Yercaud Places To Visit & How To Reach Yercaud

Today we are going to talk about yercaud places. This place is a hill station in Salem district in Tamil Nadu, India. Yercaud places are located in the Range of the Shevaroys Mountains in the Eastern Ghats. Yercaud places are located 1515 meters above sea level and its highest point is Sarvarnarayan Temple which is 5,326 feet. Yercaud places are the best places to visit a tourist. So let's gather some more information about Yercaud places.

- : The total extent of Yercaud is 382.67 km2 which includes reserve forest. Called Ooty of the Poor, this place is a haven for middle class people. The number of tourists in this place is increasing and where the shade, wind and sun effect of the trees obscure the sun.

- : Beautiful natural rocks are found around this place. Yercaud is a popular tourist attraction. Yercaud is also a park for children to enjoy. Tourists can bathe here in Killiyoor Falls.

- : Lake Killiyoor is full of water. The site's Mount Temple is one of the oldest and most famous temples located 5342 feet above sea level. According to the 2001 census there were 40,000 people in this place. In which the tribal people live at 24.449. Most of the population here is indigenous.

- : Before entering Yercaud to visit the tourist one will first see that this wonderful lake is surrounded by wonderful surroundings of hills and natural seas and on one of its banks, there is also a beautiful garden with boating facilities.

- : Tourists on Yercaud provide ample opportunity to enjoy the scenic beauty of the mountains by boat ride. The tourist can also do "dirt bikes” at a place near this place.

- : Yercaud and its surroundings provide camping, trekking, hiking, angling, river rafting, coffee plantation walks, photography tours, village tours, scuba diving and various adventure activities.

2. Top Tourist Attractions In Yercaud

Top Tourist Attractions In Yercaud

Here we have collected information about Top Tourist Attractions in Yercaud. Here we want to know about the Top Attractions Places in Yercaud talk, views and more. So let us know about Top Tourist Attractions in Yercaud.

1. Botanical Garden
- : The Botanical Garden is situated on Lady's Road, 3 km from Lake Yercaud. Maintained by the South Circle of the Botanical Survey of India, this garden is known as one of the top attractions of Yercaud.

- : The Botanical Garden is home to a variety of exotic species of flowers and plants. This Garden is a prime place to visit in Yercaud for tourists. The garden is divided into various sections such as foliage garden, topiary garden, bonsai garden, butterfly garden, herbal garden, rock garden, water garden and sensory garden.

- : The Botanical Garden is a must visit for all nature lovers as the most beautiful, colorful and rare species of plants can be found on this garden. The garden also has Orchidarium and a greenhouse.

- : The Botanical Garden spans 18.4 hectares. The National Orchidarium of the Garden was established in 1963. 3000 trees and 1800 small plants have been grown in the Botanical Garden.

- : The Botanical Garden's Orchidarium is home to about 30 endangered species. There is a large collection of native orchids in this garden. This garden is also famous for its beautiful Kurinji flower that blooms once every twelve years.

The Botanical Garden is an ideal place for tourists to get an idea of ​​the different plant species.

2. Killiyur Falls
- : The waterfall is the Shervaroyan mountain range of the Eastern Ghats in Yercaud. It is a breathtaking sight for a tourist when the water level of Killiyur Falls is at maximum levels during monsoon. The best time immediately after monsoon is for the tourist to visit Kiliyur Falls.

- : A tourist on Killiyur Falls can enjoy boating and swimming in its fresh water. You can visit the coffee and orange plant nears this waterfall. There are also wildlife attractions on Killiyur Falls which include snakes, deer, peacocks etc.

3. Big Lake
- : The man-made lake called Big Lake, near Yercaud, is famous as the Sapphire Lake. Big Lake is one of the destination attractions for tourists. Big Lake is surrounded by beautifully maintained gardens with hills and natural shoals. Tourists can also see floating fountains in Big Lake.

- : Deer Park and Leisure Park are also located next to Big Lake. So tourists can visit there too. Tourists visiting Lake Big Lake may also be included in boating because boating facilities are available on Big Lake, Available for tourists here who want to enjoy boating.

4. Tipperary View Point
- : Tipperary View Point is located at the southernmost point of Yercaud. Tourists can enjoy the woodlands and the greenery at Tipperary View Point. At Tipperary View Point, tourists can find elephant rocks that shine white and are formed by a meteorite statement. The entire area of ​​Tipperary ViewPoint has graphite rocks and it forms a beautiful contrast between the two colored rocks.

