List of Ancient Egyptian Cities And Towns

Today we are going to talk about List of ancient Egyptian towns and cities. All these cities have to talk about business, environment and jobs etc. Egypt is a country that connects Africa with the Middle East. And this country is the time of Pharaoh. The Millennial-old monuments in the city of this country sit along the fertile Nile River Valley, including the gigantic pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx, as well as the Karnak Temple connected to Luxor's hieroglyphs and the valley of Kings Tombs. So let's gather a little more information about the List of ancient Egyptian towns and cities.

Lower Egypt

1. Raqote (Alexandria)

Raqote is known as the second largest city in Egypt and a major economic center. Raqote has a population of about 5,200,000. This city is the largest city on the Mediterranean. Alexandria is also called Mediterranean by the locals. Raqote is the sixth largest city in the Arab world and the ninth largest in Africa. The city of Raqote extends about 40 km along the northern coast of Egypt along the Mediterranean Sea.

Modern Name : Alexandria

Date Founded : 331 BC

Other Names : Rakotə, Rhacotis, Eskendereyyah

Patron Deity : Serapis

Nome : 3rd

2. Khem (Letopolis)

The city of Khem was considered the city of ancient Egypt. Khem is known as the second capital of Lower Egypt. Letopolis' Egyptian name was Khem. And the modern site of the ruins of this city is known as Ausim. The city of Khem was the center of worship of the god Khenty-khem and which was the form of the god Horus. The city of Letopolis in Egypt was the temple of God at the very beginning of history.

Modern Name : Ausim

Date Founded : Probably During Old Kingdom

Patron Deity : Khenty-irty

Nome : 2nd

3. Khito (Rosetta)

The city of Rosetta is the port city of the Nile Delta and is located 65 km east. This city was founded in 1799 by the governor of Beheira, Egypt. The city of Khito, founded around the 9th century, flourished with the fall of Alexandria following Ottoman's conquest of Egypt in 1517. The city of Khito was a popular destination for British tourism during the 19th century. This city was known for its charming Ottoman mansions, citrus groves and relative cleanliness.

Modern Name : Rashid

Other Names : Bolbitine, Bolbitinum, Bolbitinon, Trashit, Rakhit, Rexi

Nome : 3rd

4. Men-nefer (Memphis)

The city of Men-nefer was the ancient capital of Ineb-hedj and the first nome of Lower Egypt. The ruins of the city of Memphis are located in Greater Cairo, Egypt, 20 km south of Giza and close to the modern city of Mit Rahina. The city of Memphis showed the density of the city's main ports, workshops, Peru-nefer, factories and warehouses and who distributed food and merchants in the ancient kingdom.

Modern Name : Mit Rahina

Date Founded : earlier than 3150 BC

Other Names : Aneb-Hetch, Ankh-Tawy, Menfe, Hut-ka-Ptah, Djed-Sut, Moph, Noph

Patron Deity : Ptah (cult center)

Nome : 1st

5. Yamu (Apis)

The city of Yamu is a Nile Delta settlement and belongs to the Old Kingdom of Egypt with parts between the Middle Kingdom. The city of Apis focuses on the goddess Hathor. And the city of Apis as well as the fauna and textual evidence suggest that it played a role in the transport of .or between animals. Whether or not Yamu was a self-contained town and built to support the temple.

Modern Name : Kom el-Hisn

Date Founded : Probably During Old Kingdom

Other Names : Imu, Apis

Patron Deity : Hathor

Nome : 3rd

Other City

6. Ptkheka (Ptkheka)

Modern Name : Tanta

Patron Deity : Neith

Nome : 4th

7. Zau (Sais)

Modern Name : SA el-Hagar

Date Founded : Earlier than 3300 BC

Patron Deity : Neith (cult center)

Nome : 5th

8. Per-Wadjet (Buto)

Modern Name : Tell al-Fara'in

Date Founded : Earlier than 3250 BC

Other Names : Pe and Dep, Butus, Butosus

Patron Deity : Wadjet (cult center)

