Most Coldest Place In Russia

The largest cities in Russia an average winter temperature of -22.0 degrees Celsius. Russia is a extensive country. It is different regions experience and different climatic conditions at any given timing. In winter Russia in snow, frost, snowstorms and winter chills. In 1924 it's recorded is -71.2 degrees Celsius and is the lowest ever recorded temperatures in a habited place. Here are some of Russia's most coldest places explain below.

Oymyakon district is the Sakha republic, Russia. It is located along the Indigirka River, 30 km northwest of tomtor on the kolyma highway. Oymyakon temperature is -55 degrees Celsius. It is known as northern pole of cold. A temperature of -67.7c was recorded at oymyakon weather station in February 6, 1933. And Yakutsk delyankir other place in the world a temperature amplitude higher than 100 Celsius. It is one of the coldest completely inhabited settlements on Earth.

2. Dikson


Dikson is in Taymyrsky dolgano - Nenetsky district of krasnoyarsk krai, Russia. It is located on the mouth of the yenisei gulf on Russia's Arctic ocean. The 2010 census population was 676. In winter temperature is around -20 Celsius. It is the town that has almost an eternal winter the black polar nights. It is climate is a semi arid but covered with ice and snow. Dikson is known for the most pronounced climate changes.

3. Dudinka


Dudinka is a town. It is on the yenisei river. Dudinka population is 22,175 in January 1, 2007. It was designated the administrative center of the taimyr Dolgan-Nenets Nation region in 1930. The Messoyakha - Dudinka - Norilsk natural gas pipeline was laid in 1969. CCT Arctic Cup take place in the city of Dudinka at Taymyr ice arena on May 2017. It's temperature is -30 Celsius.

4. Far North

Far North

Far North is a part of Russia. It’s located mainly north of the Arctic circle. It is seas, the Bering sea and the sea of Okhotsk. The largest cities and territories "equated" to the far north. Russia government to higher wages than workers of the other regions. North Far total area is 5,500,000 square kilometres and comprisian about one-third of Russia's total area. It's temperature is -22 Celsius.

5. Norilsk


Norilsk is in krasnoyarsk krai, Russia. It is an industrial city. It is located above the Arctic circle, east of the yenisei river and south of the western Taymyr peninsula Norilsk population is 2,20,000. It is the second largest city inside the Arctic circle. It is located between the west Siberian plain and central Siberian plateau at 1700 meter high. Norilsk temperature is -55 degrees Celsius.

6. Siberia


Siberia is an extensive region spanning much of Eurasia and North Asia. It has historically been a part of modern Russia In the 17th century. It is ural mountains to the watershed between the Pacific and Arctic drainage basins. The worlds 35th largest and Asia's 14th largest. It is average temperature of -25 Celsius. Russian and Soviet is administration a place for prisons labor camps and exile.

7. Verkhoyansk


Verkhoyansk is a town. It is in verkhoyansk district of the Sakha republic, Russia. It is located on the yana river near the Arctic circle, 92 km from Batagay. The Guinness world record for greatest tempera. Ture range on earth 105 Celsius. Verkhoyansk is incorporated within verkhoyansk district as the town of verkhoyansk. It's temperature is -45c .

8. Yakutsk


Yakutsk is the capital of Russia. It is located about 450 km south of the Arctic circle. Yakutsk temperature is -8.8 Celsius. It is the second coldest city and it is experiences colder temperature in the winter. Yakutsk Airport is the smaller Magan airport. The primary and secondary levels of UNESCO Associated schools include Sakha- Turkish college, sakha-french school and sakha-korean school.

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