- : Tipperary View Point is a popular tourist destination for tourists to experience the beauty and beauty of Hawaii. The rocks at Tipperary View Point are of pure white color and are believed to have formed when the meteorite fell to the earth. Tipperary ViewPoint is also known for its beautiful rocks and caves that are ideal for exploring.

5. Silk Farm and Rose Garden
- : Silk Farm and Rose Garden are located two kilometers away from Yercaud. Silk Farm and Rose Garden are known as one of the most important sights for tourists. Offbeat travelers will be very happy to visit this place.

- : Silk Farm and Rose Garden is a family tourist destination. Silk Farm and Rose Garden is known as the best honeymoon place in India where couples can learn more about silk production skills and techniques in India. Tourists can see an excellent collection of colorful roses from around the world at Rose Garden. The atmosphere of this place is very beautiful.

6. Norton’s Bungalow
- : Norton, one of the British officers in Yercaud, a powerful criminal lawyer in Chennai, created a beautiful Norton's European bungalow called Bungalow, which is now a popular destination for tourists in Yercaud.

- : Norton's Bungalow is a private property that does not offer offer access to tourists without prior approval. So before visiting this historic Norton's Bungalow tourist you must obtain the necessary permission to visit that place.

7. Orchidarium
- : Yercaud's Orchidarium garden contains a variety of exotic and rare orchids. It exhibits over 250 different species of orchids in the place, and some of these orchids have been declared dangerous by the Indian Horticulture Department.

- : Tourists in Orchidarium are spectacular 'insect pitcher' plants and ' Neelakurinji ' plants that bloom once in twelve years and this plant is the pride of the Orchidarium garden. This place also has several varieties of roses, sylvan and bamboo plants. The charming beauty of Orchidarium pulls tourists to visit it.

8. The Grange
- : The Grange Place, located on Yercaud, is located 1,500 meters above sea level. The Grange is a popular holiday resort that offers a wide range of adventure and exploration activities for local as well as global travelers.

- : The lush green coffee, pepper and orange plantations at The Grange add to the resort's aromatic charm. The All-Terrain Vehicle is also a popular destination for tourists to experience the thrill and excitement of riding this place. The Grange has a beautiful atmosphere.

9. Annamalaiyar Temple View Point
- : Annamalaiyar Temple View Point is one of the most beautiful places to see a tourist in Yercaud. If the tourist has a great love for nature and spelling constitutional views, then the Annamalaiyar Temple View Point location will surely melt the heart of the tourist. From the top of this temple, tourists can see coffee plantations, spice gardens and numerous other views.

- : The Annamalaiyar Temple is adorned with the deity of Lord Shiva and many other colorful idols are also found in it. Annamalaiyar Temple View Point altitude is about 1,400 meters above ground and Annamalaiyar Temple View Point gives the tourist wide panoramic views.

10. Pagoda Point
- : This place in Yercaud is a great tourist destination for tourist minds. Pagoda Point, which offers panoramic views of this hill station, gives the tourist the most comprehensive view of its breathtaking essence.

- : The panoramic views of Pagoda Point, the cool breeze and its mysterious atmosphere make it a charm to any tourist. Visitors will find the scenery of clouds floating overhead amidst all the properties of Pagoda Point.

11. Sri Chakra Mahameru
- : Located in Yercaud, the world famous Sri Chakra Mahameru Temple is a famous tourist destination. Sri Chakra is a three-dimensional pyramid on Mahameru and which, when viewed from above, takes the form of a Sriracha. Locally, devotees at this temple believe that worshiping Sri Chakra is like paying homage to the ultimate power.

- : The view of Sri Chakra Mahameru is comfortable and this is the reason why various tourists come here to bless. There is a pit at this temple where the tourist can throw a coin and make a wish for himself. Also, tourists in Sri Chakra Mahameru can enjoy many of the most beautiful places.

12. 32-km Loop Road
- : This route in Yercaud actually starts at Lake Yercaud and passes through the highly admired trails and agricultural plantations of this place. 32-km Loop Road is a great tourist destination. The 32-km Loop Road provides a taste of the culture, the essence of life, the influence of heritage and the diverse development of the hill station.

- : By visiting this road, tourists can find different flavors of the previous era. The 32-km Loop Road Tourist's heart will get to know the locals and their food, languages ​​and their lifestyle. The atmosphere of the 32-km Loop Road is so picturesque; the tourists like to visit it.

13. Montfort School
- : Montfort School is found to be centuries old. This school highlights the development and history of Yercaud in a most fascinating approach to the tourist. St. Gabriel's Montfort Brothers operate Montfort School with the goal of 'Virtue and Labor'. Montfort School was a respected European school that reached its glory and glory during the First World War.

