traveling in late July and August. - : The route from Shimla to kaza is open all year round to reach the Spiti valley, but there is a risk of snow and slippery roads through December to March, because black ice is another serious threat there. 4. Is This Place Safe For Foreigners Or Not? - : Spiti valley is just as safe for foreigners as it is for Indian tourists. As a foreign national, a tourist must obtain permission to travel from Spiti valley. - : Foreign tourists without permission will be sent back with any check posts on the way. This permit can be obtained from Shimla, Manali. However, the tourist must apply by a registered travel agent as that agent has to sponsor the tourist for permission. - : For more details about the entire process and the relevant charges, the tourist should please obtain in-line permission for this place. Many foreign tourists travel to the circuit of this place every year. 5. Is It Safe To Travel With The Family To Spiti Valley? - : If tourists are planning a trip with their family that includes your elders or children, then Spiti valley is a great place. The first thing to do when visiting this place is to seek the advice of a doctor and a professional opinion. - : Children have the same level of tolerance for mountain sickness in Spiti Valley as adults, so the same rules will apply. Their overall behavior and any symptoms of AMS should be monitored. - : At Spiti valley, children are more active by nature, which makes the tourist more likely to become AMS by working hard so that their movements should be controlled. 6. Is This Place Safe For Travel? There is really no question as to how safe this place is, which is dependent on travelers in this area only. Here the tourists can travel to Spiti without any hassle and have lots of fun. 7. Are Spiti Valley Locations Safe For Heart Patients Or Not? - : For those suffering from heart ailments, traveling to high places in the Spiti valley is not the best thing. This place is a remote area and is not about the current medical condition of the tourist. - : If a tourist happens to an emergency heart patient, it is mandatory to turn them into a disaster because the nearest help will be miles and hours away. However, if the tourist wants to go, they must find a good cardiologist and get medical opinion.

