Why Is Mahashivratri Celebrated? The Great Night Of Shiva

Mahashivratri is a Hindu festival. It is celebrated of Lord Shiva. Shivratri in month of the 13th night/ 14th day in winter. Mahashivratri Means “the great night of Shiva”. This festival in life and the world is "overcoming darkness and ignorance."Shiva and chanting prayers, fasting and meditating on ethics and virtues, honesty, forgiveness and the discovery of Shiva.

In Kashmir mahaShivratri called Har-ratri. It is introspective focus fasting on Shiva an all night vigil at Shiva temples. And this day in offering of fruits, leaves, sweets and milk to Shiva are made and some perform meditative yoga. Shiva temple in “om namah shivaya” the mantra of Shiva. Mahashivratri is celebrated ending is three or ten days in the Hindu calendar.

This day in the Shaivism traditional is the night when Shiva performs the heavenly dance of creation , preservation and destruction. Shiva icons such as a virtuous path and thereby reach mount Kailash And liberation. Mahashivratri Is the significance of dance tradition to this festival has historical roots. It has a historic confluence of artists for annual dance festivals at many Hindu temples at Konark, Khajuraho, Pattadakal and Chidambaram.

Mahashivratri involve shaivapilgramicamped miles around the temple complex. In Shivratri The yogi attains the state of shoonya or nirvana of stage succeeding samadhi or illumination. In Tamil Nadu mahashivratri celebrated with great pomp and fanfare in the Annamalai Temple in Tiruvannamalai district. The jyotirlinga Shiva temples of India in Varanasi and Somanatha both are particularly frequented on mahashivratri.

Devotees special poojas at Srikalahasti, mahanandi , yaganti , panagal , kolanupaka amongst others. Beas known as the “cathedral of temples”. In Himachal Pradesh 81 temples of different gods and goddess on its periphery. Mahashivratri celebrated in Kashmir of Brahmins and it’s called is “Herath” in Kashmiri. Shiva, parvati , kumara , ganesha or attendant deities, yoginis and kshetrapal. In Kashmir the ceremony called ‘vatukbarun’. It’s means is filling the pitcher of water representing the vatuka Bhairava with walnuts and worshipping it.

In Ujjain the mahakaleshwar temple is one of the most venerated shrines consecrated to Shiva. In Punjab organized shobha yatras by various Hindu organization in different cities. In Gujarat Junagadh of mahashivratri mela bathing in the MurghiKund is considered Holy.

Lord Shiva is comes to bath in MurghiKund. Mahashivratri is observed devoutly by unmarried girls seeking a suitable husband often visited Tarakeswar in West Bengal. Lord Shiva gulped the Halahala during samudra manthan and later it in his neck turned blue and his named as Neel Kanth.

In Nepal mahashivratri is a National holiday in the Pashupatinath temple. Many devotees visit the famous Shiva Shakti peetham nearby as well. On mahashivratri married women pray for the husband and unmarried women pray for a husband like Shiva. Mahashivratri is the main festival of Hindu from Nepal and India.

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