- : Montfort School during the period 1936-1942 There was a lot of development when the house was built and other developments. Even today, Montfort School is seen as strong and high and given to the world famous people including Shashi Tharoor, a famous politician and Nagesh Kukanur, one of India's most renowned filmmakers.

14. Kottachedu Teak Forest
- : The Kottachedu Teak Forest in Yercaud is the best place for tourists to visit the teak forest, full of flora and fauna. The Kottachedu Teak Forest site tells tourists how people lived before all modern development was incorporated. Most of the fauna and flora similarities of this forest can be combined with the Western Ghats of India.

- : In the forest there are many endemic species of flora and fauna, such as deer, ant-eaters, rabbits, squirrels, mangoes, bison, hares and foxes. Kottachedu Teak Forest is also rich in avifauna. Tourists on Kottachedu Teak Forest are easily found in kites, Paradise Flycatchers and sparrow jungle.

15. Lady's Seat
- : Lady's Seat in Yercaud is a rock made of seating that makes the tourists feel comfortable. The incredible views of the clouds, the dazzle and the greenery surrounding this place make the tourist very happy. Lady's Seat was once a favorite place for British women.

- : With the advent of dusk the beauty of the Rock of Lady's Seat expands unbelievably. Lady's Seat offers tourists the most spectacular views of the sunset at dusk. Lady's Seat is close to some of the best places to stay in Tourist to Yercaud. Lady's Seat Stone offers a panoramic view of climate change.

16. Yercaud Lake
- : This lake is a great place to visit for a tourist. Many tourists come here to visit as Yercaud Lake offers spectacular, picturesque views of the lush greenery. Yercaud Lake is surrounded by gardens and well wooded trees and this lake offers a pleasant and serene experience.

- : Yercaud Lake offers a few hills to the tourist. Yercaud Lake is known for its shops and plenty of food. This place provides travelers with information about Tamil Nadu food and cuisine. Travelers can also enjoy a variety of activities, including boating, at Yercaud Lake.

17. The Servaroyan Temple
- : The Servaroyan Temple gives tourists an incredible insight into the spiritual development of the region. Created by the ancient tribes of Yercaud, this temple is dedicated to the goddess Kaveri. The Servaroyan Temple is a quiet, religious and interesting place that immediately fills its heart with the captivating structures of tourist filled with historical and religious significance.

- : The temple is located at the highest point of the range of Yercaud, giving it the oldest view of the Mater Dam. Mist and fog are the blessings of The Servaroyan Temple and they intensify this temple and the beauty around it. The path leading to this holy temple is amazing and amazing.

18. Sri Raja Rajeshwari Temple
- : The Sri Raja Rajeshwari Temple in Yercaud is known as a very peaceful place to visit the tourist which is located in the south-west corner of the city. Sri Raja Rajeshwari Temple, famous as Kalyanagari, is one of the most constructed sacred structures in the area.

- : Sri Raja Rajeshwari Temple is adorned with the deity of Sri Rajarajeshwari which is installed on Shaktipeeth and further enhances the charm of Sri Raja Rajeshwari Temple. Earlier, numerous gods and Rishis came to this temple to seek Siddhi. The atmosphere of Sri Raja Rajeshwari Temple is very beautiful.

19. Deer Park
- : Deer Park is a must-visit for Yercaud sightseeing tourists who have a fun aspect to the animals. Deer Park is a wonderful picnic spot where travelers can enjoy panoramic views of the mountains. At this park children can explore various activities such as basketball, baseball, cricket, football.

- : Deer Park has lush green plains in which visitors can enjoy panoramic views of the valley and immerse themselves in the beauty of nature. Along with the blooming nature surrounding Deer Park, the park is also a parade for nature tourist photographers. Evening is a great time for tourists to visit Deer Park.

20. Bears Cave
- : Bears Cave in Yercaud is also one of the main tourist attractions for tourists to Malta. The cave is believed to have been built by a bear and according to the primitive people around it, Bears Cave also served as a hideout and an escape route to the powerful ruler Tipu Sultan.

- : Fallen rocks and stones offer obstacles to the exploration of Bears Cave. Researchers Bears Cave Can remove rocks and continue to explore them. About 60 feet this cave can be explored without any obstacles. So the tourist must visit Bears Cave.

