The 10 New Zealand Biggest Cities

There are many beautiful cities in the New Zealand. There are also cities with volcanic city, parks and parks. A map is not required to know. The cities of the city but it can be known by staying there at the tours of the tourists. New Zealand is the best place for the game. The 10 well known biggest cities of the New Zealand have been from the area of the topography.

Auckland is New Zealand’s largest city comprised of population and underground. Auckland has more than population the whole southern island. There is a beautiful island gateway in the Hauraki Gulf of the park built of trees and beaches and the convince of the city of Auckland make for a living. There are 1.5 million people in the population.

2. Christchurch


Christchurch is New Zealand's largest city on the southern island. There is a population of 404500. It is the third city in New Zealand to be followed by Auckland and Wellington. The Avon River flows in the middle of the city. On July 31, 1856, Christchurch became the city by the Royal charter. Agricultural relies on the economy of Christchurch. In the beginning of 2010 and 2012 the city has experienced a severe reduction in the earthquake. The most devastating earthquake occurred on the 12.51 p.m. 22 February 2011 on Tuesday. In which 185 people died.

3. Dunedin


Dunedin is situated on the Middle Eastern coast. And the ports around it are the remnants of hills and extinct volcanoes. Dunedin is the land area. On March 5, 2013 the population of Dunedin was 120246. Still considered to be one of the four major cities of New Zealand for historical and cultural. In 2014 Dunedin was designed UNESCO city literature.

4. Hamilton


Hamilton is inspired by the life of America’s Foundation father Alexander. In 2016, Hamilton received 16 awards in the recording in which good music awards 11. Prior to that off Broadway won seven drama awards from 14 nominated categories in production. In 2016, Chicago was produced by Hamilton on CLICK Theatre in London. Hamilton in which it won the Olivier Award in 2018.

5. Napier / Hastings


Napier is a city located in Hawke’s Bay on the eastern shore of Northwest. Its total population is 134500 and it ranks sixth in the city of New Zealand. Napier is the biggest centre of wool. There are sent by Napier port to export the grapes grown around. Napier is popular for tourism.

6. New Plymouth

New Plymouth

New Plymouth is ranked in 9th in New Zealand’s cities. And it’s population is 74184. The main economic activity of the city including animal husbandry, oil, natural gas and production is served. The T. B. C. Bank of New Zealand’s largest private sector bank. New Plymouth won several awards in 2008. The city got 3.71 million dollars for investment to run a cycle.

7. Palmerston North

Palmerston North

Palmerston North a city in the urban areas comes in rural areas. It is a city on path to land on 395 km. The British settlement was named as palmerston. Viscount was the former British Prime Minister. In 1871, palmerston namedPalmia name in the pieces to understand the name. Palmerston north relies on public work and decoration. In 1886 the western coast built the railway. Palmerston north benefits from booming palmerston industry. Popular attractions include various exhibit places.

8. Rotorua


Rotorua’s population is 59500. And it is the 10th largest city of the country. Rotorua City's little population lives in the waikato department. Rotorua is a major destination for domestic and international travellers. Rotorua is Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology house. There are also many ponds around Rotorua.

9. Tauranga


Tauranga is the most populous city in the Bay of the northern territory of New Zealand. There is a population of 141600. It is the centre of New Zealand’s fifth largest urban area. Tauranga is the main centre of trade, international trade, culture, fashion and it is New Zealand’s largest port. 2011 and 2006 saw an increase of 11% in the census of 2006 and 2013.

10. Wellington


Wellington is the second most populous country with a population of 418500. And it is also the capital of New Zealand. Wellington is the main centre of the Ayland. Wellington is the oldest and largest culture organization in the nation, such as the national library Museum of New Zealand, Papa Tongarewa and Theatre home. Mercer Quality of living survey in 2016. Willington is ranked 12th in the world. It’s the centre of New Zealand’s film. Wellington international Airport is the third busiest airport.

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