Gimpo Airport Seoul (South Korea)

Gimpo airport is location in the for western end of Seoul. It is 15 km west of the central district of Seoul. In 2001 Gimpo is the main international airport of Seoul and South Korea and before being replaced by Incheon international Airport. Gimpo airport is the third largest airport in Korea and in 2015, 23,163,778 passengers used the Airport. It is located is South of Han river in western Seoul.

Gimpo and Haneda airport in Tokyo. Shanghai Hongqiao international airport on 28 October 2007. 26 October 2008 services to kansai international airport in Osaka in the started in Japan. Beijing capital international airport started in 1 July 2011. And to Taipei songshan airport started 30 April 2012. In 1935-1942 during the Japanese imperial period a imperial Army base. The USAF designated and the Korean the airfield as kimpo Air Base or k-14. On 25 June 1950 in North Korean forces attacked South Korea starting the Korean War.

The Inchon landings on 15 September 1950 and the 2nd Battalion 5th Marines is ordered to 17 September. The US Army corps of engineers repaired the local railroad up to 13 km inland on its 32 c-54 transport planes flying in gasoline and ordnance on 19 September. The 811th engineer aviation battalion repairing bombs damage on 6000 feet and covering it's marston matting in 25 September.

The USAF take control of gimpo from the USMC on 6 October. The Chinese third phase campaign and it is the defeat of UN forces at the 38th parallel. The general Ridgway order the evacuation of Seoul on 5 January 1951. And it is the withdrawal of UN Forces to a new defensive line along the 37th parallel. In January 1951 launched operation Thunderbolt on 25 January with the Chinese and North Korean forces back north of the han river. UN forces once again hod control of gimpo in 10 February 1951.

In 23 August 1951 to 1 October 1954 from 4th fighter wing operating F-86s. North Korean pilot No Kum-50k defected in his Mig-15 landing at Gimpo on 21 September 1953. Korea Airport corporation is it headquarters on the airport property. In Airport ground transportation in Railway and Roadway facilities. In Gimpo Airport Seoul and nearby province including national route 39, national route 48, Olympic daero and Seoul city Route 92.

A new combined domestic and international terminal was opened in 1971. Gimpo airport was totally demolished. The opening of terminal 1 in 1977. And it is the original terminal was converted to domestic flight only. Gimpo met a lot of problems due to lack of space to expand. A curfew means arrivals and departures are strictly prohibited during the night many problems due to the South Korean government decided to build a new airport. It is planned in cheongju, 124 km away from Seoul and province citizens than viracopos airport in campinas, Brazil. It was known as Incheon international Airport. In 2001 all international flights move to Incheon.

The largest percentage of passengers flying into, out of Gimpo international airport. In Korean Air international passengers 1,220,978. The AREX airport express line started operations to Incheon international Airport on 23 March 2007. And it is extension to Seoul station. It is opened in December 2010. Incheon international Airport by expressway via Gimpo airport interchange.

Korean Air lines flight 015 is a boeing 747-200 landed short of the runway and landed gear causing the aircraft to a stop on the nose wheel and outer 2 engines starting a fire. 15 people is killed air flight 175, a Fokker F28-4000 route to Gangneung airport crashed right after take off in the chrashing one killing and wounding 40 people.

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