21. Anna Park
- : Anna Park is known as one of the best tourist attractions in Yercaud for its list of best tourist destinations to offer incredible insights into the natural species of animals. Anna Park is located next to Lake Yercaud. In the colorful complex of this park, a Japanese park showcases ancient Japanese practices of horticulture.

- : Anna Park also has a large collection of natural plants and species found in the natural enclosures. The swings and slides of the park attract children. The pleasant surroundings of Anna Park attract other visitors to spend their fun moments in the park.

21. Karadiyur View Point
- : The beauty of Karadiyur View Point in Yercaud is absolutely breathtaking. From Karadiyur View Point, tourists can find spectacular views of the Matter Dam and the valley. Karadiyur View Point is one of the best places to visit and a festival for nature lovers.

- : Karadiyur View Point is located 2,000 meters above the point ground of Yercaud and gives tourists the best views at sunset and sunrise. The atmosphere of Karadiyur View Point is so beautiful and cool that tourists love to visit it.

Best Time To Visit Yercaud
Here we are talking about the best time to visit yercaud. So let's see what season the tourist should visit yercaud. Tourists on the Place enjoy a relaxed atmosphere all year round.

1. Winter Season In Yercaud
- : The winter season at The Place begins in November and extends until February. This season in Yercaud is very cold and humid. January is the coldest month in this place. During winter time the atmospheric temperature is at least 10 ° C during the night. And winter days are hot with maximum temperatures of 25 ° C.

- : The nice breeze in Yercaud increases the intensity of winter. October is the best time to visit this place from October to June.

2. Summer Season In Yercaud
The summers in this place begin in the month of March and runs until June. Yercaud recorded maximum temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius during the summer. Low rainfall in yercaud during the winter can increase humidity and temperature. Here on a summer night, the cold winds are relatively cold. During summer nights on yercaud, the minimum temperature is 15 degrees Celsius.

3. Monsoon Season In Yercaud
- : It is monsoon time from July to September in this place. The monsoon season here is characterized by heavy rainfall and heavy winds.

- : The place receives an average of 279 mm of rainfall during the monsoon. During the monsoon Yercaud the maximum temperature is 20 ° C and at least 14 ° C on rainy days.

- : The humidity here increases during the monsoon. Therefore, the sunny days in Yercaud are hot with minimum temperature of 19 ° C and maximum temperature of 25 ° C.

How To Reach Yercaud
Here we have a collection of information on how to reach Yercaud to visit a tourist. So let's find out more about it.

1. By Air
The nearest airport to reach this place is Trichy International Airport, about 163 km from Yercaud. There are also other airports close to this place including Bangalore and Coimbatore and taxis are also available at this beautiful place.

2. By Train
The nearest train stations to reach Yercaud by tourist are Jolarpettai and Salem junction which is located 20 km and 35 km away from here. Tourists can also take a taxi or bus from these railheads to reach this place.

3. By Road
Well connected to major cities in India through a good network of ways to visit the tourist to Yercaud. Private buses to this place transport buses are also available from nearby cities like Chennai, Coimbatore, Bangalore and more.

Bangalore To Yercaud

Bangalore To Yercaud Distance
The distance between Bangalore and this place is about 215.2 km through NH44. The Place gets over 60% of its weekends and most of them come from Bangalore. If a tourist starts late on a Friday night, the tourist can easily reach Yercaud by Saturday morning.

Bangalore To Yercaud Route Map
If you are looking for a trip from Bengaluru to reach Yercaud there are three routes to Yercaud. All of these routes are very scenic and make the tourists happy.

1. Bangalore - Electronic City - Krishnagiri - Kaveripattinam - Dharmapuri - Nallampalli - Deevattipatti - Danishpet - Bommidi Rd. - Kanavaipudur – Yercaud.

2. Bangalore - Kolar - Kammasandra - Kuppam - Krishnagiri - Kaveripattinam - Dharmapuri - Nallampalli - Deevattipatti - Danishpet - Bommidi Rd. - Kanavaipudur – Yercaud.

3. Bangalore - Kanakapura-Hunasanahalli Rd - Dharmapuri-Hogenakkal Rd - NH44 to Deevattipatti - Danishpet - Bommidi Rd. - Kanavaipudur – Yercaud.

Chennai To Yercaud
The tourist has a distance of about 350-380 km to reach Chennai to yercaud depending on the route of travel.

Route 1 : Chennai - Tindivanam - Salem – Yercaud
Route 2 : Chennai - Krishnagiri - Salem - Yercaud
Usually the route 2 is chosen by the tourist as it offers maximum opportunity to see the route and it is a comfortable journey if the tourist is riding a bike.

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