Ojos Del Salado Mountain

Where Is Ojos Del Salado

Today we are going to talk about ojos del salado. The maximum volcano on the earth is likewise the very best factor in chile and 2nd in south america. As the volcanic interest is pretty recent, it's labeled as a neo volcano and there are nonetheless minor interests at the height. Larger quantities of sulfuric gases and vapor had been visible as overdue as 1994, however generally a faint scent of sulfur is the handiest signal of volcanic interest at the height.

Ojos del salado is a border mountain and may be climbed from each of argentina and chile. If you don't like pink tape, a hefty height charge and bureaucracy, argentina is the area to move for. So let’s get started with more information on ojos del salado.

If you alternatively pay a piece, favor an excessive journey at the mountain in a jeep, have the selection of dozing in huts and prefer to move the perfect manner viable to the summit; chile is the choice for you. Ojos del salado is taken into consideration as a clean stroll-up, however the ultimate element may be a bit tricky. Very loose, rotten rock and grade uiaa ii on 6900m can cause issues if worn-out from the lengthy stroll to the summit block.

In addition to this, you generally should cope with the sturdy winds which plague the area. It is a double summit and the chileans declare the west height to be the very best (0.5-1m higher). The argentines I talked with stated the 2 peaks had been of "Nearly the identical top and it failed to certainly count which one you climbed", so essentially each facet tells the identical story - the west (chilean) height is marginally higher. See underneath for extra details. The height changed into first climbing on february 26, 1937 with the aid of polish mountaineers justyn wojsznis and jan szczepaƄski.


Ojos del salado is placed at the southern give up of the andes central volcanic zone, alongside different excessive volcanoes including el solo and nevado incahuasi. It is anticipated that the area exhibited volcanic pastime round 26 million years ago, mainly withinside the claudio gay mountain range and the maricunga belt. Volcanic pastime shifted to the ojos del salado area whilst nearby subduction of the nazca plate below the south america plate changed into getting shallower approximately 18 million years ago.

The ojos del salado mountain consists of a complex of lava flows and lava domes. The volcano’s lavas are wealthy in hornblende, biotite, plagioclase, opaques similarly to low tiers of quartz, augite, and hypersthene. It is predicted that the volcano finally erupted between 1,000 and 1,500 years in the past however there may be additional proof of ejected ash around 1993 similarly to the presence of fumaroles on pinnacle of the mountain and a few detected lava flows.

These indicators are similarly evidence that the volcano is active. While a few reviews argue that there aren't any glaciers on ojos del salado, glaciers are located withinside the crater in a penitentes form.

Places to Visit

  1. Argentina
  2. Chile


La rioja and catamarca are the 2 essential towns withinside the vicinity and each are the capitals of the provinces with the identical names. When in any of these pretty massive towns; search for nearby delivery toward tinogasta and fiambalá. Most buses are going to the former and you may need to alternate there to get to the latter, that's the appropriate base for ojos del salado. If you arrive past due in tinogasta and there aren't any any greater buses, shared taxis run till very past due or even when you have to hire one for yourself, it is less expensive at usd$10 for the 50-55km trip. All the very, very primary meals items (pasta, parmesan, milk powder, oat, chocolate etc.) are to be located in fiambalá, despite the fact that the minimercados glaringly do not cater for the constrained mountaineering shoppers that comes via town.

For better first-rate meals options, shopping for meals in mendoza, catamarca, la rioja, or some other large town/metropolis is probably a very good idea. For the whole thing else, though, undergo mr reynoso, who operates out of fiambalá and is aware of the puna higher than pretty much everybody else. 4x4 motors may be rented with a day's note and could take you for a hour trip on true asphalt to refugio cazadero grande, a hut alongside the principle road (alternatively, you could hitchhike - the pickup charge could be very true, despite the fact that there can also additionally handiest be 10-20 automobiles going via the byskip on any given day). This refugio is a great area to spend a day, in case you are now no longer acclimatized.

The 4x4 can take you some other 10-12km on a bumpy course till you hit the cazadero grande river canyon at quemadito. There's a small refuge there. Most expeditions have been organized with mulas to take over from right here and extraordinarily few have finished this trek toward the height unsupported. For the primary day there may be masses of water to agua calientes, the supply of the river, that's a spring with plenty of warm, nearly warm water coming immediately out of the ground. Good camp spots all alongside the manners and masses of curious vicuñas.

The subsequent day to agua vicuñas is a dry and windy stroll over extensive plains, wherein nacimiento and incahuasi dominate the horizon. You need to hold masses of water with you in this stretch as there may be *no* walking water after agua caliente and the primary penitente fields (read: snow) typically seem round agua de las vicuñas -- a distance of approximately 23 kms.

If you harm yourself, etc., you need to have sufficient water to do something you would possibly want to do. Also, it is able to be smooth to get disoriented on this stretch as there are numerous small winding valleys at some point of the plain. Many expeditions use a small camp known as el arenal (approximately: "The sands' ') as a base camp and hold toward the height to c1 at 5800m. Plenty of water is a gift anywhere in this vicinity.


The regular place to begin is the town copiapó. Many excursion operators are positioned right here and the adventure from copiapó to laguna verde takes 5 to 6 hours on more often than not exact roads. If now no longer acclimatized it's a great concept to make an acclimatization forestall at laguna santa rosa at 3600m earlier than persevering with to laguna verde, that's at 4400m. There is a police report right here and that they need to peer your mountain climbing permit earlier than you´re allowed to head further.

You then ought to double back to the small street main to ojos. Just off the primary street there is a pretty huge refugio known as claudio lucero. A difficult street will take you to the second one, known as atacama or rojas, that's positioned at 5200m. It is viable to head even better with the 4x4, a few even make it all of the manner to refugio tejos at over 5800m! It is difficult and luxurious traveling and lots of humans select to stroll the stretch, which takes 3-four hours. Photos displaying the route, step-by-step.

When to Go Up

Like maximum peaks on this part of the puna, ojos del salado is generally climbed from december to late march. It's the warmest duration withinside the southern hemisphere, however it is nonetheless windy and dry and situations may be pretty hard additionally at some stage in top season. Some climbers pick to head pre-season in october and november as snow, ice and penitentes are less difficult to find.

This makes the development less difficult at the argentinian aspect as water may be an actual hassle there. On the chilean aspect the water parameter is not the sort of massive issue, however the pre-season duration additionally gives lengthy durations of calm climate after the stormy wintry weather duration. Another opportunity is to head postseason.

April and may now and again give a pretty heat and calm climate and in case you need to keep away from crowded refugios, the chilean aspect could be an awesome opportunity for you. Regardless of whether you plan to visit the area, be organized for terribly low temperatures and severe wind force. It can be heat, calm and sunny, however remember; the puna is notorious for immediate climate adjustments and fierce climate. Wind-evidence garb is an absolute have to and so are sincerely top safety for hands, toes and face.