Christiansborg Palace (Copenhagen,Denmark)

  • March 30, 2019

Christiansborg Palace is a palace and a building of government which is located at the islet of Slotsholmen in central Copenhagen, Denmark. Christiansborg Palace is in the Denmark. Construction of Copenhagen is started at 1907 and completed in the 1928 as well as Copenhagen is a seat of the Danish Parliament.

Christiansborg Palace is owned by the Danish state as well as the Christiansborg Palace is run by the palaces as well as properties Agency and also several parts of the Christiansborg Palace is opened for the public.

Christiansborg Palace

Christiansborg Palace

Christiansborg palace is the Danish prime Minister's office as well as Christiansborg palace is a supreme court of the Denmark. Several parts of the Christiansborg palace are used by the Danish monarch like Royal Reception Rooms as well as palace Chapel or also Royal Stables.

Christiansborg palace contains architectural style like Baroque, Neoclassicism, Neo-baroque as well as architect of the Christiansborg palace is Elias David Hausser or Christian Frederik Hansen as well as Thorvald Jorgensen also. Christiansborg Palace is home of three supreme powers first one is the executive power second one is the legislative power, and the last one is the judicial power.

Absalon's Castle
Absalon's Castle the first castle on the site and the underground excavations with the ruins of Absalon's Castle as well as the Absalon's Castle is made by the curtain wall as well as encircling an enclosed courtyard with several buildings.

Here we describe about the some spaces of the Christiansborg palace.

Royal Reception Rooms

Royal Reception Rooms

Royal Reception Rooms are located at the ground floor as well as first floor in northern half of the Christiansborg palace. Royal Reception Rooms are used for some official functions, state dinners as well as also used for the New Year's levee diplomatic accreditations and also use for the meetings and council of state.

Parliament Wing
The first floor of the Parliament Wing is structured around the Lobby as well as at both ends of Lobby is the chambers of Rigsdagen and also the hall are contains various rooms such as a speaker's room and also offices for administrations.

Ruins Under The Palace
Under the place of Christiansborg ruins of the Bishop Absalon's Castle and Copenhagen Castle as well as the foundations of the present Christiansborg Palace there are cast, workers came across ruins of several buildings as well as parts of the curtain wall.

The Palace Chapel
The Palace Chapel is the part of the Christiansborg palace which is at disposal of the Danish Monarch as well as The Palace Chapel is used for religious ceremonies for the members of the Danish Royal Family.

Riding Ground Complex
Riding Ground Complex consist of two symmetrical wings with a straight, low and narrow stable building as well as Northern side of the Riding Ground Complex there are a Riding school as well as Riding Ground Complex is opposite the Court Theatre.

The Christiansborg palace contains the Tower which is tallest in that city as well as Christiansborg palace contains The Court Theater and that Theater is located at the southern wing of the Ridding Ground Complex and also opposite the Riding School.

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