Man Made Islands in Dubai With Pictures

Man Made Islands in Dubai

Today we are going to talk about man made islands in dubai. A collection of artificial islands have been under construction in dubai for luxury lifestyles. These islands are most populous city in the uae and the destination for the wealthy. So let's get more information about man-made islands of dubai.

It is also preparing for the looming depletion of the oil supply that the nation will have to one day face.

This includes establishing the world's largest observation wheel on the still-under-construction. Bluewaters island is the renowned burj al arab jumeirah on its own island.

The constructions of three more are the palm jebel ali, the deira islands, and the world islands. They have been stalling for economic reasons only. Dubai has proven its strong-points to most of the many aspects of a developed country.

Dubai is a record-setter city that hosts the tallest building in the world. In dubai provide the burj khalifa, eye-popping shopping malls like the dubai mall. Hotels re-define luxury like the burj-al-arab, the longest gold shopping center, gold souk, and many more in dubai.

The Man-made Islands in Dubai Are

  1. The Palm Jumeirah
  2. Deira Island
  3. Palm Jebel Ali
  4. Blue Waters Islands
  5. Jumeirah Bay Island
  6. Dubai Maritime City
  7. Dubai Harbour
  8. Marsa Al Arab
  9. The World Island

Here we present the man-made islands in dubai and also present their key features.

The Palm Jumeirah

The Palm Jumeirah

The creation of the palm jumeirah is an aerial perspective. A palm tree within a circle started in 2001 and completed by 2006. It has a land area of over 5.6 square kilometers. The crescent around the tree serves to break water, with two gaps allowing water circulation.

The island also has 17 fronds. They also represent a real palm tree's greenery, containing luxury hotels, villas, and resorts in this island. Tourists can access this island via the middle east’s first monorail system from mainland dubai. It is also an underwater tunnel connecting it to the top-most frond.

In dubai, the country's petroleum income financed the island's construction.

This is the first-born and only fully completed and functioning artificial island in dubai. Still half the number of residents as nakheel prospected for the palm jumeirah.

On this island the largest of the hotels in palm jumeirah, the atlantis, opened in 2008. It has a water park covering 0.45 km2 and it is also located at the top of the almost 11-km-long crescent.

The palm tower on the island, containing st. Regis dubai, was set to open in 2018. Nakheel mall was set to open in late 2017 but instead opened at the end of november in 2019.

Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab

The burj al arab hotel is the most iconic and expensive in the world. And also it is structured globally. In dubai it stands at 1,053 feet and is supported by thick subsurface or underwater columns, running 45 meters deep into the earth. Burj al arab is a luxurious 5-star resort.

Burj al arab completed in 1999, sits on its own designated artificial island. Its features are a private beach, a helipad, and also an outdoor terrace jutting out over the ocean.

The interior is made of gold, gilded into all imaginable surfaces. It is also 24-karat gold leaf covering about 1,790 square meters of the hotel. The elevator is also gold-plated.

While over 30 types of italy- and brazil-imported marble are used. It can be found in various interior features. In dubai the hotel's indoor fountain is the largest of its kind globally. It also shoots water for over 42 meters into the air.

The construction began when the local real estate conglomerate, nakheel, ordered to dredge 3 billion cubic feet into the floors of the persian. It was piled out of seven million tons of mountain rock.

The world wildlife fund insists that the uae is running five times more than other countries. It is more unsustainable than any other country in the world.

The World Islands

The World Islands

In dubai an ambitious project is currently shrouded in controversies. Nasa suggested that these islands have been sinking into the ocean. And the massive need for funds to fuel further development on these islands.

The world islands is a collection of 300 man-made islands in the shape of a world map.

The island countries of lebanon and greenland will still offer nothing. The best and look forward to the launch of the heart of europe by 2020.

The man-made islands are fully operational again in the developments.

The island's sizes range from 14,000 to 42,000 square meters. And an average distance between each other of about 330 feet.

The Deira Islands

The Deira Islands

This island was another project whose construction was stalled in 2008 in dubai. It was also planned to have been shaped like a palm tree. The deira islands are about eight times the size of jumeirah. In 2013, nakheel changed its mind and decided to build four smaller artificial islands with around 5,000 shops and 100 restaurants and cafes in the deira islands.

At least two of the four islands would be ready to host some 250,000 people. Only the south-western base portion is being developed with a purpose to hold the world's largest night market, or souk, for people to buy almost everything.

Near these islands, on the left, there are other artificial structures of port rashid, the maritime city and pearl jumeirah. Another four islands are expected to be completed by 2020 following the first batch of the residential and hotel by the second quarter of the same year.

