Why Kim Kardashian Is Famous

Today we are going to talk about Kim Kardashian. Kim Kardashian has been a household name for many years & along with her sister’s, Kourtney, Kendall, Khloe, and Kylie Jenner, they have dominated the scene as TV reality star’s. She is married to Kanye West & they have 4 adorable children - North, Chicago, Saint, and Psalm West. So let's get more information about Kim Kardashian.

Kim rose to fame with her hit and famous reality show on E! , Keeping up & up with the Kardashians, which followed the lives of the Kardashian - Jenner clan. The show is still going on after 18 seasons, but we think that how did she land the show?
First of all, Kim gained media attention as a friend & stylist of heiress Paris Hilton.

Kardashian dated an array of famous faces while being pals with the Simple Life star as they regularly attended events together, which built up her status as a celebrity.

However we should start with the unforgettable: the sex tape. In the initial stage of her life, Kardashian wasn’t famous like her friends Nicole Richie & Paris Hilton, for whom she was only a stylist. Richie & Hilton were most famous with their feckless & fantastic reality show The Simple Life, blasting a t-sunami of velour Juicy Couture & Von Dutch trucker caps into society. They poured on every red carpet and in famous magazine covers. But this type of fame eluded Kardashian, despite her notorious parents and also her social life. Until, that is, her sex tape which was recorded in 2003 with her then-boyfriend Ray “Ray J” Norwood – was “leaked” into the public domain.

A new book by the name Kardashian Dynasty, written by Ian Halperin, claims that the tape was a total set-up to bring Kardashian more fame. Lan Halperin write one quotes a “source” that claims: “A best mutual friend of Kim Kardashian & Paris Hilton had advised her that if she wanted to achieve huge fame, a sex tape would be the only one way to go and that Kim had discussed the idea of producing a sex tape with her family beforehand after watching that how successful it was with her at the time best friend Paris Hilton.”

“Kim’s mother Kris engineered the entire deal behind the scenes & she was responsible for the tape seeing the light of day,” he continues, also suggesting that Kardashian’s subsequent threats of suing were all part of their master plan. Kardashian has strongly disagreed with this story over the years repeatedly, just saying one thing that she was embarrassed about “humiliating the family”. Her mother has also denied masterminding that tape.

The tape was finally released in 2007 and now here we are in 2022: Planet Kardashian. The woman has both monetised fame & created a modern definition thereof. But can it really be that simple? Hilton, too, is just famous for a sex tape, (& has also denied any involvement in its tape leak) and her famous is but a faint stain on Kardashian’s now. What other questions should I be asking? In trying to find an answer to why Kardashian continues to occupy us so intensely, should we not also be examining ourselves?

Firstly, let’s look at the facts in 2015: Forbes suggested Kardashian’s net worth was $52.5Millions. Her fortune is attributable to clothing lines and iPhone games (Kim Kardashian: In Hollywood, in which players are invited to create their own celebrity), some emojis, appearing on her family’s reality shows – and, the financial rewards that come from being a 1-person advertising agency to her multi-million Twitter (at time of writing: 43.9M) and Instagram (67.4M) followers. She is to put a one finer point on it, “doing OK” that’s it.

It’s not just Kardashian’s business that ensures her fame continues to swell. It’s not just her one time marriage to Kanye West, one of – if not the – world’s top most controversial and awesome recording artists. It’s not the selfies, the nakedness or the other conversations she generates in real life and social media on a daily basis, from the huge feminist soul searching to the constant, kneejerk slut-shaming. Kardashian fame is within the context of fame itself. It is multi-causal & highly complex, and it is also ours as much as hers. Why? Because, whether we love or hate Kardashian, we cannot get enough. We cannot get enough of people knowing we have had enough.

On the issue of her human flesh and what she chooses to do with it, just debate rages like an ocean. Kardashian’s naked body makes all kinds of people very angry with her. There are too many arguments surrounding how she is suffocating female empowerment & progress with taking nude selfies. We have also argued that these images are not about liberation or female inclusion, rather, about exclusion, just selling one thing and one thing only that is “the Kardashian brand”.

Morgan and his ilk don’t take umbrage towards naked women. “We all are surrounded by naked & half-naked women every day in the news and media,” says Lees. “It’s funny how you never see men complaining about Tom Ford advertisements when women are silent and even headless.” She’s right. It’s people’s distinctions between what is “good” naked & what is “bad” naked that is the big issue here – not nakedness itself only.

It also seems that we just cannot bear the idea that a woman might really enjoy getting her breast part out because they are her own, luminous orbs of maternity & desire. We can also talk about the patriarchy & the male gaze until we are blue in the face of it, and we should, of course we should, but the fact always remains: Kardashian chooses to get her breast out.

She wants to, even though she does not “need” to. That so many of us cannot stand it while she continues to do so – although it’s not really, on some social media platforms, because they are blurred out – which keeps her suspended in different conversations. However, who view her trajectory into fame as a symptom of everything that’s happen wrong with the world today & those who assume that she is so stupid, also claim some kind of moral or intellectual superiority, which keep talking about her only. This is absolutely fascinating.

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