List Of Top Lakes In Ontario

Ontario is the second most populous Canadian province by area. It is believed that the Ontario is being taken by all the glaciers. Many lakes were formed with the Great Lakes. It has many different sized lakes. In Ontario, the area of 16 lakes occupies an area of more than 150 square miles. Today we will talk about the Top 5 Ontario Lakes, the Superior Lake is the largest of all.

The largest lake in the province of Ontario, Canada is the Superior. It has an area of ??31,700 square miles. This lake is surrounded by four sides of the state. The superior lake is known as the world's largest freshwater lake in the area related to the surface area. North America's largest lake superior is Superior height is 604 feet and maximum depth is 1333 feet. The Superior lake receives more than 200 rivers. Nipigon River, St River and Kaministiquia River are included. The Lake Superior is Rapids on the upper end of the river. The average surface height of the superior is 600 feet from sea level. The regulatory framework is also known as Compensating Works. In 1977, the system is managed according to the scheme. Lake Superior's water level was lower in the new record in September 2007. Which was slightly less than the previous record in 1926. In a few days the water level was returned.

2. Lake Erie

Lake Erie

Erie lectures the surface area of ??five Great Lakes in North America. Erie Lake is the third largest in Ontario and the 13th largest lake in the world. The area of ??this lake has a maximum depth of 9900 square miles and 210 feet. It is located at a height of 571 feet above sea level. Erie is named because of its unpredictable and sometimes dangerous and violent process. The lake is located on the international border between Canada and the United States. The Canadian Transit of Ontario is located on the north side of this lake. Jurisdictions divide the surface of the lake into different parts with water boundaries. The name of this lake was kept by the American people. Those people were living on the south coast. Erie means long wicker. It is believed that the lake had become a problem for almost two nuclear power plants in 1999. He needed total lake water to keep it cool. The lowest part of summer lake is on West Basin. Where depths are only 26 to 30 feet average.

3. Lake Huron

Lake Huron

Lake Huron is the second largest lake in Ontario. And is the third largest lake in North America's Great Lakes. The lake occupies an area of ??23,000 square miles. Huron Lakeside border Ontario is bordering the province of Michigan and Michigan in Canada. Huron's main entrance is the Setin Marais River and St. Clair River is the main outlet. The maximum depth of the Huron lake is 750 feet and the height of the water is 581 feet. The name of the lake is given by French researchers. The name was named after the name of the Huronian glacius due to the evidence gathered in the name of the people living in this foreign country. It is believed that the northern part of Huron includes the Noriyan Channel and the Georgian Bay. This lake is the third largest freshwater lake on Earth. This level of pulse fluctuates in October and November. High water records began in February 1986, and it is believed that it lasted until the end of January 1987. The water level chart was 3.67 to 5.92 feet on the Datum. The Great Lakes Circle Tour connects all the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River. It is believed that.

4. Lake Nipigon

Lake Nipigon

Nipigon Lake is 850 feet long and the largest lake at sea level. It is found in the Ontario area of ??Canada. It is also a part of the Great Lake Drainage Basin. The lake goes into the Nipigon River with an area of ??1872 square miles. Together they make large tributaries of the superior along the river. The largest islands of the lake include many islands such as Logan Island, Shakespeare Island, Mercury Island. The depth of the Nipigon Lacan is 541 feet. Thunder War is located 120 kilometres northeast of the city. Lake Nipigon's area is 4848 square kilometres compared to Lake Wads. The Nipigon lake has been noted as the sharp rocks and unusual green-black sand beaches. It is composed of green good particles of mineral. It is also known as Pyro Icon. A housing is provided for Nipigon Lake Basin Woodland Carbo.

5. Lake Ontario

Lake Ontario

North America's Great Lakes Ontario has the largest number and area of ??the fourth largest in Ontario in Ontario. Its length is approximately 7340 square miles. Ontario's Great Lakes is at an altitude of 802 feet at an altitude of 246 feet above sea level. The primary ingredient for Ontario is the Niagara River. Ontario lands in the Atlantic Ocean through the St. Lawrence River. The lake is the 14 largest lake in the world. Lake Sheet is made from soft, weak vulnerable era rocks. Regions of the region's drainage system are restructured. This led to the elevation of the lake. When the snow St Lawrence valley came back, the outlet was low in the sea level. For a time, the Lake became the Atlantic for the ocean valley. The lake of Ontario is a 11-minute natural rhythm. Due to the vast depth of this lake, the lake throughout the winter does not get stuck. Current winter winds are northwest. Due to this, the south and south-eastern borders of the lake are known as snowbelts.

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