Important Useful Korean Phrases For Travellers

Korean to go to Korean language learning is necessary. Regulations of the Korean people to English speakers. And most of the people in the original language the same speakers. So for Korean of a few words of introduction are as follows.

1. Annyeonghaseyo (안녕하세요)
Most ago in Korea ‘ hello ’ to say. In which the word experiment each other want to say. We have the same age of the people if the head ID bit mask we. From us the big age of the people talking with you shall be before the SAG we. And someone wishes to give is ending say shit.

2. Kamsahamnida (감사합니다)
The use of the word Korean people to a person's age on the basis of a complex way to come. Regulations in the language to say thank you for the many words used. Also the general word is kamsahamnida. The word telling the couch who received respect meant.

3. Joesonghamnida (죄송합니다)
The word really that sorry that means. Have no apologies seeking to have drawn to it people Joesonghamnida the term of use.

4. Yeong-eo halsu isseoyo? (영어 할수있어요?)
The use of the word any person in the vicinity but can not find it when done. And there is the simple way to find a way can. And regulations no person ID in English Yeongo halsu isseoyo tell anyone it may explain and easily Way also can show.

5. XXX eoddeokke ga yo? (XXX 어떻게 가요?)
The use of the word no place to learn.If no place you have to know if xxx eoddeokke ga yo Cotto this place easily met. So this means How do I get xxx?

6. Jeogiyo (저기요)
The use of the word 'Excuse me' means it is. Korean language in the food to take the restaurant in the word is used. Menu invited to, dine to order to after that to pay the bill for. 'Sorry' was the focus of stretching is to use.

7. Jummun halggeyo (주문할께요)
Was the focus of falls when Jammun halggeyo saying the order to give is called. After the war we have to take orders. It's the use of this term i would like to order it.

8. Igeo eolmaeyo? (이거 얼마예요?)
The use of the word how much is this means. Korea's shopping for Maui among,Dongdaemun and eva Womens the University district is known for. There are clothes that any cosmetics item to buy when the price is not given to the shopkeepers to the lego eolmaeyo asking could have.

9. Ggagga juseyo (깎아주세요)
The words used discount please that means. If someone Foreign if value to show the calculators do not use.Dongdaemun like area no items have to be expensive if discount of can be asked.And one more thing to buy if shoppers a little discount offers.

10. Jeogiyo, sajin jjigeojuseyo (저기요, 사진 찍어주세요)
This term means is that can you please take a photo for me? This means Korea's matapuna word. And regulations to help the people also have to prepare.

11. Yeogi ga eodiyeyo? (여기가 어디예요?)
The words mean where is the place that happens. And there Yeogi ga eodiyeyo speaking so the picture showing the answer.

12. Hwajangsil eodiyeyo? (화장실 어디예요?)
The use of the word toilet to find.Hwajangsil eodiyeyo in where is toilet.

13. Jihachol Yok i eodiyeyo? (지하철 역이 어디예요?)
The word means where is the Subway station? Means it is. Jihachol I I risotto so that the metro station which is situated.

14. Igeo hana juseyo (이거 하나 주세요)
lego hana juseyo not mean that that involves the Process of and choice choice to to say. And it koria in our language to say if one of his please.

15. Gyesan halggeyo (계산할게요)
The words mean this means that when the bill pay & when gyesan halggeyo is used. And means that i would like to pay.

16. Saranghamnida (사랑해)
The word meaning 'I love you' means it is. So in Korea sah-rahn-gnaee yoh the word says. Such a spirit is to express formally Saranghamnida says.

17. Nee - ga - jo - ah (네가 좋아)
The word set not to use a romantic sense of 'I love you' means it is. Informally Sets if done just romantic Sands called.

18. Dang - shin - ee jo - ah - yo (당신이 좋아요)
The words that want to say that in your life heard of getting a person to your how much need to those levels and it means 'I live without can't'.

19. na - rang gyul - hon - hae joo - lae (저랑 결혼해 줄래요?)
Marriage proposed to be for serious cause, move the question to the pope the need to and the words used 'you my marry'd' means it is.

20. Ban-gap-sum-ni-da (반갑습니다)
The use of the word when we have no recognized person to suddenly get if you shake hands, and we say that we will together enjoy born in when.

21. Bbae-ju-se-yo (빼주세요)
The use of the word something to leave or to remove the request. No person allergic to hot food if taking its leave for the use of the word.

22. Maek-ju/so-ju (맥주/소주)
Edema a kind of vine-like and vodka-like taste has to drink. Wine,beer or cider mixed with drinking are.

23. i-geot (이것)
The words used in the close no point suggests is used to. It shopping for that the other thing pointing towards the word.

24. o-di-ye-yo (어디예요)
The use of the word any thing of that space is used to find out. Like that supermarket in the content to find it used.

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