Why Is Holi Celebrated?

Holi is a festival of colors as well as each people is eagerly waits for Holi and on the Holi festival colors brings the ardour and mess around with peoples and that festival means Holi is celebrated on full moon day means on month of Phalguna (most probably on February to March) as well as Holi festival is denotes the victory of good over the evil. Holi is also known as Vasant Mahotsava as well as Holi is also known as Kama Mahotsava.

We can shop balloons as well as gulals and also sweets for celebrating that festival as well as well as on that festival we can thrown balloons on the passers and also we can play loud music and because of that various localities to raise the excitement level but we need to know the reason behind it so here we describe that story and we can know that Why is Holi Celebrated.

King of the ancient India is Hiranyakashipu and the Hiranyakashipu is like demon and Hiranyakashipu is won’t to take revenge because younger brother of Hiranyakashipu was killed by Lord Vishnu. So for revenge the Hiranyakashipu want to gain power so Hiranyakashipu prayed for years and finally granted boon. So, now Hiranyakashipu started consider himself as a god as well as he also asked peoples to worship him like a god. Hiranyakashipu king has a young son and the name is Prahalad, but Prahalad is devotee of Lord Vishnu and he don’t follow the order of Hiranyakashipu and the cruel king decided to kill his own son so the Hiranyakashipu asked her sister Holika for that and Holika is immune to fire and planed to burn prahalad but the plan is not work because Prahalad is reciting the name of Lord Vishnu for protect herself throughout but Holika got burnt to ashes and at last Holika signifies burning after that the Lord Vishnu killed the Hiranyakashipu but the actual thing is Holika and that is related to Holi Festival and because of that reason the peoples celebrate Holi and states like Bihar, Gujarat celebrate hole with bonfire is lit on that day as well as before Holi day is for remember the death of evil.

So, now we know that how colors become a part of Holi then we need to go back at time of Lord Krishna so Lord Krishna is celebrate Holi with the use of colors and Lord Krishna play Holi with his friends as well as at Gokul and Vrindavan like community event. Holi is a one kind of spring festival and we can say goodbye to winter on Holi as well as the celebration of Holi is also associated with spring harvest and on Holi festival the farmer’s store being refilled with new crops so Holi is a part of Happiness of Farmers.

Holi is a Hindus festival and the Holi is oldest festival because the that festivals celebration is started before birth of Christ as well as basis of this Holi is mansion in the ancient religious books for example Kathaka Grhya Sutra and also Jaimini’s Purva Mimamsa Sutras or the Hampi temple has many scenes if Holi sculpted on its walls and scenes like the princess and the prince holding pichkaris to squirt water for royals and Hampi is temple of 16th century as well as Hampi is capital of the Vijaynagar.

Holi is a festival of colors but we need to know that how color is made so the colors is made with flowers of palash tree as well as tesu and known as gulal as well as that colors is very good for skin also and no chemicals is used to make that colors. Holi is a festival which are celebrated in most of the states of india as well as the festival is of three day so in first means in Purnima (Full moon day) people arrange small brass pots on the thali and on second day that day is known as Puno and on second day people give light bonfires for remember story of Holika and Prahlad and last day is known as Parva on third day peopler is play with colors and that is last day of Holi celebration.

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