Most Affordable Places To Live In Usa That Are Good Places To Livw

Here, we talk about best affordable places to live in America, low in property taxes, easy maintains and much more. A place with school and education, more job opportunities and average public transportation, primary health care and hospitalities in average cost. Let’s talk about that top 10 affordable cities.

Population : 9,922
Average Income : $45,028
Annual Property Tax : $2193

Pecos is largest city of the Texas and country seat of United State, with population of 9922 and an average income of $45,028. The Pecos is the second fastest growing city of United State of America, city has commercial center for agriculture, oil and gas production. The city has 7.3 square miles of total land area and included five school which covered one to 12th grade education.

2. Alexandria Indiana

Alexandria Indiana

Population : 5,060
Average Income : $48,672
Total Area : 6.8 km²

Alexandria is home to 5,060 residents with a median age of 37 and median household income is $48,672, population of the city declined by 0.28% by 2015 to 2016 and median household income grew by $39,241 to $48,672 a 24% increased.

3. Blackwell Oklahoma

Blackwell Oklahoma

Population : 6,880
Average Income : $38,580
Total Area : 14.1 km²

Blackwell OK has population of 6880 and median household income is $38,580 from 2015 to 2016 the population declined by 6930 to 6880 and median household income increased by $38,345 to $38,580 a 0.61%. The people of Blackwell are non-English speaking most of are US citizens.

4. Conley Georgia

Conley Georgia

Population : 5,397
Average Income : $37,825
Total Area : 5.03 km²

Conley, Georgia is the home of the 5,397 residents with a median age of 39 and median household income of $37,825, which is increased by 17.7%. The 83% of the residents are US citizens and non-English speaking.

5. Cusseta Georgia

Cusseta GeorgiaJPG

Population : 10,343
Average Income : $43,929
Total Area : 3.885 km²

The Cusseta city is a home to 10,343 residents and median household income is $43,929, population of city declined from 10,343 to 11,075 by 2017 to 2015. The city is also part of the Columbus, Georgia-Alabama Metropolitan Statistical area.

6. Federal Height Colorado

Federal Height Colorado

Population : 12,744
Average Income : $33,750
Annual Property Tax Rate : 0.57%

Federal Height is the home ruled country and just 12 miles away from Denver city, home to more than 12,744 residents, also city has one of the largest water parks of the country and city is known as Water World. Federal Height city has 1.8 square mile of land and average median income of $33,750. The city has one of the lowest property tax rates in the country 0.57%.

7. Holbrook Arizona

Holbrook Arizona

Population : 5,053
Average Income : $51,192
Median Age : 34

Holbrook is the country seat of Navajo country and its home to 5053 residents and small area of 44.99 km²lands. The average median household income is $51,192 and average age of residents is 34. It’s a best place to live, who like adventures.

8. Kermit Texas

Kermit Texas

Population : 6,212
Average Income : $50,813
Median Age : 32

Kermit is a small city of Texas with home to 6212 residents in 2017 and average income of resident is $50,813 annually, from 6212 out of 2604 are full time employees.

9. Progreso Texas

Progreso Texas

Population : 5,938
Average Income : $43,355
Total Area : 7.7 km²

Progreso city is home to 5938 residents with an average age of 27.5 and median household income is $43,355, between 2015 and 2016 the population of city is increased by 5789 to 5938, 0.70%, 93.3% people of Progreso is speaking non-English and 74% are U.S. citizens.

10. Shamokin Pennsylvania

Shamokin Pennsylvania

Population : 7,061
Average Income : $35,870
Total Area : 0.83 sq. mi

Shamokin is Northumberland country of Pennsylvania, surrounded by coal township. Shamokin has total area of 0.83 sq. mi and its home to 7061 residents, median household income is $35,870.

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