Nome : 5th

9. Khasut (Xois)

Modern Name : Sakha

Other Names : Xeos, Skhoo

Patron Deity : Amun

Nome : 6th

10. Timinhor (Damanhur)

Modern Name : Damanhur

Date Founded : Later than 1200 BC

Other Names : Hermopolis Mikra, Tel Ballamon

Nome : 7th

11. Piemro (Naucratis)

Modern Name : Kom Gieif

Date Founded : 7th century BC

Other Names : Ναύκρατις

Patron Deity : Thoth

Nome : 7th

12. Thonis (Heracleion)

Date Founded : 12th century BC

Other Names : Ἡράκλειον

Patron Deity : Amun

Nome : 7th

13. Menouthis (Menouthis)

Patron Deity : Isis and Serapis

Nome : 7th

14. Pikuat (Canopus)

Modern Name : Aboukir

Date Founded : Earlier than 600 BC

Other Names : Canobus, Kanobos, Kanopos, Schedia

Patron Deity : Osiris

Nome : 7th

15. Per-Atum (Pithom)

Modern Name : Tell-el-Maskhuta

Date Founded : Around 1900 BC

Other Names : Tjeku, Heroöpolis, Heroonopolis

Patron Deity : Atum

Nome : 8th

16. Djedu (Busiris)

Modern Name : Abu Sir Bana

Date Founded : A small village until 3200 BC

Other Names : Per Usiri

Patron Deity : Osiris

Nome : 9th

17. Hut-hery-ib (Athribis)

Modern Name : Banha

Other Names : Tell Atrib, Attrib, Medeenet Ashaysh

Patron Deity : Repyt

Nome : 10th

18. Taremu (Leontopolis)

Modern Name : Kafr Al Muqdam

Other Names : Leonto, Leontos, Tell el-Muqdam

Patron Deity : Bast and Sekhmet (cult center)

Nome : 11th

19. Šetennu (Pharbaetus)

Modern Name : Horbeit

Date Founded : Earlier than 7th century BC

Other Names : Shednu, Sheten, Pharbaethus

Patron Deity : Hormerty

Nome : 11th

20. Tjebnutjer (Sebennytos)

Modern Name : Samanud

Patron Deity : Onuris

Nome : 12th

21. Pachnamu´nis (Pachnamunis)

Nome : 12th

22. Lunu (Heliopolis)

Modern Name : Ayn Shams

Date Founded : Earlier than 3250 BC

Other Names : Ôn, Āwen, Ὂν

Patron Deity : Ra (cult center)

Nome : 13th

23. Tjaru (Sile)

Modern Name : Tel el-Habua

Other Names : Zaru, Tharu, Djaru, Tjel, Sile, Edfu of Lower Egypt

Patron Deity : Horus

Nome : 14th

24. Per-Amun (Pelusium)

Modern Name : Tell el-Farama

Date Founded : Before 720 BC

Other Names : Sena, Seyân, Sin, Pelousion, Paramoun, Peremoun, Peromi

Patron Deity : Amun

Nome : 14th

25. Weprehwy (Hermopolis Parva)

Modern Name : Tell al-Naqus

Date Founded : Before 2575 BC

Nome : 15th

26. Tamiat (Damietta)

Modern Name : Damietta

Other Names : Damiata, Domyat, Ταμίαθις, Tamiathis

Nome : 15th

27. Djedet (Mendes)

Modern Name : Tell El-Ruba

Date Founded : Earlier than 3250 BC

Other Names : Per-Banebdjedet, Anpet

Patron Deity : Banebdjedet

Nome : 16th

28. Semabehdet (Diospolis Inferior)

Modern Name : Tel El Balamun

Nome : 17th

29. Per-Bast (Bubastis)

Modern Name : Tell-Basta

Date Founded : Earlier than 3150 BC

Other Names : Per-Bastet

Patron Deity : Bastet (cult center)

Nome : 18th

30. Djanet (Tanis)

Modern Name : Tell Nebesha

Date Founded : Late New Kingdom

Other Names : Thebes of the North, Ṣān al-Ḥagar, Zoan

Patron Deity : Amun

Nome : 19th

31. Hut-waret (Avaris)

Modern Name : Tell el-Dab'a

Date Founded : During Middle Kingdom

Other Names : Auaris, Hawara, Athyria

Patron Deity : Set

Nome : 19th

32. Pi-Ramesses (Pi-Ramesses)

Modern Name : Qantir

Date Founded : 1274 BC

Other Names : Per-Rameses, Per Ramessu

Nome : 19th

33. Per-Sopdu (Per-Sopdu)

Modern Name : Saft el-Hinna

Other Names : Soped, Pi-Sopt

Patron Deity : Amun

Nome : 20th

Upper Egypt

1. Abu (Elephantine)

The city of Abu is considered an island on the Nile and forms part of the city of Aswan in Upper Egypt. There are archaeological sites on the island of Abu. The city of Elephantine is 1,200 meters from north to south and 400 meters wide on the island. The city of Elephantine is similar to the art of an elephant in aerial view and is made up of round rocks along the coast like elephants.

