Saint-Luc Village (Switzerland Country)

Saint-Luc is a village as well as Saint-Luc village is in the Switzerland Country as well as the District of the Saint-Luc village is Sierre or the Canton of the Saint-Luc village is Valais and Total Area of the Saint-Luc village is 31.9 km2 and Elevation of the Saint-Luc village is 1,655 m (5,430 ft). Postal code of the Saint-Luc village is 3961 as well as the SFOS number of the Saint-Luc village is 6247.

Here we describe some information of politics so the most popular party according 2007 is CVP (with 36.88% vote) and other three parties is SP (22.57%), the SVP (12.86%) and the Green Party (9.97%) as well as the total of 176 votes were cast and the turnout of voter is 63.8%. In Saint-Luc there are 67 students attend schools outside the village as well as in the Saint-Luc village 120 or (approximately 37.6%) of the population have completed non-mandatory upper secondary education as well as 47 or (approximately 14.7%) have completed additional higher education or of 47 who completed tertiary schooling as well as 48.9% were Swiss men, 31.9% were Swiss women and 14.9% were non-Swiss men.

The Saint-Luc village is a net exporter of workers that means in the Saint-Luc village about 1.9 workers leaving as well as there are 165 residents of the Saint-Luc village who were employed in some capacity and also workforce of the females made up 42.4% and the total number of full time equivalent jobs is 167 in the 2008.

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