Best Beaches In Canada Toronto

Today we have to talk about the top 10 beach of Canada city of Toronto. Here we have collected information about Canada Popular Beach. This beach of Canada is very beautiful and the beaches are very beautiful. So we all should go here to visit once.

This island is known as the chain of small islands in the Ontario. It is the only group of islands in the western part of Toronto Island. This island are located in the middle of Toronto. Here are many beaches, parks and beautiful surroundings, so which are known as the best places for excursions. Toronto Island beach is a popular entertainment destination, because here the Frisbee golf course exists. And there are many parks that are the best beach.

2. Cherry Beach

Cherry Beach

This beach is located in the south of Unwin Avenue in Canada. Cherry Beach is located on the outer harbor of Toronto. The original name of this beach was the Clarke beach. Which was changed to Cherry Beach in 2003, Cherry Beach has been a popular gathering beach destination for years. Because tourism is very much like to visit there. On this beach, its water is usually found calm and warm in the lake and other beaches along the coast, due to which the passengers can enjoy well.

3. Gibraltar Point Beach

Gibraltar Point Beach

According to this beach and national nature reserve, about 4.3 km area is found. There are sand dunes and mountain ranges on this beach, so it is very much like to visit the tour. There are springs and muddy shores in some areas of this beach. In the summer of the trip, the Ontario enjoys the cold waters of the lake. Gibraltar Point Beach is known as the newest beach on Toronto.

4. Hanlan's Point

Hanlan's Point

This beach is located on Hanlan's Point, on the banks of Ontario's. The Hanlan's Point is known as the only other official clothing-alternative beach in Canada. On this beach, I find the season very beautiful during the May months end and September. Due to this time you should visit here. This area is a popular place for the gay community. Here the atmosphere is very beautiful.

5. Kew-Balmy Beach

Kew-Balmy Beach

This beach is known as a dance beach in Toronto. The beach between the Earth and the water shines on the beach of Key-Balmy Beach. Because of this beautiful beach environment, the tour is inspired to come here. Many museums on this beach and mountain ranges. It enhances its beauty. Protecting Key-Balmy beach is known as recurring theme.

6. Rough Beach

Rough Beach

This beach area has a soft sand and white color. The Rough beach is not red. The atmosphere and spaces of the rough beach are very beautiful. That makes the best places for the trip. Once you are on this beach have fun with visiting.

7. Sugar Beach

Sugar Beach

There is a fantastic New Park on Sugar Beach, which is converted to water on the other beach of Toronto. On this beach, visitors are seen traveling from Central Waterfront with Queens Quay. Sugar Beach welcomes the tourist because of having a bright colored pink beach and waterfront. These beaches are beautiful beaches and travelers like to go there because they allow boats to see on the lake. In many areas of Sugar Beach there are large granite rock creations in the area.

8. Sunnyside


Sunnyside is an area known as the beach and park area on the border of the Humber Bay in Ontario, Canada. Here are the best city for touring, because of the Rowing Club, Sport Club, Picnic area and bathing pavilion. Sunnyside has beautiful beaches and gardens, due to which the atmosphere is always very natural. This beach is known as an entertaining place.

9. Woodbine Beach

Woodbine Beach

This beach is known as the largest beach in four beaches of Toronto. Woodbine Beach has a bay of Ash-bridge, so that the atmosphere is very beautiful. Woodbine beach was not known for many years as a beach for dipping but a rugged area called coral. Woodbine beach is also known as Beach triangle.

10. Bluffer's Park

Bluffer's Park

This park is also known as The Scarborough Bluffs. This place is known as the only beach park in the Park of Toronto. There are rocks at a high point on this beach, which inspires travelers to visit. Some of the bluffer's on the beach are worsened because the residential buildings have been built on top of the lake.

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