Modern Name : Aswan

Date Founded : Earlier than 3000 BC

Other Names : Yebu

Patron Deity : Khnum (cult center)

Nome : 1st

2. Swenett (Aswan)

Swenett is a city in southern Egypt. And Swenett is known as the capital of the Aswan government. The city of aswan is a busy market and tourist center located north of the Aswan Dam on the east bank of the Nile in First Cataract. This city has expanded into a modern city. And the city of Swenett consists of the former isolated community on Elephantine Island. The current population of this city is about 1,568,000.

Modern Name : Aswan

Other Names : Syene

Patron Deity : Swenett

Nome : 1st

3. Nubt (Kom Ombo)

The city of Nubt is known as one of the agricultural cities of Egypt. The city of Nubt is famous for the temple of Kom Ombo. This city was originally an Egyptian city known as Nubt and means the city of gold. This city is also known as Nbyt. The city of Nubt became a Greek colony during the Greco-Roman period. Today the city of Nubt has a share of irrigated sugarcane and grain for most of the agro-industry.

Modern Name : Kom Ombo

Date Founded : Earlier than 3000 BC

Other Names : Omboi, Ombos, Ambo, Ombi

Patron Deity : Sobek (cult center)

Nome : 1st

4. Behdet (Edfu)

This city is known as Edfou in modern French. This city is known in Egypt as Behdet. Behdet city is located on the west bank of the Nile between Esna and Aswan with a population of about 60,000. The city of Behdet is the site of the Ptolemaic Temple of Horus. About 5 km south of the city of Behdet are the remains of an ancient pyramid. Remains of one of the seven small provincial pyramids built along the Nile Valley are found in this city.

Modern Name : Naga el-Goneima

Date Founded : Earlier than 3000 BC

Other Names : Apollonopolis Magna, Apollinopolis Magna, Djeba, Utes-Hor

Patron Deity : Horus (cult center)

Nome : 2nd

5. Nekheb (El Kab)

To the south of this city is a high Egyptian site on the east bank of the mouth Nile of Wadi Hillal. The city of Nekheb in Greek was called Eileithyias polis. The city of Nekheb includes prehistoric and ancient Egyptian settlements. These include Frederick William Green, Archibald Henry Sayce, Joseph John Tylor, and Somers Clarke. Most of the research done on the city of Nekheb took place in the city siege of El-Kab.

Modern Name : El Kab

Date Founded : Earlier than 3500 BC

Other Names : Eileithyiaspolis, Lucinae Civitas

Patron Deity : Nekhbet (cult center)

Nome : 3rd

6. Nekhen (Hierakonpolis)

Modern Name : El Kab

Date Founded : Earlier than 3210 BC

Other Names : Al-Kom Al-Aħmar

Patron Deity : Horus (cult center)

Nome : 3rd

7. Ta-senet (Latopolis)

Modern Name : Esna

Date Founded : Earlier than Middle Kingdom

Other Names : Iunyt, Polis Latton, Lato

Patron Deity : Khnum

Nome : 3rd

8. Waset (Thebes)

Modern Name : Luxor

Date Founded : Earlier than 5000 BC

Other Names : Niwt-rst, Niwt-Imn, Nōʼ ʼĀmôn, No, Iunu-shema, Diospolis Magna, Ta-pe, Hundred-gated Thebes

Patron Deity : Amun (cult center)

Nome : 4th

9. Per-Hathor (Aphroditopolis)

Modern Name : Gebelein

Date Founded : Earlier than 3000 BC

Other Names : Inerty, Pathyris, Naga el-Gherira

Patron Deity : Hathor

Nome : 4th

10. Luny (Hermonthis)

Modern Name : Armant

Other Names : Erment, Iunu-Montu

Patron Deity : Montu (cult center)

Nome : 4th

11. Sumenu (Crocodilopolis)

Modern Name : El-Mahamid Qibly

Date Founded : Earlier than Middle Kingdom

Other Names : Imiotru

Patron Deity : Sobek (cult center)

Nome : 4th

22. Djerty (El-Tod)

Modern Name : El-Tod

Date Founded : During Old Kingdom

Other Names : Ḏrty, Touphion, Tuphium, Thouôt, Tuot

Patron Deity : Montu

Nome : 4th

23. Nubt (Naqada)

Modern Name : Naqada

Date Founded : Earlier than 3500 BC

Other Names : Ombos, South Town

Patron Deity : Set (cult center)

Nome : 5th

24. Iushenshen (Iushenshen)

Modern Name : Khozam

Date Founded : Earlier than 3000 BC

Nome : 15th

25. Gesy (Qus)

Modern Name : Qus

Other Names : Gesa, Apollonopolis Parva, Apollinopolis Mikra, Apollonos minoris

Patron Deity : Horus

Nome : 5th

26. Gebtu (Koptos)

Modern Name : Qift

Date Founded : Earlier than 3200 BC

Other Names : Kebto, Keft, Justinianopolis

Patron Deity : Min (cult center)

