Ranking Of Top 10 Best Cities To Live In Usa

Here we talk about best cities to live in United State of America. US world report and news release every year the best cities to live in America, job market, quality of life, value, desirability and net migration looking at this five metrics. The best cities to live in USA is Austin Texas, Colorado Spring followed by Seattle Washington.

Population : 988,615

Quality of Life : 7.7

Annually Salary : $50,830 avg.

Temperature : 79.7°/54.8° avg.

Austin is ranked 1st best city to live in America. Austin established in 1893, at along the Colorado river at the edge of the hill country, city is capitals of music, outdoor spaces and cultural institute. According to US news Austin is best place to live based on quality of life and job market in the city, as well as Austin attracts wild rang of people from USA and other countries, student, professionals and families, it is not necessarily geographically diverse. There people like to do bicycle ride, jog, canoe ride.

2. Colorado Spring, Colorado

Colorado Spring, Colorado

Population : 468,643

Quality of Life : 7.6

Annually Salary : $49,450 avg.

Temperature : 62.1°/35.8° avg.

Colorado Spring ranked 2nd best place to live in United State. Colorado best place for students, professionals and military person because Colorado is area with military base and world rank universities, also construction in Colorado is blooming with new residency, park, quality schools and culture. Colorado has hundreds of mile open land, stunning geological features like Garden of the Gods, public park, large formations of sandstone rock and Seven Falls.

3. Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado

Population : 710,056

Quality of Life : 7.5

Annually Salary : $55,910 avg.

Temperature : 64.6°/36.2° avg.

Denver was founded in the mid-1800s as mining hub during the gold rush and 3rd best place to live in US. Denver despite being eco friendly community and people, most of people have cars and roads are crowded in rush hours. Many people are preferred bike instated of car, there is Denver based bike sharing company has more than 700 b-cycle at 88 station across the city area.

4. Des Moines, Iowa

Des Moines, Iowa

Population : 215,755

Quality of Life : 7.3

Annually Salary : $49,420 avg.

Temperature : 60.3°/41.4° avg.

U.S. News analysed among 125 cities in the United State to find best city to live based on quality of life, education and average annual income, Des Moines Iowa is 4th best place to live in America according to US News. Its quality of life score is 10 out of 7.3. The job market of Des Moines is strong and cost of living also lower than other cities, most of their resident people’s age group between 25 to 34 years.

5. Fayetteville, Arkansas

Fayetteville, Arkansas

Population : 85,257

Quality of Life : 7.3

Annually Salary : $44,950 avg.

Temperature : 68.1°/45.2° avg.

Fayetteville ranked 5th best place to live in US, it is best place to live for families because of well developed public school and good maintain parks. The price of home is lower compare to average real estate market in USA. Population of Fayetteville is 85,257 with quality index 10 out of 7.3.

6. Huntsville, Alabama

Huntsville, Alabama

Population : 180,105

Quality of Life : 7.2

Annually Salary : $52,960 avg.

Huntsville is now fastest growing city in Alabama because of their industries and well-educated people, also US government relocated NASA center to city and who made Saturn V, the rocket sent Apollo mission to the moon. Overall, score as best place to live in America is 7.2, ranked at 7th placed in best city to live in United State. Huntsville is located in Tornado Alley, due to its geographic location Huntsville is hot and humid in summer temperature goes high in April and don’t cool off until October.

7. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Population : 728,859

Quality of Life : 7.2

Annually Salary : $55,010 avg.

Temperature : 62.1°/35.8° avg.

Minneapolis and St. Paul are different small town and considered as one city, its rank 9th best place to live in United State of America with population of 728k and average annual salary package of $55,010 USD. The place is holding world class university and best place for students and good in job markets. St. Paul is capital of Minnesota, along with historical parks and museum and sport stadiums.

8. Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

Population : 4,200,000

Quality of Life : 7.3

Annually Salary : $53,960 avg.

Temperature : 63.1°/45.6° avg.

Portland is 6th best place to live in United States of America with quality of life 10 out of 7.3, with an average annual salary of around $54,000. In, Portland most of people used car to travel, 3% of people do walking and 6% people are used public transport like buses and trains. Most of Portland population are driven by young, well educated people. Portland known for bicycle ride, a bakery that known for making special donuts and their residents motto is “Keep Portland Weird”.

9. Seattle, Washington

Seattle, Washington

Population : 724,745

Quality of Life : 7.2

Annually Salary : $61,170 avg.

Temperature : 60.1°/45.3° avg.

Seattle is known for natural beauty surrounded by mountains and rivers, out of the 125 metro Seattle ranked 10th best place to live with an average 724,745 population. Seattle is more expensive due to more development and large tech companies, living young and wealthy people. In, Seattle mostly all season covered with cool weather you can saw less summer.

10. Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C.

Population : 694,000

Quality of Life : 7.2

Annually Salary : $68,000 avg.

Temperature : 66.7°/49.5° avg.

Washington D.C. is the capitals of United State of America, house of federal government’s three branches, The Capitol, White House and Supreme Court. According to US News among the 125 cities Washington D.C 8th rank in best place to live in America, compared to other cities Washington is much more expensive in living cost, also depends on which area you choose to live in Washington. In summer temperature goes high because of high higher humidity and in winter it took snow which affects to public transit shut down and road close. In Washington more job opportunities and live large part of young generation due to more job opportunities its attracts more people from the world.

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