Fastest Train In India With Speed

Express train is express rail service in India. In 1969 Rajdhani express connect new Delhi with the state capitals in India. 450 Paris of superfast trains run on the Indian railways of 2015. Jan sadharan express and Antyodaya express is Indian railway run non-reserved trains under the brand. Group A permitting speed up to 160 km/h. New express train in made partly or completely of stainless steel, primarily motivated by lower maintenance and higher availability. Here's a list of India's top fastest trains with their speeds.

Vande Bharat train is Indian semi high speed intercity electric multiple unit. In 15 February 2019 the train was launched and on 27 January 2019 the service was named “Vande Bharat express”. It’s train speed is 180 km/h. Two of the center compartments are 52-seat first-class compartments, with the rest being 78-seat coach compartments.

2. Bhopal Shatabdi Express

Bhopal shatabdi express

Bhopal shatabdi express is a train operated the northern railway. It is between new Delhi and it is main railway station of India’s capital. In 1988 the train commenced service and it is the first shatabdi train to be introduced. Bhopal shatabdi express train speed is 155 km/h. In 1988 the first prime minister of Jawaharlal Nehru then Madhavrao Scindia was indian railway minister. Bhopal Shatabdi express was flagged off between new Delhi to Gwalior.

3. Garib Rath Express

Garib Rath express

In 2005 Garib Rath express is a no frills air condition train is started by the Indian railways. In these trains, only seating and three-tier accommodation (78 seats) are provided. There is no free bedding or food for the passengers. It is much faster and has higher priority than express trains that are super-fast. It’s maximum speed of train is 140km/h.

4. Gatimaan Express

Gatimaan express

Gatiman express is India 1st semi high speed train between Delhi and Jhansi. It’s maximum speed of 160km/h and is the second fastest train in India after train 18. That means Hazrat Nizamuddin to Jhansi takes to 260 minutes to cover the 403 km an average speed of 91.25km/h. The railways applied for safety certificate from commission of railway to start the service in October 2014. In train total of 10 coaches.

5. Howrah Rajdhani Express

Howrah rajdhani express

Howrah rajdhani express train in India. It was first rajdhani express in India. Howrah rajdhani express train is one of the fastest train in India and maximum speed is 130 km/h. On March 1969 the Howrah rajdhani express began operations. Howrah rajdhani express train known as King by railfans. It is also the country’s first Wi-Fi enabled rajdhani express in 1 March 1969 the Howrah rajdhani express was introduced. In train 2 first AC , 5 AC 2 tires , 2 AC hot buffet car and 2 luggage/ parcel van.

6. Kanpur Reverse Shatabdi

Kanpur reverse shatabdi

Kanpur reverse shatabdi train connecting Kanpur central with new Delhi 9 July 2016 Ghaziabad to Etawah was added as intermediate stops and Aligarh was also added. The Lucknow Swarn Shatabdi express for the same pair of stations. In April 2019 a semi high speed train between Kanpur and new Delhi is to be introduced Kanpur reverse shatabdi express train speed is 140 km /h.

7. Mumbai Rajdhani Express

Mumbai Rajdhani express

Mumbai rajdhani express is superfast train and it is belonging to Indian railways between Mumbai central and Delhi junction in India. Mumbai rajdhani express is the second fastest rajdhani service in all India. It has in one AC 1st class coach, five AC 2 tire, one pantry car and AC 3 tier coaches taking the total 20 coaches again increased to 21 by the western railways to accommodate more passengers. Mumbai rajdhani express train speed is 140 km/h.

8. New Delhi Chandigarh Shatabdi Express

New Delhi Chandigarh shatabdi express

New Delhi Chandigarh shatabdi express is a superfast train belonging to Indian railways northern railway zone runs between Chandigarh to new Delhi in India. In train has 1 executive class and 10 AC chair car coaches. New Delhi Chandigarh shatabdi express train speed is 55 km/h. It’s leaves Chandigarh every day Sunday at 12:00 hrs. IST and reaches new Delhi at 15:20 hrs.

9. New Delhi Kanpur Shatabdi Express

New Delhi Kanpur shatabdi express

New Delhi Kanpur shatabdi express train is connected Kanpur central to new Delhi. 7 February 2010 train was flagged by union railways minister Mamata Banerjee. New Delhi Kanpur Shatabdi express used to run stop between Kanpur and new Delhi after that Ghaziabad and Etawah is intermediate stops in 9 July 2016. New Delhi Kanpur shatabdi express train known as Kanpur reverse shatabdi. In April[d1] 2019 a semi high speed train between Kanpur and new Delhi is to be introduced. It’s train speed is 140km/h.

10. Sealdah Duronto Express

Sealdah Duronto express

Sealdah Duronto express is belonging to Indian railways eastern railway zone and it is runs between Sealdah and new Delhi . Sealdah Duronto express train speed is 130 km/h. In 2008/09 it was the first and fastest Duronto express to be launched as announced in the railway budget. In train IAC first class, 4 AC two tier, 2 pantry car coach. In India as is customary with most train service. It route is the fully electrified.

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