Bluewaters Island

Bluewaters Island

This comma-shaped island set left to the palm jumeirah features like hotels, residential buildings, restaurants, shopping. These islands have entertainment, including the most notable structure, the ain dubai or the dubai eye.

With 48 pods and standing at 210 meters tall, ain dubai is the largest ferris wheel in the world. The view of dubai's skyline and shoreline are one-of-a-kind that is unforgettable and unbelievable.

Dubai’s newest man-made island is jumeirah beach residence. The 210-meter tall ain dubai is soon-to-be the largest observation wheel in the world.

And also will serve as the centerpiece of bluewaters island alongside sophisticated low-rise residences, and a selection of international food and retail hubs.

A development by maraas, this billion project serves as an exceptional waterfront lifestyle. Also that offers 10 mid-rise residential buildings featuring 698 apartments, 4 lavish penthouses, and 17 townhouses with a choice of 1 to 4 bed apartments and 5 bed penthouses.

Residents and tourists can also expect an exciting community packed with more than 200 retail and dining facilities. As well as a wide range of leisure hubs, the famous madame tussauds museum, and a nearby public beach to name a few.

Bluewaters location is going to be central with easy access to areas like dubai world central, downtown dubai and abu dhabi is a short 45-minute drive.

This man-made island is a world-class destination. This is committed to deliver distinct residential and also for commercial experience ideal for everyone.

The Palm Jebel Ali

The Palm Jebel Ali

The construction of this palm island started in 2002. A water park, villas, and six marinas were also to be built on this island.

The goal of the prime minister, sheikh mohammed bin rashid al maktoum, was to turn the city into the first-class tourist mecca of the world.

Upon facing the geographic challenge in that there is only so much of dubai's coastline in the persian gulf to build upon. He found the answer in expanding into the ocean.

Due to the economic hardship in the world, the palm jumeirah is effectively running.

Jumeirah Bay Island

Jumeirah Bay Island

A seahorse-shaped masterpiece lies on the azure arabian gulf off the coast of jumeirah beach road. Jumeirah bay island is 6 million square feet larger. It is a man-made island. It is developed by meraas.

This island also seeks ultimate privacy and relaxation for visitors and residents.

With high-end amenities and stunning surroundings, these man-made islands will definitely be a choice for luxurious and peaceful lifestyle.

This is the fifth bulgari hotels and resorts property in the world.

This island was designed by italian architectural firm, antonio citterio patricia viel, and partners. In dubai the bulgari resort & residences will definitely be a symbol of sophistication on the island.

This world-class island destination is a collection of low-rise buildings and villas. This island also provides gardens and pools strategically positioned across the location. Island is also visible in its architecture and landscapes.

This island also contains 6 free-standing buildings as well as 3 to 6 bedrooms for mansions. This island also provides a wide range of state-of-the-art common areas such as gardens, pools, gyms, dining options, sports facilities, and a yacht club.

Residents and tourists can access a 300-meter bridge. It is provided for hassle-free travel going to and from the jumeirah bay island.

Dubai Maritime City

Dubai Maritime City

Dubai maritime city mainly serves as the city’s international naval business hub. It also offers numerous services and a specialized environment for dubai’s maritime industry.

This area aims to provide a dynamic community and strengthen the city’s position. It is one of the leading maritime destinations in the middle east and across the world.

This island is also a venue for education, training, and research to support any maritime businesses and services.

This is a high-end community in pearl jumeirah featuring 63 branded apartments. And also they include a choice of 1 to 4 bedroom units, 6 townhouses, and 1 penthouse and it is all with top-notch household spaces and a designated parking.

Dubai Harbour

Dubai Harbour

Dubai harbour is a world-class destination for the next travel. Dubai harbour is the mena region’s largest marina capable of handling 6000 travelers to the upcoming dubai lighthouse.

It consists of high and low rise buildings, waterfront villas, and retail outlets. The island also provides numerous hotels, retail hubs, shopping malls, yacht clubs, restaurants, cafes, and workplaces.

The man-made island will provide an unparalleled waterfront project and the middle east & north africa region’s largest marina.

Marsa Al Arab

Marsa Al Arab

Dubai is set to create the grandest tourist destination. The exceptional man-made islands are mainly focused on providing leisure concepts and catering both residents and tourists.

It features world-class facilities such as the new wild wadi water park, marina park.

The northeast side will be 2.5 million square feet and will feature various entertainment attractions, marine park, and the new wild wadi waterpark etc.

Marsa al arab on the south-west side 1.5 million square feet is a private island.