Nome : 5th

27. Iunet (Dendera)

Modern Name : Dendera

Other Names : Tentyra, Tentyris, Nikentori, Nitentori

Patron Deity : Hathor (cult center)

Nome : 6th

28. Seshesh (Hu)

Modern Name : Hu

Date Founded : Earlier than 3100 BC

Other Names : Diospolis Parva, Diospolis Superior, Hut-Sekhem, Hiw

Patron Deity : Bat, then Hathor

Nome : 7th

29. Abdju (Abydos)

Modern Name : al-Birba

Date Founded : Earlier than 3000 BC

Other Names : Osiris

Patron Deity : Khentiamentiu, then Osiris (cult center) and Isis

Nome : 8th

30. Tjenu (Thinis)

Date Founded : Earlier than 4000 BC

Other Names : This

Patron Deity : Anhur

Nome : 8th

31. Ipu (Akhmim)

Modern Name : Akhmim

Date Founded : Earlier than 3100 BC

Other Names : Apu, Khent-min, Khmin, Shmin, Khemmis, Chemmis, Panopolis

Patron Deity : Min (cult center)

Nome : 9th

32. Hut-Repyt (Athribis)

Modern Name : Wannina

Other Names : Triphieion, Tripheion

Patron Deity : Repyt

Nome : 9th

33. Tjebu (Qau)

Modern Name : Qaw el-Kebir

Other Names : Djew-Qa, Antaeopolis

Patron Deity : Nemty (cult center)

Nome : 10th

34. Shashotep (Hypselis)

Modern Name : Shutb

Other Names : Apotheke

Patron Deity : Khnum

Nome : 11th

35. Per-Nemty (Hieracon)

Modern Name : al Atawla

Other Names : Hierakon

Patron Deity : Nemty

Nome : 12th

36. Zawty (Asyut)

Modern Name : Asyut

Other Names : Sauty, Syut, Syowt, Lycopolis, Lycon, Lyco

Patron Deity : Anubis (cult center), Wepwawet (cult center)

Nome : 13th

37. Qis (Cusae)

Modern Name : el-Qusiya

Other Names : Kis, Kusai

Patron Deity : Hathor

Nome : 14th

38. Akhetaten (Amarna)

Modern Name : Tell el-Amarna

Date Founded : around 1346 BC

Patron Deity : Aten (cult center)

Nome : 14th

39. Khmun (Hermopolis Magna)

Modern Name : El Ashmunein

Other Names : Hermopolis Megale, Hermupolis

Patron Deity : Thoth (cult center), Ogdoad

Nome : 15th

40. Herwer (Herwer)

Modern Name : Hur

Patron Deity : Khnum and Heqet

Nome : 16th

41. Hebenu (Hebenu)

Modern Name : Kom el Ahmar

Nome : 16th

42. Per-Imen-mat-khent(j) (Akoris)

Modern Name : Tihna el-Gebel

Date Founded : Earlier than Old Kingdom

Other Names : Mer-nefer(et), Dehenet

Nome : 16th

43. Saka (Cynopolis)

Modern Name : El Kays

Other Names : Hardai, Cynopolis Superior

Patron Deity : Anubis (cult center)

Nome : 17th

44. Tayu-djayet (El Hiba)

Modern Name : El Hiba

Other Names : Teudjoi, Ankyronpolis

Nome : 18th

45. Per-Medjed (Oxyrhynchus)

Modern Name : el-Bahnasa

Other Names : Pemdje, Oxyrrhynkhoupolis

Nome : 19th

46. Henen-nesut (Herakleopolis Magna)

Modern Name : Ihnasiyyah al-Madinah

Date Founded : Eearlier than 3000 BC

Other Names : Nenj-neswt, Ehnasya, Hnas, Ahnas

Patron Deity : Heryshaf (cult center)

Nome : 20th

47. Shedet (Crocodilopolis)

Modern Name : Faiyum

Other Names : Arsinoë, Fayoum, She-resy

Patron Deity : Sobek (cult center)

Nome : 21th

48. Ta may Sobek neb Pay pa necer aa (Soknopaiou Nesos)

Modern Name : Dimeh es-Seba

Patron Deity : Sobek (as Soknopaios)

Nome : 21th

49. Tepihu (Aphroditopolis)

Modern Name : Atfih

Other Names : Petpeh

Patron Deity : Hathor (cult center during Greek period)

Nome : 22th

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