4. Best Places To Visit In Spiti Valley

Best Places To Visit In Spiti Valley

Here we find information about the Best Places to Visit in Spiti Valley. All of this is to talk about what activities one can do by visiting all these places in Spiti valley. 1. Langza Village - : This place is located at an altitude of 4400 meters near the Spiti valley. Langza Village has a population of about 137 people who depend on agriculture and business for a living. In this village the production of utensils of all shapes and sizes and crafts such as shawls, carpets etc. is common. There is an ancient one in Langza Village which is considered to be the headquarters of all the gods of the Spiti valley. - : The place is mainly dominated by the statue of Lord Buddha which overlooks the valley, an ancient monastery and mud houses. Tourists can see during their visit to Langza Village. Tourists can travel to some of the higher lakes around the village and engage in adventure activities such as mountaineering and trekking. 2. Key Monastery - : This place is known as a Tibetan Buddhist monastery, located at the top of a hill 4,166 meters above sea level near the Spiti River in the Spiti valley. The Place is the largest monastery in the Spiti valley and a religious training center for the Lamas. Here in 1855 there were 100 monks. - : The walls of Key Monastery are covered with paintings and murals that exemplify the architecture of the 14th century monastery and which developed as a result of Chinese influence. On this Place is a collection of ancient murals and books, including Buddha images. Key Monastery is a good place to visit a tourist. 3. Lhalung Monastery - : Lhalung Monastery is also known as the Golden Temple. Lhalung Monastery was one of the ancient monasteries established in the Spiti valley of Himachal Pradesh. The Place was founded by Tibetan Buddhist lotwa, King Rinchen Zangpo of the West. - : The Lalhung deity of Lhalung Monastery is the head of all the deities in this valley and emerges from the Tangmar Mountain outside the village. This is said to change color depending on the mood of the gods which shows red anger, yellow, happiness, etc. 4. Kunzum Pass - : This place is a high mountain range about 3 km from Manali on the eastern Kunzam Range of the Himalayas. The Kunzum Pass connects the Lahaul Valley and the Spiti Valley. Kunzum Pass is on its way to Caza, Spiti's sub divisional headquarters. - : For the tourist, this place is also a 15-km journey from Moon Pass to Chandra Lake by Pass and has fifteen sharp hairpin bends, which also tests the driving skills of experienced drivers. Drivers, passengers and passing tourists take Kunzum mata blessing before making the risky journey. 5. Chicham Bridge - : Chicham Bridge is Asia's tallest bridge and is a wonderland at that time. Chicham Bridge is at an astonishing height of 13596 feet and the bridge connects two villages named Chicham and Kibber. - : Chicham Bridge was inaugurated in 2017. 485.50 lakh was spent on the construction of this bridge. It recently took videos and photos of travelers here. The atmosphere of the Bridge is lovely because the tourists like to visit there. 6. Komic Village - : One of the village's most famous landmarks is the iconic sign board of the Department of Public Works, which describes the comic village as the world's most connected village with a motorable road this village is located 4587 meters above sea level. Like most villages in the Spiti valley, most Komic Village residents study Buddhism. - : One of the main reasons why the tourists started visiting this village was because it was known as "the tallest village in the world connected by a motorable road". This village is a very beautiful place and paradise for nature and peace lovers. There are Komic Village and some places around it for tourists to visit. 7. Tabo Monastery - : Tabo Monastery is surrounded by Buddhist monasteries, which according to legend is thought to be a thousand years old. The Dalai Lama has expressed his desire to retire to this place. In 1996, the Dalai Lama held a Kalachakra initiation ceremony in Tabo Monastery which was in conjunction with the monastery of this monastery and was attended by thousands of Buddhists from all over the world. Tabo Cave in Tabo Monastery is a very important place for tourists to visit. - : The Place is located at an altitude of 3,280 meters. The climate in Tabo Monastery is very incredible as it ranges from cloudy to sunny and snow to heavy snowfall. The temples inside the monastery complex in Tabo Monastery are full of wall paintings and mud sculptures. The Indian Archaeological Survey on this Place attempted to restore some of the paintings that had been destroyed over time. 8. Rohtang Pass The Rohtang Pass provides a natural divide between the Hindu culture in the Kullu valley and the Buddhist culture between the arid high Lahaul and Spiti valleys. This place is situated on the reservoir between Chenab and Bias Basin. The polar climate is köppen on this place and it is snowing in the summer as well. The tourist is a must visit since the place is so lovely. 9. Kaza - : Kaza is located at a height of 12,500 feet near the Spiti valley. This place is known as the sub-divisional headquarters of Spiti and the largest township in Lahaul and Spiti valley which is one of the most beautiful valleys in Himachal Pradesh. Tourists can visit this place in the summer as the winter is quite intense with temperatures plunging into sub-zero levels. - : The place is surrounded by lush green mountains, crystalline clear rivers and deserted landscapes lush green landscapes and meadows. Kaza is a wonderful place for tourists to visit, with many beautiful palaces, monasteries, gompas and other historic buildings. This makes the camp an ideal base for all travel and excursions within the Valley and allows for guides, ports and most important treks. 10. Hikkim Village Hikkim Village is one of the most inhabited places in India for years and has accommodation ranging from 4330 to 4400 m. Most of the population of this place is Buddhist. The people of this village make extensive use of stones and timber to build houses and structures. The village was the highest polling station in the world. Hikkim Village was registered in the Limca Book of Records. Best Time To Visit Spiti Valley Here we have the tourist collecting information about the best time to visit spiti valley. 1. Winter Season In Spiti Valley The winter season lasts the first week of November in the Spiti Valley and the fourth week of March. During this time there are cold, harsh and difficult times in the Spiti valley. While this may not be the easiest time for a tourist to travel from this place, it is definitely the most rewarding time to visit the tourist. The average temperature of this place during this season is somewhat around 0 to -40 degree Celsius. 2. Summer Season In Spiti Valley - : The best time for tourists to visit this place is during the summer months when stubborn snow begins to melt, the roads leading to the Trans-Himalayan area are cleared for easy access to tourists. Sightseeing in this period is accessible and extremely adventurous one can try their adventure on adventure activities. - : Summer in Spiti valley begins in April and continues until June. The Manali-Kaza highway is open to tourists during this season. During the summer season, the days are usually warm and the nights are fun. The average temperature of this place during this season is somewhat around 15 degrees Celsius. 3. Monsoon Season In Spiti Valley - : Rainfall season is the least affected in Spiti valley. But due to global warming, the monsoon season has changed its course and characteristics in this place and tourists have to face extraordinary conditions during their travels. - : The monsoon season is not the best time to visit this place and is otherwise due to occasional avalanches on the Perfect Terrain. The monsoon season on the Spiti valley runs from August to September. Spiti valley during this season has average night and day temperatures of 4-15 degrees Celsius. How To Reach Spiti Valley Here we have to collect information about how to reach the spiti valley. 1. By Air The nearest airport to this place is the Kullu Airport at Bhuntar, Kullu. Kullu Airport is well connected to important cities in the country. One can rent a cab to tourist to reach the Spiti valley. The tour to the tourist is around 5 hours this way. 2. By Train The nearest railway station is Joginder Nagar Railway Station and Shimla Railway Station. To reach the tourist in Spiti valley, you can rent a taxi from the train station and catch them on the bus. 3. By Road It is well connected by road with other cities and nearby states from May to November. Tourists can travel from Manali to Himachal Pradesh state transport buses and other private buses, to the Spiti valley of Kunzum La pass. Thank you for reading this article! Please share it and read more on 15 Best Places To Visit In Mysore City in the next posts.